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    Sticker Forever

    Sticker 0 Tavistock 8

    Agree with Bob's summing up. Outclassed from start to finish by a good side. I'm sure when Andy and Gary got promoted they would have been realistic and know that steam rollering the West Division does not mean you are going to compete with the likes of Tavi, Bodmin and Parkway who chuck 3 figures a game at players in the Prem. Ridiculous but true. I for one who only support the club occasionally these days am delighted to see what money the club has go into the ground improvements with the stand and floodlights etc. Luckily there's a loyal bunch of boys there that ain't interested in the big 💰 too much. If the likes of Bodmin etc want to throw 50 grand at a season to win about 5 tops that's up to them? Good luck to Parkway to be fair who have ambition to take the promotion if achieved and not remain a big fish in a small pond. Each to their own I suppose but I won't disappear from the forum for 3 weeks cos we've had a few bad results 🤔⚽
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    What a relief, for a moment I thought you meant that the old misery from Bodmin was going on a day trip!
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    Confirmed SWPL 2015-16 transfers

    Ha ha ha this forum is priceless . Every other thread on here going on about the drop in standards and how it's the same old same old every season and yet as soon as a young lad may get a chance ina friendly it's out of order ! You lot make me laugh . don't you think the st Austell supporters would be delighted to see a young lad play in a meaningless game tomorrow and do well saving the club hundreds in the same overpaid recycled rubbish on the circuit ? Absolutely baffles me, you moan that the same players just move clubs every year and then say playing young lads is out of order ! Mental .
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    Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    I think you need to get out more
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    Trelawny League - Saturday Nov 25th 2017

    I have, but it’s a rivalry game so both clubs think that it would be more appropriate to have a neutral official as it complicates things. Managing the side while officiating in such a vital fixture doesn’t sit well with me. i have also offered to officiate another game if ours is, indeed, called off. So don’t worry about me - I’ll be involved in Football one way or another on a Saturday
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    I would just like to say a massive thank you on behalf of st just football Club, to all the helpful people involved at goonhavern football club, when helping out our player scott meagor today in what can only be described as a freak accident. The help he received in the 2&1/2 hours whilst waiting for an ambulance was amazing and as a club we can't thank you enough!! We have just had an update from the hospital and he has a clean break to the tib and fib and he is in a full cast awaiting his operation. 🙏 for a speedy recovery!
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    Yeah pleasure for you Dave just give me a shout mate 👍 On the pen subject I think if a player has made an honest attempt to block the shot and its hit his hand and the ref deems it a penalty then a pen and a yellow if you have to is punishment enough I think and common sense refereeing. If a defender dives full stretch across his goal line and tips a goal bound shot over the bar then that to me is a red card and a pen. Think the refs shouldn’t have the pressure of the laws rammed down their throat so much. I think the best refs I’ve come across over the last 40 odd seasons in football are ones that you can talk to and use common sense. Just an opinion really. Still shocked ABBA caused all that trouble yesterday though! Benny was a right nutter apparently!!! 😂
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    Back to football Well done to guy and the lads at Redruth United res. On your first win of the season
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    Best and worse showers in Cornwall

    Halstetown when they changed and played at the pub , pitch great slope showers , copper tube with holes punched in it , Marazion you could get a nice tingle from one of the pipes , Shirehorse no showers changed in an old barn with leaking roof , Rosudgeon do they still have the meters that take 20p ? Heamoor bone valley horse trough , Gulval , Badgers cross no showers but a lovely big puddle near the changing rooms when it rained , did see a player dragged through this as the team thought he came off the pitch looking to clean , pitch at Tuckingmill , behind church no showers as someone stole the copper pipe , Cubert changed in the community hall, over the hedge to play no showers , Cury did they have showers ? I know a blast from the past with some of these clubs now finished but we didn't care about going back to your opponents pub for drinks and a bite to eat refreshed from a shower you went home after and had a good soak in the bath , well some did some when out on the lash with out going home , old school I know but bloody good fun , Hardly any clubs had a clubhouse and most were attached to a pub who provided food and most away teams came back win lose or draw and you all mixed after the game what happened on the pitch stayed there .
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    ECPL St Blazey v Plymouth Parkway

    The return fixture is scheduled for Saturday 18th November - The Parkway lads have had a whip round and had a pennant made especially for the lad that got injured last week.
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    Uwdi Krugg


