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  1. Exmouth 1-Launceston 3 Helston 3- Cullompton 0 Ivybridge 1- Stoke 4 Newquay 1 - Tavi 4 Plymouth Argyle 5- Godolphin 1 Plymouth Parkway 6-Camelford 0 Saltash 5- Callington 0 St Austell 6 - Witheridge 0 Sticker 0- Bodmin 5 Walter Parson cup Falmouth 4 - Torpoint 1
  2. SWPL - Saturday Feb 17 2018

    .Watched Godolphin vs Stoke Gaabriel this afternoon and the G WENT DOWN TO A 2-1 defeat which i think a draw would of been a fair result .Stoke went 1-0 up from a Steve BOWKER pen and JAMIE LOWRY equalised for the G but Stoke got the winner when Bowker turned superly and got a pwerful shot that Ethan Fern did well to score but it squirmed under his body and the Stoke no6 had a simple tap in .The G played some nice football with Jamie Lowry pulling the strings with superb range of passing but Ryan O Callaghan the Stoke captain and the Stoke goalie where stopping everything the G could throw at them .There was some ugly moments in the match the G Kyle BROWN was ucky to stay on the pitch as was Stokes no 19 Steve BOWKER and ther was 1 almighty confrontation when all players joined in a mass argument wasnt a brawl more like handbags at dawn .I thought the ref and his assistants had fine games and used commonsense instead of dishing out cards left and right not a good result for THE G but well done to Stoke who turned up with no subs on the bench and got there win by hard work .My man of the match has go to go to Jamie LOWRY for the G and for Stoke G abriel there captain Ryan 0 Calllaghan who was superb all afternoon
  3. Bodmin 5- Witheridge 0 Callington 1- Torpoint 4 Camelford 1- Tavistock 5 Cullompton 1- Newquay 2 Exmouth 0- Falmouth 3 Godolphin 3 - Stoke 1 Ivybridge 0- Parkway 6 Launceston 1 - St AUSTELL3 Plymouth Argyle 5 -Sticker 0
  4. Well done Newquay in beating Exmouth ,but its a shame the Tornado has left Newquay to join Cadbury Heath in the Toolstation Western League cant blame him really due to the travelling he had to make for each match he could play brilliant 1 week and the next was just awful but i enjoyed watching him play he was a entertainer and thats what fans like to see .Good luck Tornado Bello im sure Newquay will struggle without you we will see maybe Louis Andrade will be a reliable replacement Good luck to the G and Newquay for rest of the season
  5. ivybridge 1- Camelford 3 Newquay 1- Exmouth 3 Plymouth Argyle 3- Tavistock 0 Plymouth Parkway 2- Falmouth 2 Saltash 4 -Godolphin 0 St AUSTELL 6 - Cullompton 0 Stoke 3 - Callington 0 Witheridge 1 - Sticker 2 Senior cup Torpoint 0 - Bodmin 6
  7. Well done to the G with winning 2-1 vs Newton Abbot Spurs i cant really comment on the whole match i left at half time because of the awful weather i was sat in hte grandstand and the rain was just blowing in there and it was so cold and my poor Smokie dog was shaking with the cold ,but the 1st half was awful and this was due to the shocking weather Ben Colqhoun came closest to scoring in the 1st half but hit his shot straight at the keeper but was the goal scoring hero in the end scoring both goals for the G to take them into the next round Man of the match all the players officials and supporters who braved the awful weather .What the hell happened to Newquay losing 5-0 at Mousehole i had Newquay down to loose but not at that score Newquay started teh season playing so well but of late they have gone back toplaying as bad as they did last year you cant blame it all on injuries to players teh G have had so many players out all season but are still getting the results so they have no excuse really
  8. Callington 0-Launceston 4 Exmouth 2 - Helston 1 Tavistock 4- Cullompton 0 Walter Godolphin 3- Newton abbot spurs 0 Senior Bodmin 5- Torpoint 0 Mousehole 2 - Newquay 1 Saltash 4 - Sticker 1 St Austell 2 - Falmouth 2
  9. Godolphin vs Ivybridge

    You are mad Tania but lovely with it the work u do for the G is Amazing and the other volunteers as well me and my old dog are always made welcome by you all there and look forward to going to watch the G next week will try and get to the G on satday to watch them play Newton Abbot in the cup .Off on our holidays for a week Costa Del Sennen at least we should be safe there unike Tenerife where we was robbed from our hotel room .Have a good week everyone
  10. Godolphin vs Ivybridge

    Thought he had a poor game today Herbie i saw him play for Bodmin and i thought he was a really good player then he went to St Austell i think he played for Torquay as well but he had his work cut out today trying to mark Ben Colqhoun all game and Ben came ou the winner scoring 2 and missing a sitter
  11. Watched the G hammer Ivybridge this afternoon on the artificial pitch at Tretherras School the G where magnificent but this was a farce really football belongs on grass and us supporters had to watch the game behind bars ,pity the G cant play on this pitch every week only joking it was horrible .Ivybridge just couldnt get to grips with the pitch and the G just destroyed them with Goals from Phil Lowry 2 ,Ben Colquhoun 2 ,Callum Gadney , Alex COLE and someone new i think .Phil Lowry was brilliant today practicaally unplayable he was that good but when a team scores 7 u got to say the whole team where man of the match ,I would also like to say a special mention to Ivybridge for agreeing to play the the match on this plastic pitch and they all deserve praise that goes to the players and management for being so good and playing the match . Brilliant Display by the G just 1 complaint about the Gs performance how the hell did you miss that open goal Ben Colqhuon you could of had your hat trick you deserved it you worked your sox off and u had your shadow marking you all afternoon in ex Bodmin player Jordan Pearce
  12. really off was looking forward to going to Bodmin tmmrw to see them play against P;ymouth Argyle ,now seen its tonight wont be there for that will be in watching Yeovil hammer Man Utd doesnt seem right a team can change the day of the match at a minutes notice so now i will be going to watch the G play on the artificial pitch at Tretherras school