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  1. TBF you must be on a different planet if you(or the member of the parish council) believed the swearing was coming from one bench! With regards mud on your concrete floor! - it’s football mate mud is surely gonna fall off boots ... Surely the point being made was all new teams entering said league,are meant to meet a minimum set standards. Then surely it is only fair to expect that all teams in that league meet the same standards,no?....
  2. Perranporth 3 v 1 Pendeen Rovers Twas like a summers day ...with no wind a absolute beautiful day to play a game of football ...well over to the match..... Game was quite open in first 20 mins with both sides creating chances that on other days would have been caressing the back of the goal............and then after an incident that could only really be explained as "A cartoon Fight" at best....resulted (in my opinion) in a crazy shout by the ref sending our player off and booking the Perranporth player when surely a word in both there ears to grow up might have sufficed or at worse two yellow's (sorry but the explanation that the original tackle was 2 footed holds no weight when you award a throwing for the said tackle!).....this then resulted in us having to shuffle our team and we spent the next 10 mins fine tuning our formation whilst changing things until we settled and started to get a foothold in the game again...in the meantime Perranporth had helped themselves to a 1-0 lead after a long ball cross field ball was headed home at the back post.... half time 1-0 Start of the 2nd half we came out on the front foot and with a substitution in the middle of the park we started to get at the Perranporth back four and the game started to become a little open with chances being created at both ends...then up stepped "Daryldino" receiving a pass back in a nice one two let fly with an absolute beatiful shot that sailed into the back of the net...1-1 game on ....within minutes of the eqailizer we had the game changing (other than the dubious Red!!!) moment when TJ put in a lovely cross from the left that we manged to blaze over from underneath the bar !!!! as the game wore on the extra man started to tell and Perranporth created a few chances in quick succesion....eventually this pressure bore Perranporth some fruit when the ref (him again!!) pointed to the spot (which was a 100% a dead cert pen- sorry Jack!) and Perranporth got there 2nd....we continued to push looking now for an equalizer this resulted in a few holes which Perranporth exploited with a lame shot on the edge of the area took a deflection and rolled in .... I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate Perranporth on the win and for keeping the unbeaten start going also a big thanks for the grub and hospitality , looking forward very much to the return match (23/12) when i'm quite sure it might be slighly colder .... Please don't think i'm on here to just have a go at the ref, we all make mistakes and in my opinion the red was a big one .... but the real reason I wanted to come on here was to congratulate my team because today to a man we stepped up and there wasn't one moan or negativety about the sending off and even with 10 men the effort was immense and we held are own and played some absolute superb football against a team that'll surely be there or abouts when the title is decided at the end of the season...well done lads .....I'm sure some famous manager has said "that you find more about yourself as a team, in adversity and defeat than you do in triumph"
  3. No not at all late pitch inspection, thought I'd post incase anyone was heading over
  4. C'rack vs Pendeen off waterlogged pitch