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    Joe Stone and Lee Whetter, St Stephen through and through so much they play (or substitute) against Torpoint in the Junior Cup Final. Guess St Blazey didn’t have a game that day. At least Torpoint use within their club and not use ringers 🤭
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    Soccer Follower

    Chacewater Football Club

    Chacewater Football Club's Annual General Meeting is to be held next Monday,4th June,at the Recreation Ground pavilion commencing at 7pm. This will be a very important meeting for the club as we need to gauge the interest in raising the club from the ashes of the past season and decide (or not) if we should re-apply to join the Trelawny League. If you are interested in getting involved,we will be able to find a role for you.
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    It's just been agreed that Dammerell has been given the go ahead from the league to play for Foxhole in this evenings Final...
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    Jeff's Telling

    Duchy Four Sat 26th

    Really sorry to read Paul's post, he and a core group of other officials keep the Duchy League running voluntarily, and in my view do much to support the social fabric of Cornwall ( and a bit of Devon) through each year. Always great to read Paul's unbiased match summaries from various grounds and fixtures, I will miss them. Other posters having a go regarding the cup semi final should have a long and serious look at themselves
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    Fat boy, I've forgot more than you know when talking about football and rules, I needed to know eligibility of players and requested this info from the league after all that's what they're there for, we were told the player's eligible and played them, I asked because last week due to the rules, only had 7 players available,the league gave the go ahead when they looked at our final squad, so don't you dare sit there behind your fake profile calling us cheats!I wonder if the individuals at the league are big enough to apologise to tafc for their handling of this. I am now no longer the manager so don't care who I upset but will name the individuals if needed, and one other thing fat boy, for your information or l lack of it, Torpoint is a town not a city.
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    Coady is most definitely not Starman on here,I no who is but it's not for me to say. Well done foxhole on today's win tho,1-0 Martin Gilbert header
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    New St Austell manager

    The Club want to stay (generally) local so this is a good appointment. I don't see a huge list of other suitable candidates! Been at the club for many years and well liked by everyone, players included. Has cut his teeth at Veryan this season - I know that's a completely different level but everyone has to start somewhere. From what I gather Damo was very keen to have the job and that counts for a lot. He'll also work closely with the excellent 2nd team manager who's helping to bring lots of good youngsters through. There's no guarantee of success but good luck to him and whoever will be assisting him.
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    Duchy Knock Out Cup Semi Final tonight (Wed)

    All I know is Curtis Damerell is not up to the standard. Sorry to speak out against my own club but he’s not worth losing a final place over. The lack firepower in general with the lad Brian Robson up front but I can see why they tried.
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    The Town Man


    As a Falmouth Town Fan I am having trouble summoning up any sympathy for Truro's plight. There is a reason why other Cornish clubs (such AS Falmouth) haven't tried to climb the Football ladder and that is because it is UNSUSTAINABLE!! You clearly are not going to be able to afford to remain at this level given the support you get and I am afraid you are only putting off the inevitable. You will be down grubbing around with the rest of us in a few years once all your assets have finally been stripped. This is a pity as from a football point of view you have done really well. (I still wouldn't cross the road to watch you though!!!)
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    Celebrating 20 years Martyn Kimmins x

    Celebrating Kimmo's 20 years in charge at St Agnes AFC Saturday 16th June 2018 A family afternoon of football, fun, friendship and fundraising! There will be 2 fixtures (sanctioned by Cornwall FA) 2pm St Agnes AFC Mixed Up Fixture 3.30pm St Agnes Legends v St Agnes Bolster Veterans 5-8pm Early evening celebration party with Martyn recounting some tales of the last 20 years! (Oh dear!) Donations, raffle & mini-auction Funds split between Merlin MS Centre, The Cove (supporting Prostate Cancer Care) & The Mermaid Centre (Breast Cancer Care) Sports Club Bar Open. Everyone welcome to come along and celebrate his 20 years with him he would love to see players, managers, supporters and anyone else who knows him! Please share with anyone you think we might have missed or who might like to know. Thank you!
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    I very much doubt there will be many Combo sides will want to go up into the new Step 7 League. Only one applied this season. Can you really see clubs down our way wanting to travel all the way to Devon border near Plymouth or Bude. Players just don’t want to travel no more, it takes toll on their families. Just look at what Illogan experienced. Combo is just the right level for village clubs in West Cornwall.
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    Mousehole Fc

    For those unfortunate enough not to have been at Penryn on Friday night. Here's the BOBBLE 😉
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    dave bunt

    Duchy Four Sat 26th

    Simple answer to all those people who hide behind simple answer to all those people who hide behind the security of false names just make it obligatory to use your correct name on this forum. To all officers & committee members of the Duchy League I'm sure you have the full backing of the majority of clubs in our fantastically run league structure. Regsrds Dave Bunt (always have & always will use my correct name on this forum)
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    Mousehole Fc

