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    Just for the record and because it has been mentioned on a number of occasions about the “no response from the League”... I refuse to have anything to do with this! I was not at the meeting as I am working in the Middle East; the first I heard about it was when I started getting notifications through on my phone after the post was put on Facebook. I have made my feelings known to a few members of the committee privately; I have also sent an email to the whole of the committee expressing my disapproval of this decision! I understand why the decision has been made but I am of the opinion we could have sorted something out to avoid all of the cups being canned. I refuse to have anything to do with a decision which I have absolutely no control or say over. Usually I’m the one that posts on our Facebook page and on here, I won’t be doing that with regards to this decision. That is why you have heard pretty much nothing from the league. In my opinion, this should have been put to the clubs before a decision was made! As a player, we all want to be playing in Cup games! You can’t beat a cup run and a cup win! Let me reiterate that my comments above are purely my own and have absolutely nothing to do with the League,
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    I agree, if you want to play decent football you’ve got to spend a few hours in a car or coach, was all part of the day for me! A good laugh with the lads, many a good memory. Even the old SWL secretary always fixturing you somewhere up Devon on a bank holiday! Lovely 4 hour trip to Appledore or Clyst Rovers! Bit of a long trip home if you played crap though! Think of the Truro City lads and loyal supporters every away game!!! Just get on with it and play as high a standard as you can 👍⚽️
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    Such a shame that the smoke and mirrors behind the last decade at Truro City still rumble on. The stadium for Cornwall was probably the final opportunity for its remaining beneficiaries to put right the wrongs of a period that has seen a club with longevity and history made homeless in the capital, right underneath the noses of people who have cared for it and acted as guardians over decades. As a neutral, I am not against the S4C if funded corrrectly, but as a man running a Youth Football Club accredited the Charter Standard and a Cricket Club that adheres to Clubmark, the cricketing equivalent; We have to demonstrate sustainability now, not a projected hope for it. Its difficult enough applying for funding from designated pots to provide pipe dreams, but to expect a taxpayers leg up for the biggest facility upgrade of them all would be the biggest slap in the face for every hardworking volunteer who works tirelessly week in and week out simply to keep their respective clubs lights on. But it may happen. It may happen with limited parking so the white elephant that is the park and ride scheme can support match days to artificially boost the stats and prove there was enough demand to decimate an entire valley after all. It may happen to create a gym, fit for those that are able to buy second home, 3 Bed new builds in TR1 for £380k and of course; those extra inhabitants may put pressure on the multi million pound facilities at Truro College so they had better bolt on a classroom and use them as ambassadors to comply with the multi use tick box. It could stage high profile music events to raise extra revenue I hear people say. By competing with and potentially diluting the income from the Eden Sessions, it would seriously harm the long term future of a much more lucrative asset to Cornwall than an empty stadium. An asset that has also received a phenomenal amount of money to keep it evolving that could then disappear overnight at the cost of many jobs. This stadium has a lot to answer for considering 500 football fans may visit every other week. The chap Webb who mysteriously went from being in property maintenance to becoming a purveyor of Truro’s most coveted car park, Heaney himself and all those that rode the donkey whilst it chased the carrot on a string, give yourselves a round of applause for ignoring warnings, history and leaving the taxpayer to finalise your legacy. Imagine the thoughts of all those like Derek Giles and the other contractors who unwittingly donated to the cause. They may now get to make a secondary contribution; enforced philanthropy could be the future! Someone write a book, as otherwise our children’s, children’s children will never believe this actually went on! Thank heavens for The Community right to bid list formed in 2011. Never again will a schiester be able to manipulate clubs with weak infrastructure. 👍
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    Danny O

