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  1. A certain person is very quiet, hiding behind the woodwork, again. After all it's only a game. Well done Parkway, Tavistock hard done by though
  2. Mabe FC Fold

    I agree with the above, nothing to do with travelling, unlike 20 years ago where you had volunteers in place, they are now standing down and no one is coming through to replace them. Is TV coverage a problem, having to work weekends to make ends meet ?
  3. Mabe FC Fold

    Very sad news

    Should be a big gate Argyle are away
  5. Pitch Needed Desperatly

    I was given to understand Nanpean have paid up till the end of the season, so technically the pitch can still be used. The reason for paying up till then Nanpean may reform for next season
  6. has not set their status