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    Regardless if it rains or doesn’t rain big al, we looked at our pitch yesterday and it wasn’t in good condition after the recent weather. With the risk of another back log of league fixtures, for both clubs, and looking at Saturdays weather forecast, it only seemed logic to get the game played, whilst it’s dry and before another day of torrential downpours effect yet another Saturday. I’d like to say it’s a little bit of common sense used by both clubs. !
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    Where do you start! The game itself was played in great spirits and was end to end, with some fantastic finishing, in my opinion. It was a roller-coaster of emotions, Perranwell making it 3-3 with roughly 10 or so to go, only for Gavin Boon to make it 4-3, less than 60 seconds later. The game was strange for me, as I made two substitute appearances. But all of this is irrelevant, given the events of the 86th minute. Following two players going for the ball in a strong but fair challenge, we heard a crack which we thought was shinpad on shinpad, but unfortunately it wasn't. And in a very calm almost blasé fashion, young Chris Jones asked our linesman to call an ambulance as he'd broken his leg and to be fair, his diagnosis was spot on! I take my hat off to the guy as he sat on the pitch and dealt with the incident so calmly. I ran over to his side of the pitch and the fantastic players and management of both sides were supporting his leg, and once I'd cut his sock and boot off, to assess the injury and check for circulation, the injury was pretty obvious. We all did our best to stabilise Chris, keep him warm and prevent any further complications, especially with circulation and infection amongst other things. Before the ambulance arrived, which I must say was fairly swift & they deserve a whole lot of credit, as they've been getting a hammering in the press recently! As expected, he's off to derriford for surgery and I would like to wish him a speedy recovery. On another note, I love football as much as the next guy and we all get carried away with our passion, rivalries & desire to win, but today puts it into perspective and everything was put to one side as two teams worked as one, to help a fellow footballer 👏
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    early kick off

    Bring kick offs to Thursdays ....it always seems to rain on Fridays and Saturday mornings.!!!!!!!! And not just rain ...it is always a deluge !!!!!!!!!!
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    Tommy Matthews

    Cornish national team?

    We can't get players to go from Penzance to Plymouth for a match because of other commitments so what chance a European match? I spoke to one lad a couple of years ago who had just got into the Penryn first team but wasn't sure if he'd be playing on the Saturday as they were in Perranporth and that was a bit far!
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    Many Football League clubs now have pitches where any soil is a long way below the grass and has excellent drainage incorporated into it. Layers of sand are topped by a synthetic, elastic, fiberous rootzone and the grass "carpet" is up to 25% artificial. Water just runs straight through it and into the drainage system. They even water the pitches before the games and at half time! If players did "sliding on knees" goal celebrations on our pitches at present, they'd end up with a bow wave of mud!
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    Penryn A.F.C. v Penwith Exiles; ko. 2p.m. With the weather being unsettled, the decision was sensibly made to play the fixture on the 3g at Penryn College. We would like to thank the college for their help, in this, and they have asked we adhere to their requests, no smoking, etc., in or around the premises. All are welcome, and the Clubhouse, will be open as usual after the match.
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    Cracking Local Derby

    Best refereeing I've seen in a lifetime, certainly let the players get on with it with some genuine challenges on show. Back to the old days of real football that was for me. Good to see A LOT of old Penryn players in BOTH sides ....more of a Penfal team methinks.......with a very good time in the bar afterwards. Thanks to both sides and George Patterson for giving me a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon with a draw the fair result.
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    Well said Windmill - I get fed up with people moaning about traveling. If you don't want to travel to away games - exempt yourself Sijames. I get the point about away evening fixtures, especially if the home team don't have floodlights - in those cases there's no hope of a later kick off time. However, what goes round comes around when it comes to draws and fixtures and yes, it's impossible for some players to get time off from work. It's always been this way - we have to take the rough with the smooth. Admittedly there's nothing worse than arriving for an evening game and finding out that you've only got nine players and no subs but, we just have to get on with it.
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    Fair play to Parkway, looked like they were still trying to play a short passing possession game against a strong Tavi team even though the pitch was wrecked from the highlights. Couple of good goals as well 👍 Be worthy champions I reckon if they go on to win it. I would go and watch them in the Western League without doubt. Something a bit different ain’t it. Good luck to the club. 👏🏼
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    Matches postponed 13/1/18

