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    Big Al life is short my friend. Cheer up as tomorrow is guaranteed for nobody. It would be great to get you along to a couple of games to see how our young lads are working their socks off week in week out to get Falmouth back on the map with a whole team that live within or close proximity of the town. Not normally the case for many previous Falmouth teams, The negativity is quite baffling, and in the spirit of life being short their will be a paid ticket on the kiosk for you and a friend and a taxi to and from your home. Compliments of myself. All the best Milch
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    SWPL - Wednesday 4 April 2018

    The daftest being the one who picks on a dog to get a bite out of a nice bloke who just enjoys watching local football 🤨
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    I was at the game and i knew the ref would get all the blame apart from the Josh Robins one he got all the rest right how do expect refs to be able to do there job when every tackle he is surrounded by both teams demanding cards the players should take the blame this was meant to be a game between the best two teams in the league and it turned into a farce not because of the ref but because of the players attitude
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    SWPL - Monday 9 April 2018

    Wheres Leeds United with his excuse for his Bodmin team losing hes quick Enough to slag other teams off all the time but when hiis team Bodmin loses he goes into hiding Maybe someone had a wild dog at Priory Park and put the Bodmin players off or maybe they where beaten by a better team bound to be some Excuse from Leeds anout there defeat
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    Colin Penhowood

    Yesterday I worked for possibly the last time with my colleague and friend Colin Penhorwood. On the way to the match he informed me that this is his last season as a referee, he explained his reasons why , which I will not go into.Colin and I have worked together over many seasons and at many levels , he has been my assistant , we have assisted together and I even had to assist Colin , yesterday he completed the whole collection and was my 4 th official.This is Colin’s 34 th season as an official and I’m sure that like with me he will leave quite an impression on a lot of players , manager and match officials. When working with Colin we have had some great laughs and times , from being reported for laughing to loud before a match to having him run the line for me dressed in a sweat shirt , waterproof jacket hat and gloves all squeezed under his referee shirt, and a strange selection on brightly coloured boxer shorts,but this was Colin all over someone who really enjoyed what he was doing , and maybe putting a smile on a lot of peoples faces. All I can say is that working with Colin has been a total and absolute pleasure, but more than that a honour not just to have worked along side him but to know such a good bloke and call him my friend. So Col when you blow that final whistle in your final game at the end of this season, i for one will miss working with . So all I can say is ( and Colin will understand this comment) “ WELL THATS THAT THEN “ . Enjoy your retirement Col.
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    middle mans mate

    Callington Town FC

    Callington Town FC have today passed the required ground grading for the SWPL, we are now eligible for entry into the FA vase. Thanks for all the hard work for those involved with the club.
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    If the club can't find you one you can have mine, that's the least I can do for someone making that kind of effort. Tommy
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    Cracking game , two good sides going toe to toe , great advert for local football , at £5 Town are giving real value for money , get along there and suoport your local club !
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    Cracking game to play in had it all. Big thanks to hayle what a lovely pitch and set up. Wendron very good side and in my opinion either team could argue they deserved it but I'm glad it was us. Sore legs this morning all the best to wendron for their promotion push
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    Royal Par to be investigated

    Royal Par are to be investigated by the Vets league after not only scoring but actually winning a game. The anomaly was flagged up after the league committee noticed Royal Par scored more goals in one game than they had in the previous 10 seasons. A spokesman for the league noted as sure as Xmas Day falls on December the 25th Royal Par losing is basically a given before later adding you get less presents on Xmas day compared to the Royal Par defence. Whilst we would have originally overlooked the result and even the number of goals scored the fact that manager Cameron Hague made the school boy error of texting the result 3 weeks ago suggested something was amiss. Royal Par 6 Kernow Wanderers 1 Scorers Lionel Messi 2 George Best 1 John Wark 1 David Holley 79
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    Haha didn’t think you would have Ross! Seriously though I go to Scotland( Glasgow) three times a year (East Kilbride) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿. I could always throw something through your door or post it while I’m up if you want some Town stuff that’s not available on the day? Myself and Tommy played for the club back in the day and I can tell you there’s no other club like it in Cornwall and Bickland Park has had some fantastic players on that pitch over the last 60 odd years. Charlie and Mike are top blokes who will look after you and you’re getting a scarf off a proper Town legend I can tell you Ross! Hope you have a great time even if my Scottish side of the family are Tim’s and not current buns!! (Ross will know what I mean)!! 👍⚽️
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    Very good turn out from the parkway supporters 👏 looking forward to the away trip already
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    The Falmouth boys put on a cracking display today and we had to dig really deep to hold on but hang on we did. A great advert for SWPL football.
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    Thanks for your gracious comments bald one .This season the lads have proved the critics and one in particular wrong and we're already looking forward to next season with anticipation .👍
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    The number 11 is olly walker and the number 6 is jack webber the two youngest players on the pitch , who both are in the county u18 squad.I thought Falmouth were very unlucky not to come away with something today,two very good footballing sides well worth the entry fee. The future looks bright for Falmouth’s young side!
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    Fudge, I think you owe several people your apologies, I was the ref who was asked to inspect the pitch which I did and at 09.30 both goalmouths were full of standing water, also I deemed about 70% of the remainder of the pitch was totally waterlogged plus it was still raining. There was no chance of a game of football being played on that pitch, therefore I had no alternative but to call off the game. St Agnes thirds followed the correct protocols in the decision to call off the game, it was my decision and no one else had any input to that.
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    Bait the hook ! Cast the line ! Wait a while ! Watch the float bobbing on the surface !Wait a little longer then whoosh ! The pray has taken the bait ! 👍🤣🤣🤣
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    Consider this --Plymstock have to go to St.Dennis for a 6.30 Kick Off. Will they moan?-of course they won't. Callington to play a 1/4 Cup tie - Plymstock to play in a meaningless League game with nothing at stake. Callington to Looe - 20 miles Plymstock to St.Dennis AT LEAST 60 MILES !! This ridiculous end of season situation makes for Clubs to put in that bit of extra effort-if they are keen enough!
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    silly billy

