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  1. Such a shame that the smoke and mirrors behind the last decade at Truro City still rumble on. The stadium for Cornwall was probably the final opportunity for its remaining beneficiaries to put right the wrongs of a period that has seen a club with longevity and history made homeless in the capital, right underneath the noses of people who have cared for it and acted as guardians over decades. As a neutral, I am not against the S4C if funded corrrectly, but as a man running a Youth Football Club accredited the Charter Standard and a Cricket Club that adheres to Clubmark, the cricketing equivalent; We have to demonstrate sustainability now, not a projected hope for it. Its difficult enough applying for funding from designated pots to provide pipe dreams, but to expect a taxpayers leg up for the biggest facility upgrade of them all would be the biggest slap in the face for every hardworking volunteer who works tirelessly week in and week out simply to keep their respective clubs lights on. But it may happen. It may happen with limited parking so the white elephant that is the park and ride scheme can support match days to artificially boost the stats and prove there was enough demand to decimate an entire valley after all. It may happen to create a gym, fit for those that are able to buy second home, 3 Bed new builds in TR1 for £380k and of course; those extra inhabitants may put pressure on the multi million pound facilities at Truro College so they had better bolt on a classroom and use them as ambassadors to comply with the multi use tick box. It could stage high profile music events to raise extra revenue I hear people say. By competing with and potentially diluting the income from the Eden Sessions, it would seriously harm the long term future of a much more lucrative asset to Cornwall than an empty stadium. An asset that has also received a phenomenal amount of money to keep it evolving that could then disappear overnight at the cost of many jobs. This stadium has a lot to answer for considering 500 football fans may visit every other week. The chap Webb who mysteriously went from being in property maintenance to becoming a purveyor of Truro’s most coveted car park, Heaney himself and all those that rode the donkey whilst it chased the carrot on a string, give yourselves a round of applause for ignoring warnings, history and leaving the taxpayer to finalise your legacy. Imagine the thoughts of all those like Derek Giles and the other contractors who unwittingly donated to the cause. They may now get to make a secondary contribution; enforced philanthropy could be the future! Someone write a book, as otherwise our children’s, children’s children will never believe this actually went on! Thank heavens for The Community right to bid list formed in 2011. Never again will a schiester be able to manipulate clubs with weak infrastructure. 👍