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    Bar open from 12.30? That's a long time drinking before the game 😂
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    16. All of the queries that you have can be answered here https://resources.thefa.com/images/ftimages/data/league3983534/18208.docx Rule 18.
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    I am sure sometimes you are on a wind up Si , but if you have played and been involved at a higher level , you should realise how out on a limb cornwall and football is , even though there are more football teams than rugby and cricket it is hard to generate interest and or support in basically a poor county , there are many people,involved at all levels in local football for no gain , but just for putting something back into it . If you have so called connection please feel free to use them so perhaps the FA may invest some money into grass roots football here in Cornwall, money which could help build more 3g pitches help with upgrades to changing facilities , pitches ECT if you are ever about make yourself known I am still involved with Hayle combo at present still doing the line . As for BD I must say he has put a lot of work into grass roots football and I respect that as I do anyone involved with the beautiful game down in here in Cornwall. Oh sorry forgot to say this is my personal opinion and Nothing to due with Hayle AFC , my family my employer or my cat 😁😁😁😁😁
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    Saturday 18th August 2018 - matches

    I can confirm there were , would be truro supporters at bickland park being entertained by an exciting skillful eager cornish based Falmouth team .To there credit Ivybridge werent bad either .We would welcome any Truro Exiles including the legendary Rayvon to our next game at home on wednesday evening to Bodmin Town .Always a feisty and sometimes controversial game . So come on down the futures bright the futures black and amber .👍