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    Immense sadness this morning at our friend's passing. After the sudden exiting of Dave Wadd at Falmouth Town all the players were wondering who could fill the huge shoes left by the big man. Trevor was the chosen one and luckily he had big feet. I remember him strolling in oozing in confidence as if to say "I've got this!" From day one he took over the club and all the players loved it. The doubters said that the often brutal training sessions that went before him would drop off. No! I still remember throwing up with exhaustion regularly. They said his attention to detail wouldn't be as thorough. No! He and Jill drove across the country to scout our FA Vase opponents. Success followed and he was the man who led a band of lifelong friends who are all absolutely shattered by the news this morning. If any club chairman wanted a manager who could guarantee success then he was on a list of one, and if there was a Christmas almanac of successful Cornish football managers then he'd be on the cover. If you never had the honour of playing for him then you sadly missed out on a special privilege. God bless him and his family and close friends. RIP Trevor. Friend, Colleague, Coach, Mentor, Manager, Legend. The real "Special One".
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    Chiverton Park St Agnes AFC

    I have missed some posting on here re Chiverton Park but wanted to put up an update from the club in support of the fabulous teams, volunteers and sponsors who have worked so hard to help develop football and facilities in our area. Chiverton Park has been a second pitch home of St Agnes AFC for 14 years now. We have it on a rolling short term rental lease with temporary planning applied for every 3 years and annual rent. We are presently fielding 24 teams across youth, girls, men, ladies, veterans and disability. A huge responsibility to fund everything and provide playing facilities! Through grants and years of hard work we have been able to improve our facilities at Enys Parc demonstrating our wish to develop things. Not owning the ground at Chiverton Park, the short term lease and temporary planning makes it difficult to make any major changes there. It is not possible to apply for grant funding on a short term lease and difficult to justify large changes or expenditure. Following some positive communication with our landlords and solicitors we have just negotiated a longer lease which should help us access grant funding and give us time to fulfil the plans we have always dreamed of doing at Chiverton Park. Having unfortunately not read all the comments posted on this subject i cannot answer any specific queries. We have all witnessed so many teams and clubs fall by the wayside in recent seasons and particularly this year so perhaps with a little more understanding of our situation at Chiverton Park those forum posters will see things from a different angle. I am personally incredibly proud of all our club has achieved including making Chiverton work as best we can within the confines of lease/planning and finance. I am also really, really grateful to the amazing club volunteers who work so hard at Chiverton Park but have battled critisism for things they can't change. We have so far looked at an improved building, done some pitch works and with the extended lease hope to improve things further. The football community needs to work together and support each other more than ever right now and value each club, team, player, fixture and facility. If anyone wants to discuss or share opinions any further please get in touch. Thank you. Mandy Kimmins Chair St Agnes AFC 07974 370666
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    Trevor Mewton - RIP - truly a legend!

