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    I would just like to say a massive thank you on behalf of st just football Club, to all the helpful people involved at goonhavern football club, when helping out our player scott meagor today in what can only be described as a freak accident. The help he received in the 2&1/2 hours whilst waiting for an ambulance was amazing and as a club we can't thank you enough!! We have just had an update from the hospital and he has a clean break to the tib and fib and he is in a full cast awaiting his operation. 🙏 for a speedy recovery!
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    Yeah pleasure for you Dave just give me a shout mate 👍 On the pen subject I think if a player has made an honest attempt to block the shot and its hit his hand and the ref deems it a penalty then a pen and a yellow if you have to is punishment enough I think and common sense refereeing. If a defender dives full stretch across his goal line and tips a goal bound shot over the bar then that to me is a red card and a pen. Think the refs shouldn’t have the pressure of the laws rammed down their throat so much. I think the best refs I’ve come across over the last 40 odd seasons in football are ones that you can talk to and use common sense. Just an opinion really. Still shocked ABBA caused all that trouble yesterday though! Benny was a right nutter apparently!!! 😂
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    ECPL St Blazey v Plymouth Parkway

    The return fixture is scheduled for Saturday 18th November - The Parkway lads have had a whip round and had a pennant made especially for the lad that got injured last week.
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    Uwdi Krugg


    Thankful we had a game to watch at all today with all the incessant rain. Wishing no disrespect I cannot go along with various comments that this was a poor game. The officials took a lot of stick both pitch-side and on social media. Lets be perfectly honest, both clubs under the experienced tactical leadership of Mr Hobbs and Mr Gilbert will both be totally clued up on how to milk any given situation. Would you like to referee two sides who continually shout, crowd, scream and flop on the floor ? I wouldn't. Both clubs can play top class non league football, if they'd stuck to the football we would have avoided the stop-start inquests and all the negativity. Putting things in perspective it was still a bloody good football match and a fine credit to the SWPL. I certainly enjoyed it anyway. Parkway are good this season there is no doubting that but Bodmin could so easily have took the spoils here. The absolute game breaker was when Bodmin , down to 10 men for an undeserved sending off broke forward in the second half, they were still 1-2 up at this stage intricate deft passing in the Parkway 18 yard area gave Adam Carter a nailed on open goal to put Bodmin Town1-3 up and probably out of sight... unfortunately for Mr Gilbert the so called tap in from Hit Man Carter hit the post. Parkway immediately stormed up the pitch on a vast wave of relief and duly equalised. In a nutshell, game over. Bodmin visibly drained despite the shouts from Jake Ash that "we'll still get chances". Parkway increased the lead and a few toys went out the pram from the Bodmin bench, possibly justified, possibly not? Mr Gilbert got into a ding-dong argument with Ex Bodmin now Parkway keeper Kyle Moore which Ex Bodmin now Parkway wing back Sam Hillson intervened upon, he received the same short colourful shrift from the Bodmin boss as his keeper had. The game all ended rather ugly which was a shame as there had been some really good football put on from these two classy SWPL sides. A competitive good quality FA Vase tie. They're probably the best of mates back in the bar.
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    Sounds like gilby can give it out but not take it back.
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    We Two

    Sticker F.C.

    Congratulations to Sticker football club who have hugely contributed to yet another successful charity weekend in July, where £9,000 was raised for three very grateful charities, as reported in the St Austell Voice this week. Well done to all at the club !!!
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    FA Cup

    The TISA Boys were a bit better organised than that. We left Truro at 06.15 up the 303 with a stop off at Popham Airfield for a full English (highly recommended) then on to the Rose of Denmark by 12.30 an old fashion boozer 5 minutes walk from the ground where we met up with the Exiles and mingled with the very friendly Charlton supporters. The landlord was very grateful of our custom and let us leave our minibus in his carpark free of charge. After a few pints of London Pride and watching the Spurs Palace game, (didn't see SS anywhere) we decended onto the ground 15 minutes before the ko. I was suprised to see so many supporters several of them wearing London Cornish shirts. The atmosphere was fantastastic and although Truro did not deserve to win but on another day could easily have come away with a replay. After celebrating with the players behind the goal after the game even though we lost then it was back to the minibus down the 303 again to the Groom and Jockey at Hevitree Exeter for some food Curry/Chinese and a couple more pint, arriving back in Truro approx 12.30. A memorable day which will long last in the memory.
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    I've changed my opinion of him big time. He is doing more for Cornish football than most on here who love to give a little dig or have a moan.
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    Yeah I think I said I went to the game, so yeah I was actually there. Just my opinion Gareth Davies. I don’t really obviously know much about local football and bow to your greater knowledge by the sounds of it! Could have swore I saw Bodmin hit the post a couple times as well but sounds like they were outplayed! Maybe that bit was when I was getting a cup of tea? I’ll just have to look forward to hearing about Parkway beating Bodmin about 6 or 7-0 then by the sounds of it? Shame I was going to go thinking it might be a close game but might not bother now seeing Bodmin are that bad and Parkway that good.
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    Please let it be known that no members Royal Family endorse any posts made on the Cornish Soccer Forum by the pseudonym "Leedsunited". Her Royal Majesty would like to express the opinion that he is nothing more than "a trouble-making twerp".
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    Cornwall Senior Cup

