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    Sorry to burst your bubble Hayle lights are up and running on both pitches , look for the link on facebook , so instead of sarky comments come and have a look at the first club in Cornwall that owns their own 3g pitch now complete with working flood!lights . Stick that in your pipe and smoke it
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    Mike Odgers

    Tavistock 0 Falmouth Town 1

    First league defeat at Langsford Park for Tavistock this season. County Youth player Jack Webber with his debut goal for Falmouth. A big turn around from losing 0-7 to The Lambs on the opening day of the season.
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    Just got back from a few days off and have read the thread.......no apologies for some of these remarks then ???? Both games played, both seemed to have concluded without mishap, pitch not too bad .....silence is golden s'pose.
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    Tavistock 0 Falmouth Town 1

    David don't you think it is about time you let this Penryn thing go, the club decided to pull out of Peninsula West and a few of their better players decided they wanted to play in as high a standard as they possibly could as well as be able to do so at another local club. All credit to these players for doing so. It would of been so easy for them to have dropped down and play with their mates, as far too many players do in Cornwall. I think Westy and these lads deserve immense credit for what they have achieved so far this season and long may it continue. So to all these FALMOUTH TOWN players and Westy - well done lads and keep up the good work playing in as high a standard as you can, enjoy it as your playing days are all too short.
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    Morrish Truscott RIP

    Thanks so much everyone, your condolences are very appreciated. Morrish was my grandfather and between him and my dad Paul they introduced me to the game and trained me. Some of you may know me from local football, but I'll be forvever in the shadow of my grandad Morrish who I consider to be a legend. His dedication to Cornish football was absolutely unwavering. I'm extremely proud to carry his name on in the Cornish game. Again, many thanks! RIP grandad.
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    Morrish Truscott RIP

    Think Tom just said it all, first met Morrish in my first season for the County Youth team back in about 83/84 when he was manager. Really top bloke and his happiness and enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone. Called everyone “Woscombe” when he first met you! You knew you’d made it when he remembered your name and you weren’t a woscombe anymore!! ! Lovely guy who will be missed by many especially at Truro City where he was part of the furniture for many years. RIP Morrish ⚽️
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    Tommy Matthews

    Morrish Truscott RIP

    More extremely sad news. Morrish was well know in football circles as a fantastic player as well as a manager and always had an amazing smile for everyone. A respected figure and another loss to Cornish football. Condolences to all his family and friends. RIP Morrish a proper Cornish football legend.
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    Still in with a shout???? Win every game in hand and be 15 points behind the league leaders. I want some of what Bunney's been smoking.
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    NLS - 17th March 2018

    "Winning ugly" is a very useful habit to get into. That said, we worked hard, and were very good without the ball today. (Which was most of the game)
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    There’s a few reasons why some teams aren’t playing today, the main problems are ground availability and referee availability. There will be times where grounds are allocated to our sides, but the senior teams within their clubs change fixtures (Perranwell for example, their first team have reversed their fixture with Carharrack to play at home). That then means their reserve side can’t be fixtured at home - so we have to have teams available to play them away. Referee availability plays a massive part - unfortunately we are short and the majority of teams won’t agree on a referee between them so end up postponing the games anyway. You will see more teams playing during April and May (the ordered period) because they have to play the game and agree on a referee between them. Its not ideal by any means, but it’s the way it has to go. Hopefully, there will be measures in place next season (such as an earlier start date, a few extra evening fixtures etc) which will relieve the pressure on the League and clubs should we get this rubbish weather again next season. Theres always a reason behind teams not being fixtured - as I’m sure you’re aware, we need to get games played as soon as possible so where we can get fixtures played, the Fix. Sec. will do his utmost to schedule them.
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    Penryn always produces good players.
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    The older we get, you begin to realise that our day too is slowly approaching. These legends - yes legends indeed. Time moves on sir. Bless them all - rest in peace.
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    Another good win for the Penfal boys......well done from me.
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    Sticker win 5-3

    What a fantastic result! Delighted to see Lloydy grabbing a hattrick - a top bloke
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    Tavistock 0 Falmouth Town 1

    Cracking result tonight well done to westy and the lads. Big Al was spotted at the game i hear. His dummy was flying out everywhere when Falmouth scored
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    CTB reporting from a neutral POV not a St Day POV
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    Who’s favourites for the title?

    6 pints for me grosey I'm on double cowboys wages 👍🏻👍🏻
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    Very good game, well done to penryn for getting the game on.
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    Falmouth Town v Helston Athletic -ON

    He's a very good player ! 👍
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    Falmouth without their two best players lost to a better team. Nothing Penryn could do today!
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    Lifton 2-5 St Stephen We managed to play some good football on a very tough pitch. Original fixtures were... Mevagissey vs St Stephen - Postponed Lifton v Rame cancelled as Rame couldn’t get a team. So the league acted quickly to get us playing Lifton away, credit goes to them! Also credit to Lifton for getting the game on and for hanging on until 3pm so we could make the longer journey!
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    Marksy about time you put that fishing rod away😆
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    Perranwell Carharrack off That's going from perranwell Twitter
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    Trelawny League - Saturday 17 March 2018

    There will be a reason for it, I’m sure. It’s not my part of ship (fixtures) so I keep out of all that stuff. If you look at The graph that Dave put up previously, there were only a few fixtures that could have been played due to pitch availability etc. Again, the issue lies with referees though. With quite a few games being postponed today already, refs may have been available though: regardless, the fixtures Secretary will know a lot more than I do.
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    Pitch inspection at noon, currently 50/50, fingers crossed for no more rain!!!
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    Confirmed, assuming Perranwell pitch is playable.
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    Atherton LR

