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  1. Mark Jones

    S4C looks impressive!

    I thought I read that the rent for Truro would be around 100k considerably higher than what they pay now? Possibly in the West Briton. Please correct me if wrong.
  2. he also missed a few games through injury and unavailability so a even better achievement. Before anyone says it: I know Hobbs missed a few games too. Well done Jordan.
  3. Am I right in thinking Jordan Annear has now won the premier Golden Boot ?
  4. Thanks your reply. It was a nice afternoon. Bit breezy at times but the sun was shinning. Thought the pitch looked good.
  5. I thought Dan Sullivan played for Taunton. But Obviously as he came on today then he’s obviously played enough games early on in the season to qualify him for the final. How many games does a player have to play before he’s eligible?
  6. To be honest Alan I don’t think Tavistock knew what hit them! What a game and what an atmosphere!
  7. Falmouth 4 Tavistock 2 after extra time .
  8. Just want to wish the Falmouth management and players the best of luck today. Win or lose Falmouth can be very proud this season. 🤞⚽️🍺
  9. Well done Town! For the games I have seen it’s been a pleasure to watch! The weather was lovely! 🌤️
  10. Tommy was a good player too. Am I right in thinking Tommy never or only ever received one yellow card in his whole playing career?
  11. Good stats Mike
  12. Full time : Bodmin 0 Falmouth 4 James Ward 36m, 61m, 73m J Annear 63m
  13. Current Highest ranking teams in Cornwall (based on league and position ) are Truro City, Falmouth, Bodmin, and saltash fourth . Obviously this may be different at the end of the season except for Truro staying at number one 🙄
  14. Mark Jones


    Good respectable result Colin. I might try and get out for Newquay game sat.