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    Like the new badge!! 👍. Glad the cathedral is back in, got to have that!! Always reminds me of home as I’m sure it does for any Truro boy. Promoting the Cornwall flag as well spot on when City are travelling all over the south of England 👍 Still not sure what a tiger has got to do with Truro though!?! 13 mile trek from Newquay zoo!! 😀 Think the club should “paws” on that one! 😂
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    Promotions / Relegations

    At St Erme we found ourselves getting promoted from 6th a couple of seasons back and yes wasn't ideal nor is it a choice ideally we would've taken, and although divison 3 is a tough league to be in we've enjoyed playing against decent sides week in and week out. The last two season have been very tough don't get me wrong and this season we really struggled and thought we would be going down but a run of being unbeaten in 5 at the end of the season and some teams losing points has seen us stay in the league and we were delighted with the fact that we stayed up. If you want to progress as a club and a player then getting promoted when you least expect sometimes can work in your favour as you have to up your game rather than stay in the comfort zone, so my advice is what will be will be and just embrace change - the leagues are definitely balancing up after a few seasons and things take time. As long as we all have a team to play come a Saturday afternoon then I think most of us will be delighted...……..it sure as hell beats shopping and doing house chores! 😀
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    We can't magic up players and volunteers, which is why these teams are folding. As a league, we are working with clubs to help secure funding, to set up committees to provide some stability and help all we can with stiff such as administration etc. We are extremely limited to what we can do. I work closely with Scooby and the CFA when I hear a club is struggling - what you don't hear very often is how many clubs we actually save with our intervention. That's because we don't want to make a song and dance about it. One of the youth teams in questions has no senior (open aged) teams at the club, this will be the first of their men's team. They have a very good youth system and are obviously looking to expand. Why train up so many youngsters over a number of years only for them to go and play for another club? It's a no brainer. With regards to playing for a particular manager, I was the same. I played under the same manager for four season before I signed on for Wendron. It's about friend circles more than anything. I know you're not having a pop at me or the league - I just don't want people getting the impression that we are sitting on our arse letting teams fold. When Chacewater, Trispen, Mabe and Marazion folded last season, we tried getting these teams into out Flexi league just so they kept playing and didn't fold as a club. There's alot that myself and scooby try and do in the background to prevent teams from collapsing. The only thing is, we can only help the teams that want it, ask for it and are willing to work hard to survive. I personally joined the committee to bring a change to the league. Unfortunately things can't change overnight, however much I really want them too. We will see a plateau soon and hopefully things will get better. It takes time though. We just need some stability.
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    V J will always be there! A legend and part of the Gala Parc furniture. Loyal volunteers like him are few and far between nowadays.
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    Could have gone for Tigers in Truro ...or TiTs for short.
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    Made me smile with that ...lol Involved heavily with another club, so, trustee, supporter and gobshite if you like ...lol Don't know I've ever said anything too bad about Godolphin, rather queried on a few occasions that payments were being made when being strenuously denied at the time !!!! You said "if you can get the balance right" I merely asked if you were referring to the budget, obviously a touchy subject .....never mind.
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    just meant i do not recall other managers coming on here and discussing what their budget is and if they can offer a certain amount per game . should not matter if you can only pay 5 pound to be honest
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    Don't think anyone should worry about Bodmin this season, but we still have big news to look forward to
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    Sorry mattelot did'nt realise they don't have any goalies in Mongolia.
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    Not sure if I can remember the last time I saw a tiger in Truro, may have been when L2 was still open?
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    Have they got the date right with 1889? Should it not be 2005
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    Bd there is no easy fix for teams folding , and it will level out eventually from my playing days in the old west penwith league the only teams left are in no order are St,Buryan , St.just , Ludgvan St, Ives and recently Penzance reserves , mousehole and Pendeen , Madron . And this was from two leagues , which those in the Amor shield were either a reserve side or third team . Is interest fading yes , volunteers are either getting older or get fed up being taken for granted , work new sports and families are making demands on people , there are plenty of reasons for lack of interest in the modern game . Us old boys wouldn't take a weekend off for a stag do and most got married in the off season , Xmas shopping on a match day....whats that about , society has changed there is less money about employers don't pay for time off through a sports injury more self employed . Hats off to all that are involved at any level of local football , it isnt easy , been there done that got the T shirt , it would be great if it picked up but sadly in my own personal opinion it will get worse before it levels out . It is just not football , Rugby , cricket Darts and snooker teams are folding even euchre teams .
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    Yes Ivan is still with St.Day, Just with the Reserves now.😉
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    This rate be like 12,13 teams, would any team be promoted to Prem due to Pensilva pulling out, shame as they’ve done magnificent last few seasons for a small village club.
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    Steve Carpenter


