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  1. isaac rosenberg

    Combo Supp Cup semi-final

    Yes. The Tinnrers missed chances after a good start. Good luck to Aggie in the final. Well hosted by Hayle. Congratulations to the Fuxture and Registration Secretary for all his strategic brilliance in communicating and not communicating who can and can't play, following a nifty rule change by a self perpetuating committee, with no democratic accountability to most of the clubs whatsoever. Nice to see the prisoner in the dock keeping up standards in that grey suit. When he has buried the league for good he can wear itvto the funeral.
  2. isaac rosenberg

    Illogan Reserves doomed!

    Too long a tongue, too short a hand...So tongueless man has lost his land. If yuv don't want their changes, secede from the English FA. It us always easier for Cornwall to fight back when it gets up from its knees.
  3. St just have had two weeks of games postponed by the League Fixture and Registration Secretary . They will then be forced to play six or seven games between 14 and 31 May. At the end of a season with so much bad weather, one might have expected that everything possible would be done by Mr Roberts to enable games to be played promptly.. However, he has indicated that he is doing thus to prevent the signing on of two St Just boys who have just come home from Australia in time to play the three games necessary to feature in, if all things, the semi final of that prestigious competition the Supplementary Cup. It is within the rules for St Just to sign the players on. They are local boys, not highly paid mercenaries drafted in from elsewhere. However, Mr Roberts, as he has for so many years, is deliberately obstructing such a move. We are the only founder members still in the Combo and will probably still be there when it dies abd the standard of Cornish football falls even further. It us sad that one of the major contributing factors over the years has been poor administration, motivated by the mentality that this anecdote reveals. nr Roberts has pursued a vendetta against my club for twenty five years
  4. isaac rosenberg

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Don't need to bother, SS, league table always does the talking, even in the season we arranged the title gift-wrapping for Leicester. "Two-nil and you fluffed it up." Neither Kane nor Poch want a win-nothing career like Shearer for much longer. Spurs rack up the goals against rabbits. Wembley record against anybody who can play is a disaster. Chelsea often win things. How about you ? Bring back Gazza, mate. Or maybe Martin Peters.....
  5. isaac rosenberg

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Levy !.....couldn't afford Abramovic's Xmas pudding bill ! That's like asking some poor Tinner to keep all you Rynners in Cidre ! No Doom Bar or Tribute in this part of Dubai ! Shocking ! Chelsea and the Mancs in the 2018 Champions League with the mighty Burnley while Spuds and Arse travel to Nicosia and Bari (Barry ?) on Thursday nights in the Midweek Pub Cup, I reckon !
  6. isaac rosenberg

    Tottenham Hotspur

    Another four-two to the Blues. Allardyce withvsix wins andca draw in the last eight. Night, night, Tottenham. Arsenal well placed to overtake you on the last day again....
  7. isaac rosenberg

    Tottenham Hotspur

    So nice to hear you minor clubs sportingly applauding the only European Champions ever produced in the English Capital on their way to winning yet another Double. At least there will be Conte's tactical abilities on show next year to compensate for the appalling brexshittty shambles Arsene and the Wembley Strollers inflicted on us this season.
  8. Poor old Spuds. Haven't been on here for months and they're still in the same old argument with their neighbours about which of them might pip ManUre for fifth place. Minor clubs. Next year's European Champions League winners ten points clear, or is it twelve. Dunno, it's like taking candy from a corpse. I understand we might be playing them in one of those cheap little FA competitions we win every three or four years. At Wembley, apparently. Last time this happened it ended 5 1. After the embarrassment of Spuds performances there in front of about 80,000 poor saps, I wouldn't expect many of them to turn up. . too demoralising.Not sure why we are bothering either.Make more money selling replica kits in China .
  9. Yes, good attitude. I expect Mr Roberts from Helston and Mr James from Porthleven and Mr von Ribbentrop from Tregeseal feel the same way.
  10. Mearry Xmas Oldoneer... Somehow the accuracy of my vision and typing sometimes diminishes on a Saturday night.....can't imagine why ! Good job I don't live in Cornwall now, otherwise I might start calling round to remonstrate with senior members of the jccl management committee or the ccfa....most inappropriate for a respectable pillar of society..... Older, not oldoneer !
  11. Three Chelsea one nils in succession...that's what champions do..... Conte getting the vest out if Costa. Wonder whether city manager will last.....ibrahimovic back on form now, I can see man sure finishing second. Another season for arsene and the spuds to chase minor trophies. How embarrassing to gave the butcher's apron national stadium siting the failed qualification matches of such a shower of lilywhite Lubbock's !
  12. Fair comment. I have to predict that the Scum are also likely to come back sufficiently to grab a Champions League spot in 2014. 16 to 1 for the title is tempting but not ALL the challengers will fall away sufficiently for this to happen. We had the rub of the green to wound Liverpool fatally yesterday......their second half substitution showed why, unless incredibly lucky with injuries for the rest of the season, their squad won't be deep enough to take them back into the top four from now on......   Chelsea and City head to head for the title. Crystal Palace showed how to play at the Etihad....a brilliant piece of Pulisism ! Somebody will get lucky there and it might be Mourinho. I hope so ! 
  13. Perhaps Swindon should take over Spurs and run them as their youth section instead of the other way round. It would improve management at White Hart Lane no end.
  14. I see Mangle hasn't taken up my bet......the sole striker forgot his shooting boots and the ref had it in for Arsene again. Diddums ! :)   Wilshere suspended against Chelsea for childish gestures....some England player there ! ......double diddums :yahoo:.