    So much Jealousy on here, they have obviously got contacts, they are providing some great fixtures for the locals down West, smashing teams most weeks in their respective league, pumped a few teams in the league above (more established clubs) in the cup competitions, & won the Charity Cup 5-0 last week, leave them chase their dream
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    Have just sat and read every comment on here. I can't believe some of the utter rubbish and damn right disgusting comments. The decision has been made. End of ! The rights and wrongs are for The League and the affected teams only. If any of you think you can do a better job than any of the current Committee then you can put yourself forward for Election . Bet no-one will as it is easy to rant on here than actually be proactive. Abusing people from behind a keyboard is for playground bullies. Man up and try your best for your club and stop swiping at others !
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    Congratulations to Perranporth on winning the league and Culdrose & Redruth pulling it out the bag and avoiding the drop. Sadly once again we have flattered to deceive on occasions with a couple of notable wins but sadly over a 38 game season were once again found short and not quite able to get any kind of consistency and drop back into the Trelawny league. Although obviously disappointed we look forward to the new challenge in the competitive Premier league with a young squad and hopefully with a few additions in the summer and some potentially exciting developments concerning the clubhouse and changing rooms we can challenge once more. Thanks to the Combo for welcoming us back 3 years ago and hopefully we may have an opportunity to return at some point but for now I look forward to hopefully getting the Holmans v Illogan Boxing Day Fixture resurrected
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    Duchy Four Sat 26th

    I would like to say it was a pleasure to officiate today's Duchy 4 clash between a well deserved Champion side Porperro and St. Kew. I would also like to add that I know St Kew have had some problems recently but the 10 players who made the effort to travel a play today were a credit to St Kew FC. and once again Porperro were superb hosts and as always what a pleasant and pleasurable afternoon I had. As for Mr Paul Collings I have know him for nearly 20 years if not more , and it really grates at me when such a gentleman is slated by mindless moronic imbeciles on this forum . When will people realise this is not a platform to personally attack individuals , but to inform people about their games and how teams are doing . Or is it easy to hide behind some made up name and slaughter someone' character. Will Paul I for one will be very sorry if you decide to give up your position . As you have always been there for myself and many others . Good luck to you Paul and good luck to both Porperro and St Kew in the future . Ian Spurling.
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    Mate - You need to give it a rest - I thought you said earlier you were no longer the manager so you weren't bothered There are numerous other teams that have only been able to muster seven / eight players in the Duchy League given the insane fixture congestion this season Unlike Torpoint many of them don't have East Cornwall or SWPL players to call on. They have to take it on the chin and take a stuffing You ( not you personally, Torpoint ) have done this so many times you've exhausted any sympathy that the local football community may have for you Some you win, some you lose - This one didn't go your way Shit happens PS - Those league officials that made the **** ups - They're probably the most dedicated, hard working and sportsmanlike people in the County so denigrating them isn't going to help your cause
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    To be talking about hard working VOLUNTEERS like Messrs Newcombe and Collings in the way some of you have is the only “disgrace”’ in all of this. Without those two there will not be a Duchy League, end of. That means no football for you all. Yes, a mistake was made, however, each club still has a responsibility to play within the rules, i.e. with eligible players, and to know who is and isn’t eligible. As a manager and secretary myself I appreciate that is a difficult job, particularly with the way players move between teams at Torpoint, but it is the club’s responsibility to know. There could have been a number of outcomes; replay of the semi, cancellation of the cup, reinstatement of Torpoint or the decision the League reached, and with every one, someone misses out - total no win situation for the league, and one that I know has upset them deeply, but nothing compared to the barrage of crap I’ve read above.
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    Sounds like Torpoint have been well and truely been screwed over from the leagues mistake
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    I’d be embarrassed being torpoint needing a peninsula player to drop down 3/4 leagues to play against a honest village team. Ive just had a boneless banquet and it had more of a spine that Torpoint you cheated deal with it.
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    Holywell & Cubert Athletic 2-7 St Newlyn East The Saints completed their season with a deserved win over neighbours Holywell. Despite making numerous changes throughout the game Newlyn managed to end their season in style - even if their managers of Grigg and Thompson were still demanding more!!!! After the match Newlyn were presented with the Division 1 Trophy by Mr Colin Burrell of the Duchy League. St Newlyn East would like to express their thanks to Mr Burrell who came down from Delabole to present the trophy. He is truly a 'gentleman' of Duchy Football.
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    Why would St Mawgan be embarrassed?? What exactly have they done wrong in all this?? Got beaten by a duchy league side containing peninsula players, one of which played illegally. Oh the shame
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    FatRonaldo, did you play three league games by March 15th?, have you played for a higher ranked team?, are you registered?, is there an R in the month?, are you or have you ever been a member of the Communist Party?, Do You Know the Way to San Jose?, is there a God?, what is the meaning of life?, does my bum look big in this? If you can positively answer each of these questions, you're definitely eligible to play tomorrow.
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    Stewart yetton confirming on Twitter he has signed for plymouth parkway