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    Change in League Structure

    I was refering to the big names of Cornish football. After 10 years of peninsula football Saltash and Bodmin still do not have covered standing. Kimberley stadium hasn’t been improved in over 30 years. The clubs are treading water and getting left behind. Maybe step 5 is not a feasible option but clubs should always try to grow and develop themselves, whick in turn might attract more investment. Clubs will now loose their big games against Parkway/Argyle. It just seems as if Cornish football is going backwards.
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    Re: Cancelled Trelawney Cups

    Think all clubs in the trelawney league should email them in support of each other and get the cups reinstated.
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    Re: Cancelled Trelawney Cups

    We, at Perranporth Reserves sent an email asking that the decision be reconsidered and at the very least the reinstatement of the league cups.
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    Must visit SW grounds

    But you can't beat Bickland park rappo ! 👍