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  1. somersetspur


    Good luck to Cody Cooke,deserved his chance to get a pro contract. Could well be right about Tom McHale,if rumours have any truth in them. Its great these players getting their dream moves,but where do this leave poor TCFC. Hardly any of last season's squad have signed,yet,and we have lost,River Allen,Yetti,Aaron Lamont,Rocky Neal,Cody Cooke,Tom Owen Evans. Only two have signed for this season,Nial Thompson and Austen Booth,neither were regular starters last season,and the new signings are from lower Leagues,and have yet to prove themselves at Truro's level. Not a great situation with pre-season about 2 weeks away.
  2. somersetspur

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    So they are due a bad one,then.
  3. Kingstonian are so thrilled with Truro,allowing him to join them,they have agreed a payment to Truro should Lamont leaves for a transfer fee.
  4. somersetspur

    Unai Emery at Arsenal

    **** Emery's first signing could be a 34 year old Swiss full back,who is available on a free.Lichtstiener,a reserve from Juventus. Thats really frightening the rest of the Premiership.
  5. Real classy.Showing your real colours. I hope Kane gets injured in the World Cup friendly,and gets ruled out of the competition. He can have a nice break for the start of next season. Then you with the rest of the Goons and bin-dippers,can look forward to the World Cup,with Henderson leading the side from midfield,with one-leg Welbeck up front,maybe even old Jack Wheelchair could get called up.
  6. So it looks like its going to be **** Emery. Well he seems to have all the correct credentials. Sevilla,never won an away match when he was in charge for a season.
  7. somersetspur


    Ignore him Darren. You never know,he might go away.
  8. somersetspur


    A few things dont quite add up. If as you say Pirates are struggling financially,where have the rumours,of them buying TCFC,come from.? Another thing thats make no sense. Why have Masters persuaded Mr Perryman to remain another season,as co owner,when he apparently has offers of a 50% and a 100% investment of the Club.? Or is this just more bu££shyte.
  9. somersetspur


    Exactly the same thing happened when Truro went to Charlton. Around a 1000 attended that game,where were they, at the next home game. Glory hunters. When you get support like that,the object of the exercise, is try to get as many of them ,to come to more games . As St Darren says TCFC have'nt a clue when it comes to things ,like that.
  10. somersetspur


    To late. The heart and soul has already been ripped out of Truro City. When was the last time Masters consulted the supporters for any of his decisions. Im praying Pirates,do buy TCFC. Things could only get better.
  11. somersetspur

    Tottenham Hotspur

    No one outside of Manchester,could finish above the YIDS. First team to qualify for Champions League,after playing all their games away from home. Great effort. We will see how Chelski manage when they have to move to Wembley.
  12. Great shout,and a valid point. Everyone didnt expect TCFC to be anywhere near the play-offs this season. Next season everyone will be expecting at least play-offs. HUGE EXPECTATION TO LIVE UP TO.
  13. Its quite funny really. After two seasons of supporters begging,the owners of the football club to try and get players on some sort of longer contracts to ensure some compensation if they leave. We now have the owners with no option left with some players to get in early with contract offers ,trying to get them to sign before the vultures circle. If, and its a big if,those five players do sign contracts,then Truro would have most of last seasons squad together. Continuety,is what supporters have been saying is a big advantage,and after a couple of season's of loans and non- contract players,the penny has dropped. It bodes well for the new season.
  14. somersetspur

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Being as intelligent as you are. Surely you realised my quote was for the whole season,and not last nights game. Well maybe not. If they do decide to disinfect Wembley,maybe they could do your gob at the same time. YID ARMY,YID ARMY,YID ARMY.
  15. somersetspur

    Tottenham Hotspur