    SWPL - Saturday Feb 17 2018

    Great result for us today away at Cullompton......had only 12 players then young max had to pull out in the warm up feeling ill so had to play with no sub’s!! But the lads fought hard on a very wet soft pitch and we scored 2 great 2nd and 3rd goals plus young Zak pulling out an amazing save at the score 2-1!! I’m one very proud captain today!! 😊👍⚽️
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    Hi Smiler Our school owned land across the busy main road into Falmouth that we used for for playing fields, but the speed and volume of traffic meant that it was too dangerous to take the students across to play there. Immediately next to our school was the dilapidated remains of the old Budock Hospital which was pretty much the same area as the pitches. We sold our land to a building developer and used the money to purchase the hospital site and develop that area to use as pitches since we'd lost the ones across the road, in line with the requirements of Sport England. It has also allowed us to build the new community sports facility and the grant from the Football Foundation has helped with the new 3G pitch. Essentially we have generated our own funds to pull the project together and no other money is being used. That's it in a nutshell, hope that helps.
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    As a football club that has not played since Boxing Day I for one wanted a game on league agreed Ivybridge agreed officials agreed due to no barriers around Astro supporters had to watch behind the bars as a safety aspect my priority was to get game on the club did not charge I personally went around with bucket to ask for any donations and a huge thanks to all that did as the club lost money playing on Astro 7 goals three points game played job done proper job💙⚽️
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    Stop going on about travelling ffs......if a football match finishes at 445pm in east Devon you can be home in West cornwall at 630/7pm to be with your mates or play x box or go out on the for your sisters cats anniversary.people who harp on about travelling blatantly haven’t played much sport at a higher level....it happens every weekend to some people just chew it and get on with it.....an hour and a half in a car is not the end of the world
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    St Mawgan 1 v 3 Wendron United Firstly, amazing work by the ground staff to get the fixture on. The surface was in great condition all things considered. Wendron went one nil up only for the home side to equalise just before half time, their goal coming from their hugely impressively young central midfielder, Ashley ??? Wendron went 2-1 midway through the second half and sealed the win in injury time with a ‘shot’ (I use the word ‘shot’ loosely) from the edge of their own area which evaded the home keeper to settle into the back of the net. I believe the video is doing the rounds on Facebook? St Mawgan played some great football and Jim Hilton has them set up extremely well. Fully expect them to be challenging for the league title at the end of the season. Best of luck to them! Lovely food after too!
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    All roads lead....

    Many congratulations to Mousehole Fc Hope to see you in the Premier Division next season with all the good things you are doing & visualising for the future, I for one hope you are successful in achieving your objectives.
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    The only stipulation would be - PAY IT BACK WITH INTEREST Benefit Truro ....what about the rest of Cornwall (?) If this white Elephant is going to be built ...it should be in Central Cornwall, not the traffic jam that Truro is.
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    Most cups are at the latter stages what a nightmare if true! Most teams will have nothing to play for now people don't just play football to socialize they play to compete....🙄🙄🙄🙄
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    Cracking game. If Bodmin spent their energy playing instead of moaning and shouting at the ref tbey may have got something out of the game. Karma will bite you in the ass.
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    massive applause and thanks to west cornwall fc for allowing our manager of st ives mariners to officially take charge of the game 2moz pitch and weather permitting.Other clubs should take note.thanks again hope to see you 2moz 👍
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    Exciting times for the Tisa Boys and Girls this weekend which includes a Butlins 70's themed stop over. Where else could you see your favourite football team and the Bay City Rollers all in 24 hours. You can't beat a bit of Shang-a-lang on a Saturday night and a few beers of course.
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    Leeds you only go on about newquay fact!! We had a good start but never got carried away Macca is doing a great job and the target this season was to do better than last which we are......last night was always going to be hard against the Man City of our league but the lads never gave in and think we can hold our heads up high!! Loved playing/ marking my old mate last night always like playing against the best and you don’t get much better! (Even if I can hardly walk today lol) bring on Saturday 😊⚽️
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    Thanks, the pitch was in good condition on Friday night thanks to efforts of our three groundsman especially after the Senior Cup Match a week before home to Carharrack were it cut up badly, but was soon put back together. Without volunteers we don’t have grass roots football!
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    Sometimes you don’t give your fixtures secretary enough credit for getting games in like they do. Come the end of the season and you’ve won the league, shake their hand and say thanks for the part they played.
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    John Mead

