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  1. Senior football facility's

    I know when Carharrack looked to gain promotion from Trelawny we were given the rules above and had to meet the minimum ground grading criteria. So we did just that, we had to knock down our perfectly fine dugouts then spend over £1000 on new ones. I don’t really get the council pitch argument as Redruth United at Chilijah has dugouts built on them at their own cost.
  2. Yeah he is ok Tom, the hospital sorted him out. I would publicly like to thank the St Ives captain and manager for helping me administer first aid off the pitch. Good job I did my St Johns Ambulance course last week.
  3. Sorry Tom 18 yards my hands are just thawing out
  4. Combo League Cup: Perranporth 1 Carharrack 0 Some of the worse wind we have played in years. This match positioned just off the Cornish coast was about who could keep the ball on the pitch. Carharrack played against the wind all the first half which ment defending for the majority. The best chance came when Justin Miles went for a cross but then looked like a shoot, the ball bent with the full force of the wind behind it spinning towards to top left then weirdly got blown out hitting the upright and going out of play. With 3 minutes of the half to go, the ball went towards the Carharrack 12 yard line, at this point the wind blinded me and could not see, with Luke Wort standing 5 yards offside the defence hands all went up screaming for offside the referee was looking at me, people behind screaming offside but I just couldn't not see how the ball got to him and kept my flag down. If I didn't see it I couldnt give it. Dave Deacon was right behind me told me it was off at the interval so all I could do was apologise. Spoke to Match official Tim Reeks who I was assisting whilst in the changing rooms about my mistake during the debrief and he says it happens to us all that's football. Second half was the opppsite of the first Carharrack with the wind in their favour the ball on the line time and time again but just couldn't creep over. Fair play to their keeper who somehow saved the ball going over the line with 20 to with a quick reaction whilst on his knees. The clock ticking Perran knew that could hang on and got the ball out which made throw ins interesting. Final whistle gone. Close game could of gone either way. I'm going to make a early prediction based on seeing all the top teams now. Falmouth to win the league cup like we did in our first season. Just dried off and having a hot cup of tea at home.
  5. How's carharrick pitch looking pal ?

  6. Jollys Cornwall Combination League FULL TIME Link http://full-time.thefa.com/Index.do?league=2469969 Cornwall Combo Website http://www.cornwallcomboleague.co.uk/nindex.html ECPL Website http://www.football.mitoo.co.uk/News.cfm?LeagueCode=ECRNW2013&NB=0
  7. Just upgraded the forum. Fingers crossed!

  8. Currently Upgrading Forum

  9. Testing for all those that use Twitter at matches!