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  1. Exactly how I understood it. We had a lad sent off at the end of one season. Next season, through other teams not able to play, no refs, weather (I know it was September but it's true) he had to wait about 6 weeks to serve a 3 game ban! Harsh, but that's his fault for getting sent off!
  2. That's how I've always understood it John. Can't use reserve fixtures as a way round it. Oh dear!
  3. None at all Dave, was just there as a spectator stood on the far side, my involvement this year has been limited at best. Not questioning his ability as a ref, been very good when we've had him. Just thought he got a couple of decisions wrong, and I had a good view opposite him. No bitterness, just an honest opinion. Doesn't mean I'm right. As for the game, I thought Holmans looked far more dangerous, just the final ball let them down. Much improved from the start of the season, and I wish you all the best for the remainder and hope to see you next season 👍
  4. West Cornwall didn't play well, grew into the game but started really slowly. Had a goal wrongly disallowed for offside, and got into some good positions but the lino put paid to any threats. Holmans final ball let them down but were a threat down the wings and young Lewis up front was superb. Lovely footballer. Draw was probably about right though. Another point towards safety for both sides, think they'll both take that.