    Thankful we had a game to watch at all today with all the incessant rain. Wishing no disrespect I cannot go along with various comments that this was a poor game. The officials took a lot of stick both pitch-side and on social media. Lets be perfectly honest, both clubs under the experienced tactical leadership of Mr Hobbs and Mr Gilbert will both be totally clued up on how to milk any given situation. Would you like to referee two sides who continually shout, crowd, scream and flop on the floor ? I wouldn't. Both clubs can play top class non league football, if they'd stuck to the football we would have avoided the stop-start inquests and all the negativity. Putting things in perspective it was still a bloody good football match and a fine credit to the SWPL. I certainly enjoyed it anyway. Parkway are good this season there is no doubting that but Bodmin could so easily have took the spoils here. The absolute game breaker was when Bodmin , down to 10 men for an undeserved sending off broke forward in the second half, they were still 1-2 up at this stage intricate deft passing in the Parkway 18 yard area gave Adam Carter a nailed on open goal to put Bodmin Town1-3 up and probably out of sight... unfortunately for Mr Gilbert the so called tap in from Hit Man Carter hit the post. Parkway immediately stormed up the pitch on a vast wave of relief and duly equalised. In a nutshell, game over. Bodmin visibly drained despite the shouts from Jake Ash that "we'll still get chances". Parkway increased the lead and a few toys went out the pram from the Bodmin bench, possibly justified, possibly not? Mr Gilbert got into a ding-dong argument with Ex Bodmin now Parkway keeper Kyle Moore which Ex Bodmin now Parkway wing back Sam Hillson intervened upon, he received the same short colourful shrift from the Bodmin boss as his keeper had. The game all ended rather ugly which was a shame as there had been some really good football put on from these two classy SWPL sides. A competitive good quality FA Vase tie. They're probably the best of mates back in the bar.
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    Sounds like gilby can give it out but not take it back.
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    We Two

    Sticker F.C.

    Congratulations to Sticker football club who have hugely contributed to yet another successful charity weekend in July, where £9,000 was raised for three very grateful charities, as reported in the St Austell Voice this week. Well done to all at the club !!!
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    FA Cup

    The TISA Boys were a bit better organised than that. We left Truro at 06.15 up the 303 with a stop off at Popham Airfield for a full English (highly recommended) then on to the Rose of Denmark by 12.30 an old fashion boozer 5 minutes walk from the ground where we met up with the Exiles and mingled with the very friendly Charlton supporters. The landlord was very grateful of our custom and let us leave our minibus in his carpark free of charge. After a few pints of London Pride and watching the Spurs Palace game, (didn't see SS anywhere) we decended onto the ground 15 minutes before the ko. I was suprised to see so many supporters several of them wearing London Cornish shirts. The atmosphere was fantastastic and although Truro did not deserve to win but on another day could easily have come away with a replay. After celebrating with the players behind the goal after the game even though we lost then it was back to the minibus down the 303 again to the Groom and Jockey at Hevitree Exeter for some food Curry/Chinese and a couple more pint, arriving back in Truro approx 12.30. A memorable day which will long last in the memory.
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    I've changed my opinion of him big time. He is doing more for Cornish football than most on here who love to give a little dig or have a moan.
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    Yeah I think I said I went to the game, so yeah I was actually there. Just my opinion Gareth Davies. I don’t really obviously know much about local football and bow to your greater knowledge by the sounds of it! Could have swore I saw Bodmin hit the post a couple times as well but sounds like they were outplayed! Maybe that bit was when I was getting a cup of tea? I’ll just have to look forward to hearing about Parkway beating Bodmin about 6 or 7-0 then by the sounds of it? Shame I was going to go thinking it might be a close game but might not bother now seeing Bodmin are that bad and Parkway that good.
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    Please let it be known that no members Royal Family endorse any posts made on the Cornish Soccer Forum by the pseudonym "Leedsunited". Her Royal Majesty would like to express the opinion that he is nothing more than "a trouble-making twerp".
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    Cornwall Senior Cup

    Lets be honest all games are away for your players
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    FA Cup

    no i will not calm down , this will be better than flambards , and thats usually the best day of the week
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    A good win for exiles today. Never an easy place to go to get a result. BUT. Insulting Probus players and management like you have is pretty sad. This forum is for results and the game description. You should keep the insults to yourself number 6 and not air it on this forum. You only make yourself and your club look poor. Good luck in the next round.