    Words can’t express the sadness and emptiness today.. I consider myself blessed to have been one of Trev's “players”. We all owe him so much, l first met him as the owner of Studs Sports when I was about 14 getting my boots on my mums Visa card and I was almost afraid to speak to him and was shocked when he said he knew who I was and had heard my name being mentioned! The Alex Ferguson of Cornish football what a confidence boost! I later realised that Trev knew every player in Cornish football from about 12 to 35 that was worth knowing, his knowledge of players and his scouting network was second to none! Years later I was lucky to have played for the boss at 3 different clubs as well as the SWL X1 which he managed for many years. I spent many of the best and funniest moments of my life in Trevs company, not just on the pitch where he won everything in Cornish football about ten times over but off it as well. As Tommy has already mentioned I had the privilege of being the boss first signing when he took the job at Falmouth and he built on an already fantastic team over his time there and I have never experienced a group of such tight knit players, all great mates with a team spirit second to none, a real band of brothers which Trev helped to build and everyone of us would run through a brick wall for him and each other. . He never seemed to sign a bad player! Anyone that came in were welcomed and seemed to fit into the side. We all had the utmost respect for Trev but you could crack the odd joke and get a laugh off him now and again as well, and our end of season tours to Holland were legendary where he would let his hair down but he still expected us to win the games! A great man manager who had the perfect blend of being your friend but you still knew very much so that he was the boss and what was expected of you on and off the pitch. I can not speak highly enough of the gaffer and could probably go on forever about the way you could talk football on the phone for an hour but it seemed like ten minutes and whenever you got a bad injury he would come around your house with Jill the next day with some flowers for your mum or mrs and a box of chocolates to keep your spirits up. A few of us even worked in the shop for Trev and Jill in the summer for a few extra quid. He had the exterior of being a hard man to please on the outside but he had a heart of gold on the inside and would do almost anything to help one of his boys. Even though you could see he was not very well around May time he still managed to do an interview at his house for the French tv company that were doing a documentary following me around for a few days about the 2000th goal. Trev had a side to him that many of his opponents probably never saw but we all did and It’s been an absolute honour boss and no doubt you and Ray have already got the tactics board out up there going over a few set pieces!!! Love to Jill and and family and RIP to the biggest legend who ever sat in a dug out in Cornish football. God bless boss, it was a pleasure and privilege to be your friend, thanks for everything. 👌⚽️❤️
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    Thank you for your kind words there Sticker. It's always worth remembering that it is not the groundsman or referee that cancels games - it is the weather. The season now is ten months long, plenty of time to fit games in these days, I would always suggest to get as many games in early to allow cancellations during the winter. It takes more than a couple of hours to repair a pitch that has been badly damaged by playing when you shouldn't. And if you liquefy it you won't play on it for at least a month !!!!! The change in the weather patterns over the last 30 years is causing a lot of problems now, we don't get a bit of steady rain anymore, it's now a deluge over a couple of hours and no ground can deal with it.....unless of course you have a £1,000,000 premier league sand and rubber pitch of course. Best of luck to all the ground staff for this weekend....it will be a tough one.
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    Is it any wonder that teams aren't putting results on this site much of late? Everyone just slags everyone off! Can't admin just move all of the crap to a different thread each time, so RESULTS can be in the results section every week. Same goes for all the league's really. Thanks Burt
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    By the looks of it Matt Thackeray is taking the crown from Jason Peters this season, looks like 3 clubs from the 15th Sept, embarrassing for the player having to move around so much, is he Peters in disguise
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    Postman Pat

    Called off

    Yes but sometimes common sense must prevail
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    FACYC Latest.

    No player should ever turn down the chance to play for their County.
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    Sad news. This is how Trevor should be remembered. An asset to Cornish football, a legend amongst his peers and a legacy that every manager should strive to achieve.
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    Worth listening to Older. The bloke produced the best playing surface the county has seen over the last 25 years or so. What is the point of 23 blokes stanking around with studs on a pitch that is already ripped up from the previous week or two and has had loads more water on it since!? You just wreck it for the next month! Look after it a bit. You’ve got until the end of May to squeeze it in somewhere! I’m sure the long suffering wives and girlfriends would appreciate their blokes around the week or so before Xmas. 🎅🏼 Could well be some brownie points in the bag for yourself as well for all the footie later on in the season!! 👍
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    Personally think a lot of games will be off this weekend
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    Same here ...I'm Donald Duck and everyone should just get on with it ...unbelievable it's football, shit happens - just watch the games. It's not just on here, it's all over football, gob, gob, gob, everybody is at it in this world today.
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    And all those rude remarks about Witheridge. Well done Withy !
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    Postman Pat

    Illogan RBL

    Sijames are you just stirring or do you have a short memory. When Illogan were winning the Combination League people slated them for not taking promotion, now they have tried Penisula football for 4 seasons you say they bit off more than they can chew. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t comes to mind. At least they tried well done for that
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    Called off

