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  1. hedgerow

    ECL AGM propsal

    That's why clubs have a good secretary so clubs don't get hit with massive fines. All round, whatever role you are involved in with a club, it is a thankless job. Personally, the FA and County FA's should look on how to make the role(s) easier for clubs, after all it is just a hobby
  2. hedgerow

    ECL AGM propsal

    Yes it's not an easy job but somebody needs to do it otherwise the league(s) cannot continue. But there are plenty of members with big ideas, can they do this, do it that way etc etc. I am sure these leagues would welcome new committe members on board with fresh ideas.
  3. hedgerow


    Hopefully from the following season they will be able to do affiliation and other things as well.
  4. hedgerow

    ECL AGM propsal

    It just amazes me, not just this posting but on others, how members on this forum having a pop at Leagues on how they are being run and what they would do to rectify the problem. Last winter was horrendous with bad weather, clubs folding and team not playing fixtures. Members have got their wish to have a cornwall league. Will it get better, time will tell. My point, if members think they can do a better job, then put your name forward for the vacant secretary positions at the Duchy and ECPL league. I am sure they will appreciate your knowledge and contributions.
  5. hedgerow


    Not sure to be honest
  6. hedgerow


    Also the Whole Game System will be introduced this season
  7. hedgerow

    ECL AGM propsal

    Cannot see that happening as it has been proposed that Lanreath are promoted to Div One
  8. hedgerow

    ECL Fixtures

    Should know the start date at give AGM on Wednesday
  9. Don't think so, unless clubs apply Don't think ECPL will disappear, but may have just the one division. A lot can happen in the next 12 months, let's wait and see
  10. The season after next will be interesting. With the new set up, how many cornish clubs will still be around, old clubs reforming, decisions being made where clubs will be playing. More importantly the financial costs will play a big role I agree
  11. Pensilva has now withdrawn from The ECPL
  12. They do have the option to stay, unlikely, to remain in the ECPL at the end of next season.
  13. League structure will be discussed at the AGM next Wednesday