    A bit of credit due to the much maligned Madron then. Given the season they are having would have been easy to stick to a 2:30 kick off and try and avoid the game. Fair play to them and Troon for getting a game on in horrendous conditions.
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    £20 donated. It is important we have a voice for Cornish football and this is somewhere we can all get and give information and hear others views. Long may it continue
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    Games cancelled this weekend

    I'm guessing they let the away team know it was off early so that players could do something else with thier saturday. They then waited until 12 noon on Saturday to let the league, ref, the dog down the road, the 900 people on here who always seem to put them down and everyone else they where ment to inform know the game was off. I've no doubt if they had called it off officially at 10am on the Saturday they would of been moaned at for calling it off too early as the weather can change a lot in 4 1/2 hours. I think the guys are trying thier best to do every thing right and just getting moaned at for it. Maybe next week give them a break 😀
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    Paying Players

    While at Tavi some 10 years ago i was getting £50 a game, Falmouth offered £70 then Tavi gave me £80 a game to stay!! Not once did i ask for these amounts but being totally honest i didn't turn it down either. Paying players is and was and will be part football at this standard!!
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    Pleased to have made a modest contribution, better that than be bombarded with adverts/pop-ups or emails from all corners of the earth. Just wondering though, could I have paid more and had a bullshit filter ??
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    Plenty of parking down Malpas.
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    Games cancelled this weekend

    Wind your neck In......all relevant people and clubs have been informed of the Madron cancellation. Madron may have been a little slack recently but they have the right people helping out now, so before having a go look out of your window at this glorious weather and realise you have more priorities in life to slate clubs that may be struggling behind closed doors. If you have some spare time then why not be proactive and see if clubs in your areas need a hand rather than kicking clubs when they are having a tough time.....
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    The first casualty of consistency is common sense
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    El Nino


    Herald...local football....arse.....elbow.
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    Tributes to Trevor Mewton

    Yesterday the great and the good of Cornish football turned out in style to pay tribute to Trevor Mewton. Here is a quick, almost raw early flavour of some of the many tributes paid to and anecdotes shared at Trevor Mewton's wake yesterday afternoon. @Cornishfootball was the interviewer https:// Extended youtu.be/FSSPVmNo2U8
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    Paying Players

    Ridiculous at this level, even the clubs who are geographically wayyy out the way seem to pay silly amounts yet don't take promotion. What's the point? Say they pay on average £30 a player, which is considerably lower than most do in the swpl. Probably talking £10,000 a season! Yet only get a couple of grand for winning the league etc, turn down promotion, and watch facilities decline whilst all of this is going on!!??? Madness.
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    Soccer Follower


    I would just like to wish all football players,referees,administrators,supporters and volunteers a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.May you get all you wish for in the New Year and stay healthy.
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    Falmouth v Godolphin

    Thats because you never watch Falmouth play!!!
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    By spending millions of pounds on the best technology and a team of about ten groundsmen unlike our local sides who may be able to afford to buy some grass seed in the close season to be sown by maybe two or three volunteers if you are lucky.
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    Premier League Football Contracts.

    The people to blame are me (and probably most of you) who buy sports packages from TV companies. If we didn't watch, they wouldn't have a worthwhile product. So much money sloshing around in the game, it has to go somewhere so I don't see why the stars shouldn't have a good wedge. If they choose to use agents, so what. Bubble about to burst? Maybe, when they overkill it by showing the majority of PL games on TV at all hours from Friday night to Monday night.
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    Just made it a round figure of £850 - keep it going!
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    Pretty good stuff I think there, a few of those games needed to be played in wellies !!!!! I liked the trap, turn and shoot from the number 9 myself.
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    Now for something different