    SWPL - Wednesday 4 April 2018

    Leeds United. Youve sunk to new depths. You'll go down in history as the only person on here who tries to belittle a dog 🤔
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    Let both finalists finish their league fixtures which at the moment need to be done by weekend of the 5th May. Put the final the following weekend Saturday 12th May and it could act as a good finale to the season. I’m sure the game will attract a much bigger crowd then a rainy/cold Easter Monday.
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    Holmans 4 - 1 Carharrack Holmans scorers - Adam Selley (29), Darren Davey, (18) Lewis Goldsworthy (17) and Connor Catterall (16). Actual order of goals and in descending age. Great win for us obviously. We applied ourselves from the first minute and learnt from our mistakes last week at Hayle which is the most pleasing thing. A young and inexperienced starting team really showed great spirit. Carharrack did pepper our goal in the opening exchanges but we rode it out and took a 1-0 lead into the break. The game did degenerate a lot in the second half but experienced ref Dave Dobson never waned and took full control. Dobson issued several yellows and 2 reds with one being a straight red. Great reward for our manager Jeremy Paul and all of the players, Jez always says the right things to the lads and knows how to get the most out of them. We've had a pretty hard time of it this year with our first manager leaving early on and things didn't look good at all. To put it into context the reverse fixture earlier in the season finished something like 12-0 to Carharrack. We've been slowly improving under Jeremy's lead and to get a result like this against a side of Carharrack's quality is a huge reward for our perseverance. Moving forward though we need to realize this is just one game and we need to keep fighting against the teams around us to maintain our position in this league. We still have a lot to work on and if we keep the management and squad together I can only see us improving and finishing the season strong.
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    We hosted a semi and got slated for playing our own team on the pitch the day before ....funny old world when we were only helping out.
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    SWPL & Cup - Wednesday March 21 2018

    Congratulations to Falmouth, I was in the dugout last night as Ash got stuck at work till half time, I feel that the game over 90mins could of easily swung either way, unfortunately we (theG) just didnt get are foot on the ball in the middle of the park and control the tempo, that in my opinion was the key to winning the game last night. In the end Falmouth looked fitter and ate up the minutes better, a hard pill to swallow but I wish all the lads and management team at Falmouth all the best in the final! Good Luck!
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    Danny O

    Camelford v Newquay now Monday the 9th

    Well done to camelford 👍 but need to say sorry to our staff and fans for our display tonight simply wasn’t good enough!! Not going to use the excuse we had players missing we had 11 v 11 on the pitch and they wanted it more!! The gaffer could of taken off 7 out of the 11 on the pitch if he had the chance only 4 could hold there heads up after the game!! Hope this is only a one off!! Going to be a long week after this result! Just hope it hurts the rest of the lads as much as it hurts me!!
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    SWPL - Saturday 24 March 2018

    No its not a misprint PARKWAY won 11-0 they where brilliant men against boys this afternoon a real masterclass of football was like watching Real MADRID they where awesome they could of doubled the score Glynn Hobbs what a player and he got yet another hat trick but the whole Parkway team where awesome they simply tore the G apart from the 1st whistle the G JUST COULDNT cope with them no one could of on that form thats why they are worthy champions elect Well done Parkway ,Met Baldy this afternoon and had a nice chat really nice bloke and what a team he has got to follow hard luck G u was just outclassed by a superior team . My man of the match for Parkway the whole team couldnt just pick1 player they where all really good for the G Hard 1 ok Ethen Fern for only letting in 11 . Well done LEE HOBBS and your magnificent team me and Smokie really where entertained this afternoon the football was amazing to watch