    Totally agree. we TMS are supposed to be playing at home (Malpas) tomorrow but I can bet my mortgage that the pitch will be unplayable.....but will wait for Parks Team to call tomorrow morning, but would sooner it was called today, so people can plan their Saturday.
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    Called off

    Not surprised the weather this week in the Wendron/ Helston area has been really wet and if you know your not going to play I think it's better to let people know early than keep them waiting
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    Very sad to hear the news this news today. I spent many a Saturday afternoon, or a midweek evening up against Trevor over the years with our respective sides, with Trevor being the one of us who maintained his discipline and gentleman demeanour, he was the ultimate ‘benchmark’ with his professionalism and great sides. No matter the outcome we always spoke in the clubhouse and I had the greatest of respect for him. We did sign a few of Trevor’s former Devon based players (such as Pughie and Dales) and every one of them spoke so highly of Trevor, it was a real testament to him. In the later years I enjoyed speaking to Trevor when ordering kits, or meeting him and Jill at St Columb to pick up gear, and what should have been a quick phone call ended up going on for ages as we started to get side tracked and talk about players and other teams. I can only echo what is being said about one of Cornwall’s best ever Managers, it is a great loss to Cornish football, and most of all, to Jill, to whom I send my heartfelt condolences. Southy
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    What can I say - Trevor Mewton, manager of Newquay Football Club for ten years, 1978-1988. A great personal friend of my late husband Brian, and myself. I can only repeat what I wrote in my book, 'A Mixed Bag of Peppermints', in 1990. "Trevor has been the most successful manager in the club's history, he is a man with sound principles, who set high standards for himself and his players alike, and who would never accept second best in anything he undertook. At times during his ten years with the club he was greatly maligned and often misunderstood, and so it is left to us who have worked with him for many years to know his true worth, and in the final reckoning few men will have worked harder for the success of Newquay Football Club." His record at Newquay speaks for itself: SWL Finishing Position 1978/79 - 3rd 1979/80 - 1st 80/81 - 3rd 81/82 - 1st 82/83 - 13th 83/84 - 1st 84/85 - 3rd 85/86 - 2nd 86/87 - 8th 87/88 - 1st SWL Challenge Cup 79/80 - Runners Up 80//81 - Runners Up Senior Cup 87/88 - Runners Up Charity Cup 81/82 - Runners Up 84/85 - Runners Up 85/86 - Runners Up My thoughts are with his widow, Jill, and her unfailing devotion to his care during Trevor's lengthy ordeal, not forgetting the support given by Paul and Mena. He will be joining Ray and Phil to reminisce over their time at Newquay Football Club.
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    I am very sad to hear this news. I spoke to Trevor often in my time with the Sunday Independent and Evening Herald patrolling the SWL beat and always enjoyed our conversations. Always got a straight answer from him and most of the time he saw the same game I did!! Very few managers in Cornish football history had the success he did and he always had the respect of his players - and of other managers as well. RIP Trevor
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    Another Newquay legend gone! With so many great players who have recently sadly departed they now have a manager to look after them. On behalf of St Newlyn East AFC we would like to pass on our condolences and deepest sympathy to Jill and family.
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    Trevor Mewton - RIP - truly a legend!

    Very sad news this morning. What a spell he had at Blaise Park. Sucess after sucess and the club was transformed on and off the pitch. Sucess that no club might ever see again in such a long period of time. Our thoughts with all his family and friends.
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    FACYC Latest.

