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  1. are all there on SWPL site if anyone is interested.
  2. Still to be decided who runs Step 7.
  3. baldy


    Floodlights? 2 teams promoted from the West! Must have missed that rule.
  4. baldy


    I asked if it had ever been considered (or should it be)?
  5. baldy


    I emailed Dawn Aberdeen in December. Not even a reply!
  6. The steps gap is a myth as has been explained many times. League rules determine who can play in it.
  7. So 11 years on, we are reverting to an old format, but possibly at 1 step higher
  8. baldy

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Slightly conflicting .. The FA have given Tott an extra 2 weeks to decide if they wish to use Wembley for 18/19 WHL will be our home for 18/19 (not sure if official statement from club but on Sky) First 3 or 4 Tott HOME games to be reversed
  9. baldy

    Tottenham Hotspur

    And may have to stay at Wembley another season!
  10. Just wondering if St Mawgan will turn up tomorrow?
  11. baldy

    Steven Gerrard - New Rangers Manager

    Hope they hire a good interpreter. Think it will be a disaster.
  12. Callington Town 1-2 Sticker Cullompton Rangers 2-2 Camelford Falmouth Town 3-1 Stoke Gabriel Ivybridge Town 3-1 Newquay Launceston 2-0 Plymouth Argyle Saltash United 6-0 Godolphin Atlantic St Austell 3-1 Exmouth Town Tavistock 4-1 Helston Athletic Torpoint Athletic 3-0 Witheridge
  13. Callington Town 1-3 Camelford Plymouth Parkway 2-0 Bodmin Town
  14. Ivybridge Town 1-1 Launceston Tavistock 7-0 Newquay Torpoint Athletic 1-1 Stoke Gabriel
  15. Bodmin Town 2-1 Falmouth Town Callington Town 0-2 St Austell Exmouth Town 1-2 Helston Athletic Sticker 1-1 Cullompton Rangers Withering 0-3 Saltash United