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  1. Yes Dave I,ve got final ticket only if we get through.Otherwise back sooner.
  2. Perry Bullock and Derek Martin out in Moscow,anyone else out there who would like to meet up?
  3. hansome dan

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    This is a real farce ,we don,t get anything like this in the trelawney league cups .Actually we did,nt have any cups đŸ˜‚
  4. hansome dan

    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    It’s been a long season ,I think Foxhole should be given the cup .
  5. Yes Mike it is the same John Elliot ,also played for town in the sixties when they also had a great side.John was also their linesman in div1 west and was a legend then as well .Lovely man when he signed me for foxhole,he told me he could,nt stick me but I was the best goalscorer around so a very honest man and I must admit did enjoy playing for him.