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  1. Bodmin 2-1 Stoke G Calling ton Town 1-2 Falmouth Town Camelford 2-3 Saltash United Godolphin Atlantic 2-0 Cullompton Rangers Helston Athletic 2-1 Exmouth Town Ivybridge Town 3-0 Witheridge Launceston 2-1 Torpoint Athletic St Austell 2-2 Newquay Sticker 1-3 Plymouth Parkway
  2. Went to see West Ham v Brighton last night. Everything about the venue is superb. Excellent security, fantastic line of sight even from row 66, stewarding after to Stratford .. Pity the game was poorly contested. I can appreciate why the Olympics were such a success assuming all that was in place. Superb experience.
  3. London (Olympic) Stadium

    Not quite as determined as you may think. I am a S/T holder at Chelsea who were playing Sat lunchtime, so it was a case of going up the day before to avoid a stupid o'clock start and WH just happened to be on the Friday night. Too good an opportunity to miss but would have taken in any game that evening.
  4. So he got concussion how?
  5. Ban the International break

    This goes back to one of my pet topics .. The powers that be are aware that club football esp CL is more popular than internationals. This is an attempt to raise the profile. A good attempt but I don't think it will have a significant impact.
  6. Sticker 2 Helston 2

    Consistency through several reports, now there's a novelty.
  7. Ban the International break

    Go to Uefa.com and read all about it. UEFA Nations league. All 55 national teams playing mini-leagues with play offs for the winners and seeded into 4 bands. With promotion and relegation and some qualification for the next Euros included. An interesting read, someone has been burning the midnight oil trying to understand it but got there in the end.
  8. Baffins Milton 2-0 Cullompton Rangers Exmouth Town 1-2 Blackfield & Langley Plymouth Parkway 3-1 Bodmin Town Team Solent 1-2 Tavistock Godolphin Atlantic 1-2 Launceston Helston Athletic 2-3 Saltash United Newquay 1-2 Ivybridge Town St Austell 3-1 Callington Town Stoke Gabriel 1-3 Sticker Withering 0-1 Camelford
  9. Ban the International break

    Guess you won't like the new European Nations leagues that are coming in soon then!
  10. A game of 2 halves. Helton resisted some early pressure and dominated the H1. Sticker got their act together in H2, received a generous Pen, were denied a stonewaller soon after. The 2nd goals for each side were absolute crackers. Can't see too many complaints with the draw.
  11. Bodmin Town 1-0 NewquayExmouth Town 1-2 Launceston Falmouth Town 3-1 CamelfordIvybridge Town 2-1 Cullompton RangersSaltash United 0-1 Tavistock
  12. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    Yeah, whatever happened to James. Oh, might he be chairman at Bodmin still?
  13. Cullompton Rangers 1-2 Helston Athletic Exmouth Town 2-2 Torpoint Athletic Ivybridge Town 1-2 Saltash United Launceston 1-0 Falmouth Town Stoke Gabriel 1-2 Newquay Tavistock 4-0 Callington Town Withering 1-3 St Austell Plymouth Argyle 3-0 Godolphin Atlantic
  14. Bodmin Town 3-1 Sticker Camelford 0-4 Plymouth Parkway
  15. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    I do that. It's the only time I get any sensible answers!
  16. Tottenham Hotspur

    Be nice if all 5 English clubs got through, although can't see any of them winning it.
  17. Pastyman is indeed a loyal supported, biased as most of us are and economical with the truth, but on this occasion I have to agree that Saltash were the better side and deserved the win. Newquay have lost 8 games, 7 by the odd goal, demonstrating the improvement from last season and with Danny & others on board the future looks a lot more hopeful. From Phil Hiscox (SWPL Secretary) ... SWP Premier Division : Saltash United 2 Newquay 1 A short hop into Cornwall tonight to watch Saltash United at Home for the first time this season, and watch visitors Newquay for the first time this term. The first thing I must say is how good it was to see Newquay as a competitive and organised team, far better than in recent seasons and great to see the positive reaction to having been reprieved from relegation to the West Division last summer. The Ashes however were the brighter team in the early stages and scored after just five minutes through Lee Phillips, and it was the veteran striker, who can count Exeter, Plymouth & Torquay amongst his former clubs, doubling the lead after half an hour. The visiting Peppermints reduced the arrears four minutes before the break with the impressive Cameron Turner scoring direct from a free kick. After the break both sides had chances to score, Phillips probably should have completed his hat-trick whilst Newquay came close to levelling on several occasions, notably with Tornado Bello rattling the crossbar. Always a pleasure to visit Kimberley and see many familiar faces watching on, and tonight they were treated to a high tempo, fiesty and above all entertaining tussle.
  18. Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    Like the previous joker from Str Austell, I think you will find he has multiple personae.
  19. And I thought you had to declare, by March 31st, where you will be playing the whole of next season?