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  1. St Dennis 0 Foxhole 0 Duchy Premier Thursday 26th April 2018 Great game. Foxhole's impressive workrate, effort and commitment was much appreciated by this supporter. The Foxes had the better of the play, but St Dennis had the more clear-cut chances, stand-in keeper Aydan Rundle being exceptional in the second-half. Josh "Sniffer" Andrews terrific as usual. Well played all the Foxes, and well done St Dennis for contributing to the brilliant entertainment. The referee was very good too. Foxhole: Rundle, Wilkins, Lean, Andrews, Kellow, Austin, N Allen, B Allen, Reed-Bennett, Gilbert, Kerrigan. Subs: Barnacle, Papaioannou, Webb. St Dennis: Morton, Grose, Taylor, Stone, M Rowe, Hayhurst, Truscott, Brown, Hugh, Hill, Bird. Sub: Tippett. Unused subs: P Rowe, Lowe
  2. Dudas, that's exactly why it'd be much easier to scrap ALL eligibility restrictions. It would give all teams a much better chance of fulfilling fixtures.
  3. Foxhole AFC are delighted to announce they have appointed the much-respected Lee Whetter as their new manager for their Duchy Premier league team for next season. Lee, who has enjoyed much success as a commanding centre-half while representing a number of local senior sides, is excited at the prospect of continuing the improvement and growth at all levels from youth through to veterans that his home village club has made in recent seasons. Foxhole AFC wish to thank Mr Whetter for agreeing to be their new manager and to express their thanks to current boss Gary Dyer, who will remain very much part of the club.
  4. That's it in a nutshell panda. The priority must be to fulfil fixtures so all these confusing restrictions on player eligibility are just so unnecessary. Clubs should be able to pick who they like to play - if they're registered, they're eligible!
  5. Darin Morse

    Season extension

    What's the FA's reasoning in not granting an extension (and for having such an early deadline in the first place)? Sensible replies only please.
  6. Darin Morse

    Duchy League Senior/Junior

    Just abolish ALL restrictions and play whoever you like!
  7. Darin Morse

    Cheating !

    Sorry but the reaction to all this has been way over the top. Is rubbing a ball with sandpaper really worse than batsmen not walking when they know they're out? Isn't that cheating?
  8. Darin Morse

    Morrish Truscott RIP

    Sincere condolences to Morrish's family and friends from all at Foxhole AFC.
  9. Darin Morse

    Martin Day RIP

    Sincere condolences to all of Martin's family and friends from Foxhole AFC
  10. Darin Morse

    New Rule...... Thoughts????

    Er...is anybody still following this? (there'll be a test in 10 minutes). I'm not saying my suggestion (to abolish all restrictions on eligibility) is perfect, but surely it must be better than the inevitable uncertainty caused by the current mishmash of regulations? I think it's the fundamental right of a manager to select whoever he likes. Just because he has the option of "strengthening" his side doesn't necessarily mean he'll take it. It's surely up to him to weigh up the pros and cons, including of course having to face a potential backlash from any "regulars" he puts sub. I get the feeling it's hard enough to get eleven players out on the pitch anyway without also having to negotiate complex rules on eligibility. Some people are quick to moan when losing to teams strengthened by the inclusion of so-called "first-teamers", but are strangely quiet when thrashing sides weakened by "first-team" call-ups - it's got to work both ways.
  11. Darin Morse

    New Rule...... Thoughts????

    Sorry but these rules are way too complicated. Abolish ALL restrictions - if you're registered, you're eligible.
  12. Dan, where are you based? I read you may be available to ref the occasional youth game? I run youth teams at St Stephen and it'd be handy to have an extra ref I can occasionally call on? Darin Morse 07881738008 darinmorse@msn.com