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  1. St Just 3-1 West Cornwall Got what we deserved. 🐶💩
  2. West Cornwall 0-4 Perranporth We were absolutely shite. Fronted up for the first 20, then didn't clear our lines and conceded, then did it again, and again. 3 down at HT then the odd goal against us in the 2nd half. Didn't look interested after we went behind. We are consistent in our inconsistency, few good results then this. Can't play like that against the sort of players Perran have at their disposal. Onto next week. Well done to Perran and all the best for the season.
  3. At Cornwall College, Camborne. 2.30ko Game still on
  4. It's not been FA approved. As far as I'm aware it's ready to be relaid but I'm not that much in the know, and it's down to the college if/when they have it done. I think if they do it, it will be the most up to date surface and can be used without exception. Don't quote me on any of this though!
  5. Not allowed to use the 3g. Grass pitch behind the 3g pitch.
  6. Cheers Older, I'm one of the many slumming it at a country retreat this weekend so wasn't there, and haven't heard anything about the game apart from the result! I guess we used one of our lives today!! Win or lose, we'll always stay for a beer!
  7. Heard Penryn 0-2 West Cornwall Ed Huckfield with 2 goals on his brief return from Uni. Just as well he was back this weekend as we were about 7 players missing, so a real top result for the lads.
  8. Also they may have none of their 3rd team signed on for their Combo side, so they'd only be able to sign on 2 on the day. Still mental mind!
  9. That is incredible for a club like Illogan
  10. Heard Mullion 0-2 West Cornwall Chris Prout with both goals.
  11. The Sin-Bin so far?

    Ah right, I wasn't aware of that Dave. I guess there could be some time wasting if it were game time. Ah well, good idea in my head!!
  12. The Sin-Bin so far?

    One solution, and may be absolute rubbish, but give both managers a stopwatch each. Tell them to start the clock on the refs signal. Once the 10 minutes are up the manager can inform the ref. It's clear for everyone to see.and it's impossible to cheat, as you can't speed up time!! The ref can walk the player to the dugout area and check the clock isn't already running! No more daft shouts from managers after 4 minutes!!
  13. I assume so, it's says 2.30 on the full time site so I usually go with that. Doesn't matter, game still got played. With the weather that came in near the end I think everyone was thankful of the early start!
  14. Yep bit of an odd day. Game was played like a training session for large periods. No real urgency, going through the motions. Ref made us start at 2pm as Redruth were ready, but we thought it was a 2.30 start. Probably didn't help matters being rushed. As PP said game was over when we got the 2nd, good to see both sets of players just having a laugh trying to make the best of the situation with pretty dire conditions. Football was the winner today!! All the best to Redruth for the rest of the season!
  15. Nothing to do with me but I thought cup games take precedent?
  16. Helston 2-0 West Cornwall Thoroughly deserved win for Helston. We were terrible, didn't put 5 passes together all game. Wouldn't score if we were still there now. Onto next week
  17. Polperro 2-3 West Cornwall Came from behind twice to clinch the win in our first ever Senior Cup game. Really enjoyable game in difficult conditions. All the best to Polperro for the rest of their season. Cracking result for Perranporth too.