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    Probus FC would like to apologise to the Trelawny League and Storm FC for fielding an ineligible player on Saturday. It was a genuine mistake, as the individual has represented both teams during the season and due to a misinterpretation of the rules, we believed the ban to be for the club as he was not able to play for either team. After clarification from the CCFA today the ruling is that the player is banned from all Saturday football until the team has played the requisite number of games. We did not knowingly play an ineligible player as we believed the first game of the double header on Saturday to be the final game of the ban. The is the first time that I can recall a mistake like this ever being made and we have been punished accordingly. As someone who holds many roles at the club (including manager, secretary, coach, assistant treasurer, pitch setter up, cleaner and occasion player) I must take full responsibility for the mistake. On another note it certainly made for a entertaining forum topic and discussion point. Tony Penrose Probus FC
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    Clubs looking for managers next season.

    This is an interesting topic? Clearly 'Feed the Goat' has insider information Martyn isn't aware of. We will be celebrating his 20 years on the 16th June (details to follow) and as things stand at the moment I will be carrying him out of the club in a box before he steps down. Clearly noone goes on for ever but if and when Martyn is ready to step down we promise we will post all about it ourselves.
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    SWPL - Monday 30 April 2018

    Should play Falmouth in a pre season friendly as a way of an apology maybe? Be a decent gesture from the biggest club in our area 👍⚽️
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    Thanks for the kind words guys, just give what I see which ever way it goes, I'm there to support the ref not to influence the game either way. I make mistakes like everyone on the field, but can't understand why anyone would want to cheat. At the end of the day it's amateur football and we are all there for the enjoyment of the game. Of course I want the Well to win, but because of what they do, not what I do. I love the banter and the passion and would say that in general there's more sportsmanship than there is cheating, but we are all aware that it happens. At 55 I'm just happy to be involved and grateful that I can still just about run up and down the line! Without all the linos who give their time for nothing (and there are a lot of very good ones) there would be no game, and in the heat of the moment, that needs to be remembered most of all.
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    More interest in a youth game than in your constant moaning and bitching,for sakes give it a rest.
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    SWPL - Saturday 12 May 2018

    Must congratulate Mr Hiscox on getting all the fixtures played in the most challenging of circumstances, without that kind of dedication lower leagues would really struggle. He must have felt like giving up around March what with all the cancellations. Well done.
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    How do you think any of the youth team feel,or their parents come to that having to read your comment ? No interest in them ? They may as well just stop playing eh ? Every single subject on this forum has you being totally negative in one way or another.And if you thought that was rude you want to get out more ! Maybe go and support your home team instead of slagging them off all the time.
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    Doesnt matter who Falmouth are playing, you still back the other side😂. Im sure if Falmouth played Torpoint U3's, you'd fancy Torpoint to win 8-0 as they're better dribblers👍 Try supporting your club for a change rather than coming up with some dreadful predictions. Underlines your lack of knowledge regarding all Cornish (and Devon if you want to add that in) football, "more skilful and quicker".... have you ever seen the lad Annear & Olly Walker play?😂, absolutely lightning
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    Congrats to Millbrook on gaining promotion into the Premier Divsion today. From all at Wendron
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    I run the line for Hayle , to put something back into the game I have enjoyed for a lot of years , being a player, manager various positions on committees . I do make mistakes I don't deliberately cheat as some have said over the past few seasons , I have given goals being over the line against Hayle ( booner for St.Day couple of seasons back ) , and try to be fair as possible , as all club linos we do it for nothing , turning up in all weather's . I have had opposition fans behind me agreeing with the offsides I have given and the dug outs going nuts as if I was a serial killer . I have been called a c.... Fat , paedophile , you name it I have been called it , how many of you would put up with this ? I wasn't going to respond but I feel a bit fed up and angry about this I am nearly 56 , not in the best physical shape , health issues , i don't mind banter , my home team Hayle even give me a hard time for not giving offside for them . I don't go out to f... up anyone's game football , I like meeting opposition and visiting clubs , but perhaps one of two of you who like to give stick , maybe think now did I make a mistake today ? did I not get back quick enough ,did I go to early , or as a manager were my team outplayed today and accept it or blame or berate the opposition lino . I am seriously considering giving up perhaps St.Days manager was right as he told me walking away from me towards the changing room , is it any wonder people don't want to get involved in football . Steve Bailey , lino for Hayle I don't hide behind a keyboard .
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    Final league top 3

