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  1. Padstow wont be a pushover mr murt will see to that.
  2. Still cant get a game may have to manage again myself .Cant understand it i am only 60 .
  3. Agree in principle Dave,replace them with what, Sides that came up from the duchy league in previous years St Dennis Sticker Goldolphin have done fantastically.Others survived just ,but as soon as teams get older and players either drop back or stop playing no one replaces them.Winning leagues and cups in lower leagues seems to be more attractive than playing at a higher level.Not saying that is wrong at all,just that is how it is.The whole standard has dropped and will continue to go that way,Local football is in a mess.
  4. Total respect for anyone that tries to keep things going at any club when everything is stacked against you.Last season Launceston had terrible problems and Keith had a lot of sleepless nights.Best of luck to Richard it is totally not his or anyones fault that players dont have the stomach for it anymore.