    I'd like to know which players are refusing to play for Cornwall. If ever I was a good enough player to be picked to play for the county, then there's no way I would reject that chance.
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    Saturday 16th ref shortage

    I've heard that yet again there there's going to be a shortage of refs. If any team's are willing to do a 11am ko I'll be happy to help out. ⚽️
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    I have a feeling both teams will field strong sides for this match. Parkway had the weekend off and will want to bounce back to winning ways. Tavistock had their match called off so will want to keep players fresh. Plus this will be used as a psychological tool, to 'get one up' on a title rival as such
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    Uwdi Krugg


    Serious question, no disrespect intended, not really a Devon non league expert (not really a Cornwall one either to be honest), is this likely to be what's identified on the tin? Two top local sides in a Cup Quarter Final appears an attractive looking fixture (on paper). The question is will both sides be up for it and put out first team selections? Been to a few of these shin-digs up North and been sadly disappointed. Was hoping this might be a slightly different culture? Maybe a decent game etc? Honest (if brutal) feedback appreciated.
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    Big Al wasn't there .the pavements were to wet for his delicate feet !
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    The answer to that 100% is we just didn’t turn up first half!! The worst we’ve played all season by far!! But second half we should of won the game!! But you can’t give 3 goals away like we did!! Sorry to our supporters who turned out to watch in the cold wet weather! Got to go in to every game as if we were playing the top 5 sides in the league!! Bring on the next game!! Easy one away to Argyle!! Lol 😂
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    Falmouth 8-0 Hayle , 3-0 half time ,. Hayle done ok first half and had one cleared of the line and a good shout for a pen which one was given the other end for basically the same foul , pleased that only three down at half time but second half was like a siege with Hayle hardly getting out of their half , the higher placed team were clinical in front of goal , pitch cut up in the second half ,lots of work for the ground staff to put right ,. Hayle put up a good fist of it and kept . Going but Falmouth class told overall , thought Alan hoon had a good game and kept the cards to a minimum as one or two from both sides lost the plot . Good touch from Falmouth with drinks and chocolate provided for the ref and the assistances . Falmouth the better team and good luck in the next round ,. One negative on the day my goodness is it just the swpl but don't they like to moan , query every descion , just get on with it and let the ref do his job . Big plus met Mike Odgers great to put a name to the face of another poster .
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    Sad news indeed. I spent (as did many others!) lots of years refereeing Trevor's sides and if he thought you had a bad game you would be "advised" afterwards! Equally however if he felt you performed well, even if his side had lost, the praise was well worth the wait! Condolences to his family. RIP.
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    on behalf of us all at Falmouth town we send our sincere condolences to jill and family after hearing the sad news of the passing of Trevor.he was a good servant to many clubs in the county and will be sadly missed by clubs players and supporters alike.. RIP Trevor
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    Think every side in the Premier Division are paying, not just Helston, there are sides in the bottom league Division One West paying sums of money, ( can't speak for sides in the East as I don't know much about that league ) so its happening at all levels, & each league can only have One Winner. Good luck to Helston, ground & facilities looking great when Bodmin last played there The yard stick for all the clubs down West Cornwall now
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    David Bray

    FACYC Latest.

    Mike, the best i can give you is what Richard at the County Office has released. 27/01/18.......Wiltshire Away in the South West Counties Knockout Cup. 10/02/18....Devon Home in the SWCYC Group A fixture. 10/03/18..Somerset Away ....Group A. With Devon Away and Somerset Home in Group A to be arranged.
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    Why are people (not implying you here Bobjfh) trying to keep knocking Helston? I have no affiliation at all towards them or management, in fact he occasionally irritates me, however they are a club with ambition, they are apart from Falmouth Town (who have always been the Stand Out Club down West) Helston are West Cornwall's Premier Club, with Penzance, Porthleven ( both ex South Western League clubs) both in the doldrums of Division One West I don't understand why people are knocking Helston for trying to compete at the top of the SWPL? Any young, or ambitious player wanting to play the highest level of football down that way their choice & if required has to be Helston. The only club with the Premier Division status, if your good enough you will be at Helston. Good luck to them I say.
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    SWPL & Cups - Saturday 9th December 2017

