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  1. Really!!! are you one of them jumping on the bandwagon with those blinkers on? I am just curious in what is the main objective are they looking for promotion to go through the leagues if so when are the lights going up as you probably know golong!!
  2. Mousehole 2- Penzance 0, well the game was played in horrible conditions with the wind and rain howling down. In an even 1st half Pz had the 1st real chance with a snap shot saved by SPB from a corner and with 5 mins Tobago to half time with the wind in the seagulls favour Jordan Adlard latched onto a clearance from 30yards out to rifle the shot into the top corner. The second half was also up and tuck with Lewis Caspell hitting the bar, with Pz looking for the leveller Mousehole were very dangerous on the counter and finally scored the second through someone they flew down in Xmas day to play with a good finish. The game was played in good spirits by both teams but not so sure about the supporters of Mousehole who are a bit blinkered by what they are doing down there with flying players down and paying £££s out for them to play.. Before you start this it not sour grapes as Mousehole played well but the big question is what are they trying to achieve?????
  3. yo nun nuts hows it going????