    Repeat substitutions has worked well both in local leagues and leagues nationally. From next season it will be permitted in all leagues at Step 7 and below.
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    Rob meant as an example , I think you will find when first brought in many were sceptical about how long it would take for changes but it hasn't slowed the game down if you are so against it the club's need to say No , but in my personal opinion it works , if your league agrees to it and you don't like the idea there is nothing stopping you from using your subs as normal or as your manager sees fit , a plus side is you can give younger players a feel for the adult game but if they are getting pushed around a bit you can take them off and get a chance to talk to them and bring them on later , but it is your league you get to decide , opinions is what keeps football alive .
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    I Have decided tonight (friday 8th june) to stop refereeing in the ecpl and duchy league next season.. i have loved every single minute of being on the pitches for the last 6 years. been a real pleasure to have been in the leagues of cornwall. i want to mention 2 people Paul murphy for all his hard work and appointing me to some cracking games THANK YOU And mike murray tough job you do and greatful for your advice. But Thank you to all i have known over the last few years..been a honour .. good luck for next season. referees and teams.. one last thing.. Never Say Never Smiffy The Ref..
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    rob brown


    I personally don’t like the idea. As for a player getting ‘over enthusiastic’ if he gets wound up that much on the pitch he needs to come off to cool down for his and other players own safety he has some serious issues and shouldn’t be on the pitch anyway and the manager should let him get sent, or drag him.
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    It's good to hear about clubs with ambitions. So - best wishes to Mousehole for the future and, with all their ambitions. Best wishes too, to Penzance - a great football club. Personally I don't like to hear of clubs amalgamating. A town or village football club has history and an identity of its own. To rob it of that, renders its history irrelevant and that would be sad.
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    The Way Too Early Transfer Rumour Thread

    This year the G do have a different budget, and in terms of players coming to the G I would know as I’m managing them next season! We have already made some key signings however we will not making everyone aware of them at this point! But I am able to pay more than £40 if I wish. Should by tights be a great season for us if I can get the balance right!
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    Ha ha. The G dont pay anyone £40 a game and why would Zak Roberts take a pay cut as he is on more at Newquay. Newquay have a good budget but we're not prepared to pay a 42 year old £80 a game. All the talk of no budget is nonsence just spending it wisely. U can get 2 decent youngsters for £80. Dan Jennings to Port?? Long way for someone that doesn't drive and who has been offered big money elsewhere😉😉
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    We emailed the league thanking them for allowing us to play in the league. Great honour winning the SWAZ cup and representing the league. Committee have been superb in particular Mike Murray who has been one the best individuals I have met in football (I’m sure many will agree). In terms why we have left, we wasn’t guaranteed promotion and that was problematic with the first team on paper becoming the second team behind P and D as we entered team in Premier Divison for next season. We could not wait till the vote at the AGM so we had to make the decision to go back P and D and play Premier division. The club want to also try and progress through the levels again that swayed our decision as on paper we are moving up a step closer as well. The rumour of dropping divisions is absurd, anyone who has played against our team I’m sure will agree we are a competitive young side trying to go as high as we can. I’d like to thank the hospitality of clubs we’ve visited this and officials this season they been good on the whole. Met some good people like Dave Witts from St Minver who I’m sure I’ll keep in touch with. Maybe the club will be represented in the league in the future, but I wish you all the very best and see you many of you at AGM. Many Thanks, Brad Gargett
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    Do any clubs have a home town team these days from grassroots to Professional? look at top 10 in Combination, how many of these teams have players who live in same village, town, city?? More likely in bigger catchment areas like Falmouth, Truro, Bodmin, Plymouth.....but think anyone who thinks local football is “play for the team where you live”, these days are deluded 🤔 next season with a potential Cornwall league there will be even more travel and player movement away from home roots. living in Cornwall and playing for a club withthin a 20 mile radius is nothing these days 🚘 i for one am not worried where players come from as long as I can go to games and watch good football ⚽️⚽️⚽️
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    You could be right about that and perhaps the Club could be better at promoting itself but the priority is to concentrate on the development and welfare of those who have chosen to be playing at Penzance. Not all will become super-stars but everyone is equally important, regardless of ability.
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    Tottenham Hotspur

    I like it ...not a lot....but I like it ...lol