    Excellent summing up on the St Blazey game. Personally enjoyed the result but not the game, not sure if was all the different goals spread around the pitch, the different coloured pitch markings everywhere, the actual 4g artificial pitch ,lack of crowd and atmosphere. It just had the feeling of an evening training session under dim floodlights.
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    that wont stop you 'Spouting off'
  36. 1 point
    Well, looks like i am eating humble pie again, apologies to all at Witheridge & well done on your fantastic result yesterday down at Newquay, scoring 3 goals in the process, well done. I thought ( along with many others I am sure) after collecting only 1 point from a possible 54 your were a 'Cert' to get an Xmas Stuffing, but proved everybody wrong, & I'm Sorry Result leaving Newquay with only one win, one draw & 7 defeats in last 9 games, come on Danny O, sort them out & get them going!!
  37. 1 point

    W C Parson Cup Q/F

    Or tavistock !
  38. 1 point
    Danny O

    SWPL & Cups - Saturday 9th December 2017

    Giler is a great player!! But Rappo thought I was your number 1 lol 😆
  39. 1 point
    Can i join your fan club then Rappo and be Gilers no2 fan 1 hell of a player a real leader
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    To me, it sounds like you have a personnel vendetta against Madron? And I think a social website isn't the place to air your dirty laundry naming the issues they've had this season! Your supposed to be unbiased, it certainly doesn't come across that way you'd thought you had learnt your lesson after the last error cost you a slap on the wrists!
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    There was indeed a switch of venues, it was all over the Trelawny Facebook page... When a venue is switched, regardless of whether you have a referee or not... that is a change of venue! A change of location... A different pitch!! You make comments such as "Sorry but don't think you can fine us this week but I'm sure you'll try anyway." which makes me think you are looking for people to take your side and that you feel hard done by; poor Madron! Start doing things right and in accordance with League rules like every other club and you will not feel the need to make comments like this. Fraudulent Signatures, late team sheets, failure to raise a side, failure to play a scheduled game, failure to confirm with the referee and opposition, unregistered players, ineligible players... The list goes on... Is that our fault or is that the clubs own doing? Think about it! Madron are treated the same as any other Club in this League - the only difference between Madron and the rest of the Clubs is that the rest all comply with the rules which are laid down in black and white and available for everyone to see. There comes a point when even the most patient man is pushed to the point where he has absolutely no sympathy remaining! I've reached that point with you lot! Well done to your manager and both teams for making that decision. The referee shortage is high on Cornwall FA's priority list - the only problem is that no-one is willing to take the course
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    And nobody watching .....lol
  43. 1 point
    Playing very well too Ralph.results not reflecting our performances though but it's why we are where we are as tables don't lie
  44. 1 point
    Ended in a 2 all draw with goals from Cody Cooke his 10th of the season and a second half goal from Tyler Harvey. Probably a fair result with both team going for 3 points in an entertaining game. A good following of away support to add to the atmosphere. Away to Sutton United in the FA Trophy next week, they don't get any easier.
  45. 1 point
  46. 1 point
    Locusts , plague , flood , pitch not recovered , fire , frozen pitch , vandalism , health and safety issues , sickness , distemper , zombie invasion , big Al , train strike , brexit, Xmas shopping with the other half .ect
  47. 1 point
    I would say thats slightly harsh. Alot of hard work has gone into thata pitch in recent years. I know bodmin spend alot of money gradually improving but without the money that the likes of Truro have these improvements will never be instant. From what i know there is money set aside if truro ever decide to follow this route.
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    Paying your yellow and red card fines?

    Why dont you ring the CCFA, good lord the youth of today
  49. 1 point

    Sticker Reserves docked points?

    Sooner rather than later wud b in stickers best interest,if it's the leagues mistake then not their problem really is it.
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    Falmouth v Hayle NOTE- kick off 2pm

    True town supporters are gratefull for the glory days of the past .good times indeed .True town supporters have always turned out during the lean years .True town supporters turn out in all weather' and regardless of ko times .True town supporters are gratefull to the chairman committe manager and present players for turning the clubs fortunes around and look forward to the future . Wasters however will always moan criticise and belittle .