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  1. 24 league games in 80 days (17/02-07/05) plus at least 1 cup game. Gonna be busy.
  2. Bodmin Town 4-0 Witheridge Callington Town 1-2 Torpoint Athletic Camelford 0-3 Tavistock Cullompton Rangers 2-1 Newquay Exmouth Town 1-2 Falmouth Town Godolphin Atlantic 2-2 Stoke Gabriel Ivybridge Town 0-3 Plymouth Parkway Launceston 1-2 St Austell Plymouth Argyle 3-0 Sticker
  3. Tottenham Hotspur

    Have to say, I was impressed coming back from 2-0. Not over yet though.
  4. It has been threatened 2 or 3 times by the FA but never enforced. It is on the agenda again for March 2018 & the perceived wisdom is that they mean business this time. As for which teams are in danger, I will let others inform you. Don't think many clubs in danger will want to comment publicly.
  5. Put 1 ball in the fridge. Worked in Scotland for many years to keep Celtic & Rangers apart.
  6. Ivybridge Town 1-1 Camelford Newquay 1-2 Exmouth Town Plymouth Argyle 1-3 Tavistock (1.00PM) Plymouth Parkway 4-1 Falmouth Town Saltash United 2-0 Godolphin Atlantic St Austell 4-0 Cullompton Rangers Stoke Gabriel 1-0 Callington Town Withering 2-2 Sticker Torpoint 1-3 Bodmin Town
  7. Offside Law

    That's why the "played-on" rule was abolished many years ago, wasn't it? It was "unfair". Should be offside every time IMO.
  8. Bodmin Town 2-0 Torpoint Athletic St Austell 2-3 Falmouth Town
  9. Callington Town 0-3 Launceston Exmouth Town 2-2 Helston Athletic Tavistock 6-0 Cullompton Rangers Godolphin Atlantic 1-3 Newton Abbot Spurs Bodmin Town 3-1 Torpoint Athletic Mousehole 2-1 Newquay Saltash United 4-1 Sticker St Austell 1-2 Falmouth Town
  10. You mean other than Easter 2018 in Devon!!
  11. Newquay secretary posted this morning that game in on. Since then it has been steady light rain. There was no mention of a further inspection.
  12. And posting his predictions after the Bodmin match had been played, or a least started.
  13. Normally the SWPL hop rotates between Devon & Cornwall. This year it is Devon.
  14. Torpoint Athletic 2-0 Witheridge Tavistock 3-2 Bodmin Town
  15. Bodmin Town 2-1 Plymouth Argyle (No, I haven't changed it after the game even though I could have done!!!!) Exmouth Town 1-1 Camelford Godolphin Atlantic 2-0 Ivybridge Town Helston Athletic 3-1 Callington Town Launceston 1-0 Newquay Saltash United 2-0 Stoke Gabriel Sticker 2-1 Cullompton Rangers Tavistock 3-2 St Austell Withering 0-3 Falmouth Town
  16. For those who didn't know what it was all about, the draw and I expect a very lengthily explanation, is at 11:00 today
  17. Games ON at both Newquay & Mousehole. Both 1400 KOs.
  18. The people to blame are me (and probably most of you) who buy sports packages from TV companies. If we didn't watch, they wouldn't have a worthwhile product. So much money sloshing around in the game, it has to go somewhere so I don't see why the stars shouldn't have a good wedge. If they choose to use agents, so what. Bubble about to burst? Maybe, when they overkill it by showing the majority of PL games on TV at all hours from Friday night to Monday night.
  19. Exmouth Town 2-1 Godolphin Atlantic Helston Athletic 1-1 Stoke Gabriel Ivybridge Town 2-0 Sticker Plymouth Argyle 3-2 Falmouth Town Saltash United 4-0 Callington Town Mouse hole 1-2 Launceston Tavistock 2-1 Bodmin Town Newquay 2-1 Millbrook St Austell 3-0 Camelford (venue to be confirmed Friday) Torpoint Athletic 3-2 Carharrack