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  1. I Reckon you may get your wish on the landricombe boys but not the Daw Lads and not a hope on Rocky hes going to go to the G lol i wish .Heard a rumour in the hospital waiting room got talking to a supporter and he said Glynn Hobbs wont be playing at Parkway due to the amount of travelling and is looking to rejoin Bodmin
  2. 100%cornish


    i thought he was very good for such a big bloke very skillful he scored a goal in the half time kick about that was like di Canios Matt Mcilroy i was told was his name he was really good but VOUAMA what a player he will go to a bigger team for sure before the season starts he was so good
  3. 100%cornish


    Thanks Burt he looked good in the half time kick about i thought it was Ben because of his size or Steve Ziboth
  4. What a good game at Mt Wise tonight between Mousehole and Liskeard and Mousehole won 1-0 deserved there win so many good players in there team in Josh Otto , Will Vouama ,Paolo Sousa , Liam Andrew , Callum Elliot what a pity they are not playing in the carlsberg South Western premier league the player Vouama is so good and would be brilliant in a higher league .If it wasnt for the young Liskeard Goalie tonight Mousehole would of scored a lot more goals than the 1 they scored ,I never saw the goal and dont know who got it i wanted to get back home to watch a program on tv but i bet it was VOUAMA that scored it Can anyone put out the team list because the bloke announcing it up Newquay didnt have a clue and was just reading from the program i would like to know who the big sub for Mousehole was it looked like ex Godolphin player Ben Williams .Well Done Mousehole for tonights win and the Final vs Wadebriidge hope to get to see that if its not miles away back at Newquay would be good
  5. i reckon the 2 LANDRICOMBE lads will return to Parkway LEVI LANDRICOMBE better than them all Jordan Annear is good came on lot better when he left Newquay hes not good enough for Truro
  6. Jake Ash to take over from Darren Gilbert i reckon or Neil Warnock decided he doesnt want to manage Cardiff in hte premiership loves Cornwall so much he wants to stay here so he can drive his tractor
  7. just back from watching the Final and what a game what a advert for local football The underdogs Falmouth where brilliant especially in Extra time where they dominated and Tavi seemed to loose control of the game when Warren Daw went off injured Jordan Annear was a real handful for Tavi and Lewis Daw and his defence had there work cut out trying to stop him when Tavi came back to equalise with a brilliant goal from sub Dan Sullivan you thought thats it now TAVI will win but no they scored 2 goals the 3rd a disaster for there goalie Josh Oak who made a right mess and gave it straight to Jordan ANNEAR who knocked it into the unguarded net but Falmouth scored again after a mess in the Tavi defence well done to Falmouth worthy winners and what a player Olly Walker is but my mom for them goes to there captain Joe COOPER who had a hell of a game and for Tavi i will give it to Warren Daw i said before the match Jack Crago would be mom well he had a knightmare game and missed a sitter .Great day out nice people decent crowd just wish there had been a burger van or chip van there i was starving .Lovely ground Wadebridge lovely weather but it poured down driving back .Well DonE FALMOUTH TOWN you deserved that win Tavi where not there usual fast flowing self and struggled at times maybe too many games had caught up with them
  8. Argyle being in the league brings extra money for the clubs they play against i for 1 look forward to seeing the Plymouth youngsters play there exciting brand of football and look forward to seeing them play again at local Cornish Grounds
  9. This game is very hard to predict 2 really good sides with 2 of the best goalies in the league my favourite Ryan Barnes but Smokies fav Josh Oak who always makes a fuss of him and just think Josh shades it but should be a great game but i think Tavi have the better players overall and i can see theis game going all the way 1-1 after 90mins and 3-1 to Tavi after extra time and Jack Crago to be mom looking forward to this game hope its not peeing down like it has been here most of the day in Newquay
  10. Bodmin 4- Cllington 0 Cameford 3- Torpoint 2 Witheridge 0- Ivybridge 2 Parsons cup Falmouth 1- Tavistock 3 AET
  11. callington 3- Witheridge 0 Cullompton 0- Falmouth 5 Ivybridge 1- Camelford 3 Plymouth Argyle 4 -1
  12. Callington 0- Sticker 2 cullompton 0- Camelford 3 Falmouth 4- Stoke 1 Ivybridge 0- Newquay 3 Launceston 1 Plymouth Argyle 4 Saltash 6 - Godolphin 0 St Austell 4- Exmouth 2 Tavi 6 - Helston 1 Tortpoint 5- Witheridge 0
  13. callington 0- Camelford 3 Plymouth parkway 1 - Bodmin 3
  14. Ivybridge 0- Launceston 5 Tavi 6- Newquay 0 Torpoint 3- Stoke 1