    Start the season earlyer

    Global warming!! Pitch repair and renovation - when could this be done if games are played throughout the growing season? I believe the League should dictate when the season and fixtures start - those who share with cricket must then play only away fixtures, which happens in higher leagues! Using the light evenings and 6 or 7 Saturdays during August and September, it should be possible for most clubs to complete 10 fixtures before October - I'm aware that referee availability could be a problem though!
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    Rayvon - I am a fan of Football and especially Cornish football - TCFC are the best of what we have and I wish them every success on and off the pitch - simple fact is they have done absolutely nothing to ‘make’ me a fan - their PR is poor, there is no engagement with locals , no youth set up and virtually no local players - simply being the best in Cornwall does not get you fans - just my view.
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    I must be honest and say that the game I've followed , played and team managed for 65 years now disgusts me . When SKY effectively took over the professional game we were told it would be a whole new world .Well it certainly has done that . To my mind its destroyed British football to such an extent that none of the home nations have decent team . Effectively the premiership and championship are foreign clubs playing in this country . The owners , managers and the majority of players are all foreigners with no real interest in the history of the game . Can you think of any other " sport " that condones cheating , where officials are routinely abused and insulted by the players , where spectators delight in singing foul chants about officials and opposition players . How can the FA allow the wholesale cheating that goes on , the wrestling match during corners and free kick , the diving ( which the many pundits think is permissible because contact is nearly made or " he won a penalty or free kick ) , the deliberate foul to stop an attack ( again permissible according to the pundits in order to break up an attack ) and the constant examination of all the officials decisions . Modern football must be unique in all these respects . We've got managers who constantly criticise officials , if you listen to them you realise that they could never be an official themselves because they seem to miss any offences committed by their own players .. Small wonder that there is a bit of concern within the FA that the 17 to 20 age group are not paying to watch the game , the concern being that in 10 to 15 years spectator numbers will drop dramatically . Spectators themselves are strange people , I watch Norwich City occasionally , as well as Wolves and Ipswich and most of the supporters around me at any of these clubs just sit and moan about the players , the officials and the manager . They never seem happy and I wonder why spend a large part of your income on a season ticket for something you don't enjoy . Everyone of them has a better team selection , everyone is a better official than the ones on the pitch . They've certainly got better eyesight , at a recent Norwich game I was sitting behind a goal in the extreme right of the stand , the ball was played down the left hand side of the pitch roughly in line with the other end penalty area , as one all the people around me are up on their feet screaming for a throw in because the ball ( they said ) had gone over the line . The linesman then came in for abuse . What is it with football supporters ? how could they possibly tell that the ball had crossed a line 75 + yards away and out of their view ? End of my yearly forum contribution . One question ...... is it best to buy tickets for Plymouth games online of is it easier to buy at the turnstile on the day ? second question do the Plymouth fans moan ?
  21. 3 points
    Pseudonyms upset me ‘ Guess who ‘. Far too many jelly fish on this site. Only say things because nobody knows who they are. If you or anyone else has a comment or something to say, be man enough to put your real name.
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    kevin richards

    Congratulations to Gerald!

    Many many happy returns Gerald. The nicest man you could ever wish to meet. Proud to say I have known him all my life. 🎂🍺🥂.
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    Semi finals do have neutral officials. Probably why they are midweek to free up some referees and doesn’t take them away from weekend duties. Quarter finals have never had neutral officials. Silly comment whoever posted that earlier. Can’t beat a semi or a final under lights. Adds to the atmosphere. And probably get more support.
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    Pitch was playable. St Agnes players were there last week but were definitely not getting changed.
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    Holmans 5 -3 st just Good result today youngsters played superb and weren’t going to be bullied also Dave Dodson outstanding refereeing only one boss out there in the middle and his surname never ended in Curnow. Great goal for st just youngster as well but after conceding an early poor goal we hit 4 to bounce back to lead 4-1 ht After the break we started to get a little complacent around the pitch and allowed st just back to 4-3 with 20 to go it could of been a difficult afternoon however the lads had more in the tank & with 8 mins to go put us back at 5-3 to see the game out. Off the bottom for the first time this season let’s hope the lads can now catch Redruth Utd with 3 pts adrift & 5 games in hand many more points are needed.
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    Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    I also think people tend to be more cautious these days of not wanting to play on a wet surface, about 9/10 years ago almost anything was playable. Too easy to call a game off.
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    I have just read through the rule book of ‘the club’s league’: The Whirlwind Sports Trelawny League 2017/18 (I’ve had a bit of spare time). According to Rule 19a if two thirds of the club’s secretaries contact the league then they must hold a Special General Meeting. If this is done then we can address this issue. More disappointingly, the rule 19b states that the management committee can call a Special General Meeting at any time: surely this decision warranted a SGM? Furthermore, rule 20a states that any rule changes must be made at an AGM or SGM (Special General Meeting). Is the introduction of double headers and the cancellation of cups not a rule change, once again, to the best of my knowledge, this hasn’t been discussed at an AGM or SGM. Lastly, rule 23a states that dissolution of the competition shall be by resolution approved at a SGM by a majority of three quarters of the members present. Surely the cancellation of all of the cup competitions is a dissolution of competition; I reiterate that no SGM - to the best of my knowledge - had been called. I see the Trelawny League has ‘liked’ one reply to the post on Facebook. This tells me that you are aware of the replies and stir that this has caused. So could you please reply to my comment? I intend to write to all of the club’s secretaries and propose a SGM, would it be easier if you emailed them or shall I? Thanks
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    N P R

    Trelawney League Cups Cancelled?

