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  1. Don' really get the issue with St Day Res v mawnan not being played. We've played you away, we were not short of players, I, yes I posted on Twitter this morning the pitch was soft but a qualified referee deemed it to soft and unsafe for players....if players seriously hurt themselves or it was called of at 2:30pm you would be on here bloody moaning again. If we did not want to play we would not of spent £350 on that pitch alone this week. Sorry it just was not happening. Weve lost enough money already from our clubhouse (which pays our pitch renovations) through no games so sorry for us wanting to keep our club afloat. Anyway what' the issue we do not have any cup games to fit in so we got loads of bloody time to play.😂😂😂😂 Any concerns or if the above does not answet anyones concerns call me my number is on our website. I'm there again 9am tomorrow can give you a tour around if anyone does not believe us. Cheers Mark Leah 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛
  2. Matches postponed 13/1/18

    TO HARD!!😂😂 Cornwallfa JC Last 16 is OFF Reserves v St Stephen AFC Unfortuantly all the spiking and work by the groundsmen has not paid off, many hours to see no football. Game to be played next Saturday. Venue TBC
  3. GAME OFF!! at VOGUE PARK St Day v St Ives Today's match official has said the pitch is unplayable. Such a shame...when are we going to play.
  4. GAME OFF, but BAR OPEN. Unfortuantly the middle of the pitch is unplayable but we look forward to the next time. Come to vogue park and show off your Christmas clothes or new shoes and socialise in our warm clubhouse. 12:30 - Spurs v Southampton 17:30 - Liverpool v Swansea
  5. hello mate do we pay on the day ? and how many mens teams are in it pls

  6. Hi Alan,

    Thanks very much. What a good idea. We used them for training those portable lights and got them from HSS Hire at pool. When are you looking to hold the event???

  7. hi mark, thanks for the other, obviously i really appreciate the offer and i wont say no yet, because floodlights will be needed but i can try to arrange portable lights through speedy hire, so i will definitely keep st.days offer on the table at the moment, thank you mark i really am grateful for the offer. alan

  8. Hi Alan, i have just read about your charity football match. I am the groundsman of St Day Fc and wouldd like to offer are football club as your hosting venue. The only thing i think you will need i suppose is flood lights which we don't have, but i thought i would offer any way as i like to help any charity any time i can.

    Whens t going ahead.

    Kindest Regards