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  1. Hoped to address the ECPL and its memebers at the SGM on Wednesday coming but as this is already up........ The ECPL have been notified of the request not to continue our membership for season 2018/19. Our club has decided that it wishes to run a Saturday 'Development Team' to support its youth set up. We felt we needed to do more ourselves to keep youngsters in the game so using resources from our u17's & u18's, plus players who have recently left youth football we have put a team into P&WD League. Each season we wish to keep giving our youth as they reach u17s etc a chance to play the adult game and keep them interested for future seasons wherever their football may take them? We thank the ECPL for having us (twice) over a number of years now and thank all the clubs for their hospitality. All the best for the future. ⚽
  2. Mevagissey v Elburton Villa OFF Away team unable to raise a side. Our apologies to Meva and ECPL.
  3. Wasnt it 12 clubs that wanted promotion originally (3 East & 9 West)? Now only 1 goes up due to another member club leaving the league. Understand only a max of 2 from the 12 could have been promoted but with all thats happened it doesn't sit right on how it panned out. Thems the rules though no matter how much it frustrates!
  4. If it is at the detriment of other clubs fixtures then I feel it is wrong.. that is if the game has been declared a draw without a ball being kicked!
  5. League end date isnt until 31st May?
  6. Surely its a 0-0, Callington awarded 3 points and St Blazey deducted 3 points for failing to fulfil the fixture! Unless game postponed and waiting to be re-scheduled.
  7. That's been updated since this thread started as that was the site I was x-ref with 👍
  8. I reckon for its final season as 3 divisions there will be a PREM 20, EAST 20 & WEST 16. League can have 56 clubs max and I think divisions can be no more than 20. Unsure if any rule to say Step 7 at the moment can be more than normal 18 so could be wrong?
  9. Nick Pope


    Thank you John
  10. It looks as if in ECPL a 0-0, 3 point win is awarded but no teams have been deducted points? I thought it was agreed that the league committee had the power to deduct 3 points from the team who didn't play the fixture and this would have been implemented more this season due to the issues of last? I guess that as soon as the first game isn't dealt with then others have followed suit?
  11. Nick Pope


    John.... Stoke Gabriel have spent an number of years now in, out and back in SWPL Prem (Step 6) with no floodlights.... Any update as they've had more than one season!!!
  12. I like this comment... where you looking through my bedroom window this morning 😂👍