    Just play one game for for 90min for 6pts
  29. 3 points

    Bodmin Town

    Spend some money on the pitch instead of players might help.
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    391 Mike anybody with any sense would have stayed in the bar, you are correct about the noise, if you want atmosphere you have to travel to away games with Tisa and the Nomads. Hope you and the Mayor of Penryn are both well.
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    Great win for us yesterday in horrible conditions!! With a few players missing plus my mate Tornado leaving made the win feel even better.......every player from 1-14 put a good shift in and that’s what is needed every week so well done lads!! 👍⚽️ Sorry to see my old team get knocked out of the cup Friday night!! Leeds hope your not drunk in a gutter somewhere 😂
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    Fair result today at Saltash, 3-3 with GSM, getting a bit aggravated with footballs landing in my garden though!
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    You won’t be hearing from him for a few weeks!!!!!! 😂
  34. 3 points
    come on El Nino, when have Bodmin Town ever played a game without moaning and shouting/swearing at the Ref?
  35. 3 points

    Avoiding Backlog

    Cricket is not a real sport anyway
  36. 3 points

    An idea for The Combo?

    its only going to get worse once brexit kicks in
  37. 3 points
    A couple of fags before the game doesn’t count 😂😂😂😂
  38. 3 points
    No warm up, but won anyway, point proven!!😂
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    Danny O

    SWPL & Cups - Saturday 3rd Feb 2018

    A lot of our players need to take a long hard look at them selves!! You can have all the skill in the world but you get nothing without putting in the hard work first......unfortunately loosing doesn’t hurt enough for some players......I’ll be angry and disappointed for a good few days yet!! You You only get what you put into the game and we deserved to loose...got the same players we started the season so well with! 😳 but the gaffer and myself will keep going and hope to turn it around!!
  40. 3 points
    Result. St.Stephen 2 - 1 St.Day. Goals from Joe Stone & Craig Coad. Two evenly matched sides played out an entertaining game which has left the Rec in a bit of a mess.
  41. 3 points
    Ah we have an awesome committee and they give 100% I’m just mad as a hatter love my club their my family always have been always will be 💙⚽️
  42. 3 points
    Thank you older, yes it was worth playing, yesterday the clubhouse did very well.Enough in the pot to repair the pitch.
  43. 3 points
    Update on Andy Senior who suffered a bad injury today at @OfficialTroon nothing broken, snapped 3 ankle ligaments. He sends his thanks to @OfficialTroon for the help and assistance today.
  44. 3 points
    Big Al. The new facility for the school has been entirely funded by our school with the exception of a grant from theFootball Foundation towards the 3G pitch. The tax payers have contributed absolutely nothing whatsoever towards it so your money is safe. As and when Falmouth Town move up and their new pitch is ready to play on it will be the club’s money not the tax payers. If you had been following it in the local press you would already know this. The new 3G pitch will be for the use of both the school and the community, after all we are a community school. We have already started to get enquiries regarding booking the pitch which we hope to have up and running by September to fall in line with the new school year. There will be a fitness suite built for our students to use during the day and the public after 5pm or so with classrooms and fitness rooms for dance classes etc Thanks for your concern about spending public funds on our community sports project but once again your comments are so far from reality.
  45. 3 points
    Anyone who thinks that the city of Exeter does not benefit from having prem rugby/football league teams is on a different planet. This project can only benefit Truro and anything that benefits Truro will benefit Cornwall as a whole. Maybe Truro city need to engage with the community better but the council could provide the money with certain stipulations.
  46. 3 points
    And in the paper today if the stadium is not built there is a chance the pirates and TCFC would fold. Well fold then, not a penny of rate payers money should go toward these private enterprises. Build this, then my club would like a new stand, pitch, car park etc.
  47. 3 points
    Oh we know exactly the part our secretary will have played. Couldn't do it without her.
  48. 3 points
    Surely if any sports club wants to improve then they have an action plan and set short term goals. You only have to look at both Wendron and Helston to appreciate how it works. I know very little about Cornish Pirates but in Truro’s case they got rid of a successful youth system and second team so are they really thinking about the youth of Cornwall. Both Wendron and Helston have thriving youth set ups and more than one adult team therefore it leads to both National and Local funding, and more importantly are great community assets.
  49. 3 points
    I am an utter moron!!!
  50. 3 points
    I have just been able to watch the full video and must say it is a touching but amusing piece of work. Thanks to all concerned in the making of such a must-view tribute to a talented man. R.I.P Trevor.