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  1. Sticker Reserves docked points?

    That is correct Dave! He was not on the updated list on Friday 10th! He was only put on the updated list on Friday 17th.!!
  2. Why thank you kind sir! What a nice thing to say about us all at Sticker! We do try and make the match day experience a pleasure and just wish we had a team like Parkway! Great footballing team which all teams should strive to be like! That said we all knew it was going to be a big learning curve!
  3. Have to agree with you there 100% Cornish I bet the Boxing day game with Parkway and Tavistock will be a cracker!
  4. Sticker Reserves 2 North Petherwin 0 (J.Boardman, M.Searle)
  5. Didn't start off that way Elder it was just a really strong wind but second half the rain was added and it was uncomfortable to watch and even more uncomfortable for the players. They came off shivering!
  6. Sticker 0 Torpoint 0 Terrible conditions how the two teams manged to stay on their feet was amazing!
  7. It's as easy as that Dave!
  8. Excellent assessment of the game Paul and it was good to meet two representatives of the Duchy League! Ray Cackett (I was the chap standing next to you second half) Sticker AFC Website manager!
  9. Totally agree with the above! Fantastic set-up for a village club! The team will learn to take their chances and become more clinical in front of goal! They did have three good chances in the first half two were missed and one wonder save from the young Argyle keeper apart from the two that were scored. Not forgetting they were playing the league leaders!
  10. St Agnes 0 Sticker 6 (J.Bowyer(3), J.Rogers(2), M.Lloyd) A much needed victory for the Sticky!
  11. And that's a daft rule too Bob! If a player is suspended he should be suspended in all leagues from top to bottom!
  12. I wonder what team will turn up on Monday Bob?
  13. The reason I questioned the substitutions was sometimes it effects the dynamics of the team and I just wondered if this was the case but both you and Bob have answered this for me. ( I wasn't at the match).
  14. Good write up Bobjfh and if Sticker hadn't made substitutions would they have won? Would the subbed players been able to continue in holding onto the lead?. Last season Gary Whielden got them all very fit and this proved the real difference in overcoming the teams in the West division. Also don't forget this is a big learning curve for the club, team and mangers and playing against some fitter, better and better paid players! We have Argyle next Monday that should be interesting! Also Parkway at a later date! Alas I missed the Tavistock game but I bet all the players were gutted. But I think they will be glad that they got a point last night in the end as they could have easily lost the game. I agree Joel was silly getting sent off for kicking the ball away. Are you going to our first floodlit match? If so look me up I am on the committee! Ray Cackett