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  1. Cullompton 0- Plymouth Parkway 6 Torpoint 1- Stole Gabriel 3
  2. Ihave to agree with you Herbie Glynn Hobbs is a brilliant footballer but to look at him you would think hes more suited to being a rugby player but hes just so good in front of goal Plymouth Argyle ,could do with someone like him the signings Adams has made are crap the scouting system must be shit there i cant understand why nobody has not given Tivertons Levi Landricombe, a chance hes a proven goalscorer and im sure would do a good job fora club like Torquay or even given a chance at Argyle because they certainly need someone they rely on Graham Carey, too much need a good overall there at the moment
  3. Parkway have got such a strong team and the subs where even top players like 12 Nick Milton 14 Luke Durham 15 Connor Mcauley and16 Mason Hughes and Ethan Phillips and Shane Krac not even in the squad cant see Parkway losing the league Tavi are good and you got to praise them for doing so well after losing Glyn Hobbs and Shane Krac but there side isnt as strong as Parkways so i think they will win the lot but Bodmin seem to be putting some goodresults together lately so they could spring a surprise but its got to be Parkway for me Well done toGODOLPHIN on there win today and hard luckon Newquay for losing to St AUSTELL today
  4. Had to go to St Austell railway station to pick my son up this afternon and decided to take Smokie along to watch Sticker vs Plymouth Parkway, and what a brilliant team Parkway are the football they play is great to watch but Sticker gave them a game in the 1st half but Parkway scored and hit the bar twice and dominated the game and could of scored a lot more than the 5 with what they did Glyn Hobbs, what a great player he is its not just his goalscoring its his all round play hes just a hell of a player and hes my man of the match and for Sticker the No8 MARTIN Duff who battled all afternoon very entertaining afternoon at a lovely ground and lovely friendly people just a bugger to get to and i got lost leaving the ground and i dont like driving in the dark so im glad to be home .Just as well give Lee Hobbs the league trophy because no one will touch Parkway i thought Plymouth ARgyle would of but without Alex Battle and goalie Michael Cooper they are not the same strong team
  5. Bodmin 4- Stoke Gabriel 1 Callington 0- Falmouth 3 Camelford 0- Saltash 4 Godolphin 2- Cullompton 1 Helston 1- Exmouth 2 Ivybridge 2- Witheridge 0 Launceston 3- Torpoint 1 St Austell 2 - Newquay 2 Sticker 1 -Plymouth Parkway6
  6. Godolphin vs Launceston

    Dissapointing result for the Gthis losing to a Launceston side who played a large part of the match with a player in goal after there goalie Corey Harvey was carried off after getting injured when collecting a corner and i think he landed awkwardly . The Game got off to a strange start with a pen each both clear pens the G going 1 -0 up the Launceston scoring from there penthe 1st half was pretty even and just before half time the brilliant goalie Corey HARVEY got injured and you would think in the 2nd half the G would of pressed on and taken all 3 points but i cannot remember them having a single shot on target in the 2nd half .Lauceston played some lovely football and deserved there win my man of the match for them no5 George Birbeck who was brilliant and for the G Kyle Brown for his ferocious tackling but he never gives up and had a great game there just do esnt seem to be anyone who can actualy find the net for the G at the moment Alex Cole needs to be put back in attack they need to get some of there players back hope Kayne Trevasskis comes back but where is Jamie Lowry the G miss him badly hope hes back soon .The young Ref had a fine game Hope Corey Harvey recovers and his injury isnt serious hes a fine goalie i saw him play for Plymouth reserves and he is a class goalie .Taking a trip to Sticker to watch Plymouth Parkway next week because i got to pick my son up from St AUSTELL rail station so taking in that game
  7. Going to be a wet afternoon for watching footy, off to Godolphin to see them play Launceston will be a tough game saw Launceston earlier in the season at Newquay and they where very impressive that day with severel players out like striker Liam PRYNN .Hope the G can win and stop Prynn and Sam Davey from scoring going for a G victory 3-1
  8. Argyle Reserves

    Now that Alex Battle has left to go to Salisbury on loan Argyle Reserves will struggle because like a famous tv Pundit once said you dont win nothing wirh kids but in this case i think it will be true because thats all they are now really and with goalie Michael Cooper on 1st team duty as a sub they got young Max Childs in goal so i think they will struggle
  9. Godolphin 3 -Launceston 1 Helston 1 - Saltash 3 Newquay 5- Ivybridge 1 St Austell 5 - Callington 1 Stoke 2- Sticker 2 Witheridge 0- Camelford 3
  10. Bodmin 4 - Newquay 1 Exmouth 2 - Launceston 2 Falmouth 3- Camelford 0 Ivybridge 1- Cullompton 1 Saltash 1 - Tavistock 4
  12. Cullompton 0 - Helston 4 Exmouth 3- Torpoint 1 Ivybridge 0- Saltash 4 Launceston 1- Falmouth 3 Stoke 2 - Newquay 3 Tavistock 6- Callington 0 Witheridge 0 - St Austell 5 Walter Parsons Plymouth Argyle 4- Godolphin 1

    This was certainly a horror show for the 2 keepers 1st Bodmin keeper Ryan Draper i think decided to do a bit of dribbling with the ball only to loose it and let theGs Ben Coqhoun with a tap in in between this usually the deadly Adam Carter and my fav player missed 3 easy chances 2 free headers when he usually scores blinfolded and he also missed a simple chance in the 2nd half when 1on 1 with G goalie Fearn .Bodmin equalised when Adam Carter was pulled down certain pen everybody thought but the ball broke to OLLIE BROKENSHIRE who scored a great goal from distance score 1-1 then came the crazy winner when the Gs Goalie ETHAN FERN must of had a rush of blood came rushing outof his area only to loose it and let Bodmins CHRIS MCPHEE with a tap in the G had a few more chances to get the equaliser but it just would not come Bodmin had 1 brillinat bit of play where CARTER backheeled the ball to McPHEE Whose shot was wide but the build up play was brilliant and it deserved a goal .Overall i think Bodmin shaded the match and deserved to win they where without there 1st team goalie Dave Painter and the brilliant Steve simmonds but the G Where witout severel players tonight if only a Jamie LOwry had been playing it may of been a G win .The SMOKIE man of the match for the G goes to KYLE BROWN and to Bodmin OLLIE BROKENSHIRE .Well done to both teams for a crazy game some scarey defending and some gruesome misses the goalie was MARGERSON whoever he was thought it was DRAPER sorry all