    Not sure why you think this is cringe Hety.. This is filmed, edited and produced by a media student from the local uni..before passing judgement check out his other work on YouTube, I think you'll be impressed. Not sure you will find this level of coverage in any other local league football..but I stand to be corrected.
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    If they were still in the cup then maybe! But they aren’t in it.
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    Great viewing at St Day & watch the wests best hope of winning 👍🏻
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    Forum To Shut Down Next Month

    Well done guys - looks like the forum is safe (for a year). Congrats to the 59 who put their hand in their pockets.
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    After the CCFA odered the match to be played on Saturday it appears the two clubs used inititiave and commonsense to reverse the fixture and play on Friday night-credit to Bodmin & st.Dennis
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    Not going to give both clubs and CCFA credit for getting a game on?
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    El Nino


    Both teams with regular starters missing. When taking into consideration the conditions the game was a credit to both sides. Krac's goal was an absolute gem....watch out for the video.
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    Forum Appeal

    Let's dig deep folks - if you're like me, it's the first website I check in the morning and the last one at night! What's that TESCO hookline - 'every little helps'!
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    Forum To Shut Down Next Month

    More than vital to me for information when on holiday and also to keep a eye on Non League Cornish football whilst Im up here in rainy Mansfield..More than delighted to chuck in a tenner..see you at Easter folks when down for 2 weeks
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    You should have no problem joining them then .
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    Forum To Shut Down Next Month

    Come on gents, remember the hours of enjoyment we’ve all had out of the forum over the years! Let’s keep it going!!! What can you get for a fiver or a tenner these days eh!? ⚽️👍
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    Combo league title

    Good luck from me and credit for giving it a go , good team you have and play some very good football , it just proves that the combo league has improved over the last two to three seasons and clubs are willing to seek promotion and try to pit their skills at the next level . Just look at Ludgvan and Wendron both doing well in the Swpl .
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    Pelynt 2 Callington 3 really enjoyable game to officiate , glad to get back to running around on a Saturday after a long lay off due to bad weather. I posting this to say well done to all at Pelynt who worked really hard to get this game played , the pitch was so good you could play another game this week end on it quite easily , Good luck to both teams for the rest of the season. Ian
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    Forum To Shut Down Next Month

    Being non-active now I rely on this Forum to keep in the loop. Only too pleased to contribute.
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    Game on at Bickland Park !
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    surely common sense would be to cancel one game, as playing could effect the next handful of games if the pitch is wrecked?
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    Why don’t you contact Mousehole directly if you’re eager to know? I believe contact details are on the site? Or are you trying to achieve something else by posting it on the forum? Good idea from me, interesting way to get younger players in, seemingly without financial incentives.
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    GET A GRIP CTB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The jealousy you have for Mousehole is glaringly obvious for all to see, you are looking like a schoolboy who was picked last and then decides not to pay at all, and probably take the ball home also as that was yours! i havent seen many (or any) questions regarding Penzance AFC and their finances recently, so i'll ask the question and expect you to answer it just like you have expected someone to answer yours:- how much does it cost to field a team on saturdays, not necessarily financed by the club, but a sponsor or 'backer', just a rough figure please? do you feel the way players were transferred form, Mousehole to Penzance recently was done above board?
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    Maybe a blinkered view by CTB. I am sure that if the banter was that bad Mr Reid would have dealt with it, he is a Referees Instructor and should set an example. If Penzance are not happy with his performance then mark him accordingly and put a report in. Stop whinging because Pz were beaten by the better team.
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    SSB v Polperro probably the only game with a chance, can’t wait for the 10mm of rain and 50mph winds 😂
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    Soccer Follower


    Theolderigetthebetteriwas is the biggest name down here.lol
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    Great game too watch , big 638 crowd too . A huge flag placed behind the goal saying "Silenced By The Lambs" hmmmm. Hard fought game by both teams , a credit too this league. Next stop Bodmin at home , oohh toughie that one. Well done Lee and the lads. Cmon Parkway. Well done Gaz for getting the pitch on.