    SWPL - Wednesday 14 March 2018

    I was one of the founders in 06. Our true rivals were East Devon Eagles... but they folded. Real shame, it was an intense rivalry but it pulled loads of interest.
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    Tavistock 0 Falmouth Town 1

    I'm afraid David's remote control is stuck in repeat mode
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    Green Matador

    Nearest football academy's

    David, Plymouth Argyle run Long Term Player Development training on a Thursday evening at Brannel School (just outside St Austell) and a Centre of Excellence on a Monday night also at Brannel school. First port of call would be at the LTPD where the boys are assessed and then given a trial at the COE. Although Penzance to St Austell may be a bit too far for you ?
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    I played against a team from a call centre once..... they brought in a load of ringers
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    Lovely food at Launceston. Probably the only thing worth discussing from the evening.
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    Justin norman


    Not sensitive, everytime I look on this site, its the same old story, Torpoint bringing in ringers, Torpoint doing this and that, how many ringers will they play, that would be 2 if you know the rules, and 2 doesn't make a team. Apparently we moan when we go a goal behind... Good! That's what I want from my players, to show they care. Maybe other clubs should look a little closer to home when moaning about "ringers", or shall I remind you? Last season, St Stephen away we beat 5-3i think, then at our place they (you?) beat us by the roughly the same score with a completely different St Stephens side and I'm told only 2 players were different. I've been involved in football for many yrs and at a high level, so I'm not stupid and I'm aware what goes on, maybe other clubs and individuals should stay quiet before spouting off and worrying what Torpoint are doing, we can win without bringing in ringers....... Sometimes! Case closed. Semi final tonight is off.
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    Justin norman

    Morrish Truscott RIP

    Had the pleasure of knowing him during my time a Truro, a top bloke, rip.
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    SWPL - Wednesday 14 March 2018

    Well done to Tavistock and Falmouth for looking at the weather forecast and bringing the game forward 24 hours...no doubt Tavistock will now be regreting that decision
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    Quiet Man

    Tavistock 0 Falmouth Town 1

    That' upset a few in the prediction league, hasn' it?
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    Quiet Man

    Tavistock v Falmouth Town

    Just heard a rumour that Falmouth Town won 1nil with a Jack Webber goal after Ryan Barnes had saved a penalty. Any truth in this?
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    Presumably as we’ve had a fair bit of rain lately and although today is good, we are due some more tomorrow. Seems the sensible thing to do to save you travel if needs be. Exiles for me; organised, strong all over the park and clinical too. Torpoint have plenty of players who have the experience and know how. It should be a good, competitive fixture. Best of luck to them both.
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    A good set of highlights. Needless red card for the Sticker striker. They certainly scored a cracking goal though.
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    Andy Waddell, now we're talking strikers!
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    City at Treyew for another season!

    Yes it was Dave but as we all know when it came down to the nitty gritty the money was not forthcoming. I don't think any true Truro City supporter thought That Silver Bow would come to fruition.
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    If Falmouth can do it, without the Council help, why can't Truro? I, as a council tax payer, object to the Council backing a scheme like this, when they are cutting all kinds of services.
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    The sale of OUR OWN ground ! 👍
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    I thought planning permission had been granted, so the development is not waiting on the Council. It is the money which is lacking, and the Council cannot afford to back white elephants. What happened to the money from the sale of Treyew Road ? Surely that was enough to build a new stadium. Who is paying for Falmouth's new ground?
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    Harry Gords

    Who’s favourites for the title?

    I really think St Mawgan getting the better of St Dennis is a massive hint as to who will be in amongst it come May My favourites are St Mawgan, close game yesterday and with St Dennis’ games in hand it will be those two at the top. St Stephen will no doubt go until the end but I can see St Dennis bringing a lot of players in from other places or their senior team, especially all of these evening fixtures of local derbies in place. No doubt favours a team like st Dennis, no surprise to see them postpone so many games through the season for this to happen on purpose. My money is on St Mawgan. But St Dennis to push all the way. And St Stephens third but winning a cup in the process
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    It looks to me as if there are only 5 Duchy games still on today. Nobody should be in any doubt just how bad the fixture backlog is now. What people may not appreciate is how serious the referee shortage will also be as all leagues try and catch up their fixtures. The Duchy and Trelawny Leagues are at the bottom of the pile and even if all the matches can be scheduled at some point there just wont be enough referees to cover. Talking of referees, I was sorry to hear this morning that a good old friend of the Duchy League was hanging up his whistle. Colin Penhorwood has been a familiar and popular referee in east Cornwall for over 30 years but has decided to 'slow down a bit'. Older readers will remember him rocking up in his Reliant Robin and who would not recognise that distinctive voice ! Have a good 'retirement' Colin.
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    Sorry pal , by all means if you can dry it out fork it & somehow mark it this morning I will let our groundsmen know you are on your way ! After all Holmans can’t wait to play 20 odd games at three per week like everyone else although we would like a fu—ing pitch to do it on 😡glad I don’t get wound up anymore 😂😂
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    Keith B

    Pirate FM Cornwall Women

    Well done to Culdrose Ladies for keeping going to the end. Hope they can rally for their next game.
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    Martin Day RIP

    Like everyone else I am in total shock at this very sad news, great player and person who will be sadly missed by all. RIP Martin
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    Now there’s common sense 👍