    Goes to show how much Big Al actually knows about 'his' team! Too busy moaning about another county to bother following them closely!
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    When I was last there, the car park was outside of the ground!
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    Just want to say good luck to all the players and management of Falmouth Town in tommorrows SWPL cup final .Cant believe this is our 1rst final in 15 years .Its been a joy to watch a team that works for each other rather than a team of individuals .The team spirit is obvious both on and off the pitch .we've witnessed some unbelievable performances this season so much so that i would have paid to get out of the ground afterwards !😁.Hopefully we can keep the squad together for next season and do even better .Thanks for this season lads youve been a credit to yourselves and the club .Hopefully you can finish in style and bring home the silverware tomorrow .👍
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    Mike Odgers

    SWPL - Monday 30 April 2018

    Mr.Miller still a handy player -averaging a goal a game for Town this season.
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    SWPL - Monday 30 April 2018

    What an absolute joke. You can understand (sort of) the Witheridge and Helston fixtures. Travelling miles to a game and some lads just not being bothered about it/working and not being able to make the journey, injuries etc. But this is a pro club... at home. Its not as if they don't have any players or money is it!!! They had 5 coaches up there on the side line the other day when we played them, if it was any other club, they would be playing. You could be damn sure that Milch (Miller) would be putting his kit on if Falmouth could only muster 10 players this evening.
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    Martin McHugh

    Cup Finals

    Its the end of a very busy season. Fixtures have been changed, moved altered and pitches have been monopolised, molested and worn out. Just accept where the finals are being played and get on with it. Secretarys were given an opportunity to nominate grounds, its a bit late in the day to start whinging now. Play the games, enjoy the day and lets get this disrupted season out of the way. If you dont like things........join the committee and change it...............otherwise ...........go with your committees`s decisions . Rant over Good luck , enjoy the remainder of the season and enjoy the finals. over and out ( Well done committee) MQx
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    Don't often rise to Big A but on this occasion his comment is stupid. The youth are the future of football in the county and deserve the same support as the Senior teams. We'll done to those that have facilitated the chance for the youngsters to have some support. Rant over.
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    Think you’ll find Max Gilbert ofBodmin has been captaining the youth side this year and Camelford players have represented the youth side this year something I expect both clubs are extremely proud of these players and have chance to show support to all involved in their big game
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    Clubs looking for managers next season.

    Sorry Ralph our man in charge is doing a great job & besides if we were looking we would want someone who’s played the game & scored at least 3000 goals pal unfortunately Rappo doesn’t fit the bill 😁
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    Clubs looking for managers next season.

    Reckon Kimmo got at least another 20 seasons in him yet!? Like Marksy said Kimmo and Mandy are Aggie legends, what they do for the club and hours they’ve put in over the years is incredible! Just look at the clubs facilities these days! Kimmo is the Wenger of Cornish football, he’ll decide when he’s had enough! Penryn be a great job for anyone, Jarvo has brought through some cracking youngsters last few seasons and they got some good people still at the club, lovely set up and the pleasure of seeing Mr Older every week! 😳👍
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    Quiet Man

    SWPL - Wednesday 2 May 2018

    Big Al got the scoreline correct, just the wrong way round. Bodmin 0-4 Falmouth Up the Town.
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    SWPL - Wednesday 2 May 2018

    Absolutely brilliant play from the town well done boys .bet there's some choice language in the home dressing room .will be interested to see Leeds United's summing up .Also that big hole that big Al is in just keeps getting deeper and deeper .anyone know an abseiler to get him out poor chap ? 🤣
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    Well done & congratulations Plymouth Parkway
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    SWPL - Saturday 28 April 2018

    I have no idea what Bodmin may have said to the league, but know why the game was brought forward, not that it makes any difference. The Camelford players at the County youth game were wearing their Camels polo's and jackets (fully showered and changed?!?!) - not quite sure how that constitutes 'showboating' as they had travelled straight from the Bodmin game and included three of last years team that got to the national final, who were supporting their former team mates, supporting their keeper Luke and supporting the CCFA by lending their 'caps' for presentations as the ones ordered by the CCFA had not arrived - nice that you appreciated their efforts Brugel.
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    SWPL - Monday 23 April 2018

    What is your obsession with respect? If they're not breaking any rules they are free to do what they like. Playing against Argyle is exciting for local players and fans, whether they are playing full time professionals or schoolboys. You have to accept that you could be coming up against any of their signed players and try and beat what's in front of you.