    Lets be honest all games are away for your players
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    I think every team in the league rulings have to have a qualified ref in there ranks and that they MUST be used in the case of game that has no allocated ref whether one team does the 90 or split in half each .. this is done in various other sports and works really well
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    As always Pete, huge credit to yourself and your side. Thank you for all of your help. Top, top bloke. Jack seems to be in good spirits. He got a selfie with the paramedic in the ambulance haha.
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    green & white

    Mabe FC Fold

    Travelling is a weak excuse in my eyes. People dont think twice about crusing about in the evenings etc, if you want to play football for a side, the travelling has nothing to do with it, it because you want to play for that club and should be the fact you want to play to the highest standard you can and not just be a big fish in a little pond!
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    Some more Referees would be useful, nowhere near enough to go 'round. Oh goodness, look, there's a Referees course on next month, a chance for all you guys who can't watch a game because there's no official to learn how to get to watch games up close and personal. If you're about to retire from playing, don't hang up your kit, just change it for a classy black one!
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    Cornwall Senior Cup

    Why would it be in anybody's interest to fix anything to do with Cornish football? Absolutely ridiculous. Camelford cup fixtures this year, Helston H then Tavi A Wendron A then Mousehole A now St Ives A just luck of the draw nothing more nothing less.
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    Bruegel the Elder

    Cornwall Senior Cup

    That's a bit harsh digger, most of us don't hate Bodmin per se, just certain boastful individuals who can't stop harping on about their achievements (which, we note, do not include being promoted)!
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    Simply to make sure we have a ref and a match. Both clubs keen, cleared with league and ref in place.
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    Firstly, how is that a contradiction? We have played in fixtures with no appointed referee previously, and upmost respect to Probus for offering to do it - not every club would be able to. However, the decision was made not to play, which every club is entitled to do - the fourth team aren’t the first ones to refuse and they won’t be the last. As we are part of the problem, shall we go and cancel the referring course which is being held at the club? Are you attending, if not, then are you part of the problem? We have players within the club that are trained referees that often give up their weeks of playing football to officiate on Saturdays, Sunday Leagues and youth matches. So I really do not think that we ‘are part of the problem and a joke.’ But if your eyes say so then you’re entitled to your opinion. Are we part of the problem with grassroots football? Week on week giving football to 4 Men’s sides of various levels, providing a Sunday League team, a Vets team and a whole host of youth football? Lots of players within the locality would have played for Wendron at some point - whether youth or men’s. So rather than being the problem with grassroots football, I would consider us being quite a big advocate and promoter of it...in my eyes. I don’t think the idea would catch on, forcing a team to play with an untrained, and possibly not neutral, ref could open a huge can of worms - even if the ‘referee’ has the best of games. Agreed that there is something to be done and it’s great that the FA are putting on more courses at various venues. I don’t know what puts people off, the cost? The fact they don’t think they’ll enjoy it? The fact that they know what people are like as players?
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    Perhaps the lack of Queens English eminating from the home dugout area, is reflected in the lack of support from fans who find it offensive. That explanation was offered to us by an EX Bodmin fan, who did not want to be associated with such language, and now reluctantly watches his football elsewhere !
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    When you are due to play troon next month. We will happily reverse fixture if you're grass ain't cut find a ref pay the ref anything to avoid a evening fixture down madron........
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    Keith B

    A bit of advice

    In our day it was a great tackle to use as a player and good to watch when a spectator. A greasy pitch was a thing to be relished, or feared. Some players were very good at the slide tackle, others not so - ouch !
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    Zak is only a year older in our goal!! 😊👍⚽️
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    I think you will find referees are neutral no matter where they come from. Never seen a biased one yet in well over 50 years of playing and watching football......get over it - no-one died.
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    Ouch - Looked horrible. I was stood 8 foot away and watched his knee wobble back into place. Will get the lads to put something together to give to him. Wish him well from all at PPRFC
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    ***Football Result*** Perranporth 1- 2 Lanner I thought it would be nice to put a result on here 😀
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    Newlyn Non Athletico v St Erme will go ahead as far as I know as long as the weather doesn't stop it!! Both teams have agreed to share the duty of reffing to get the game on unless one becomes available, more teams need to do this!!
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    So, any games off yet, I can’t find anything about the games above .......
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    How sad that Parkway even need to do that on a match day. Unbelievable.
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    Mabe FC Fold

    Bring back the Falmouth/helston league bring back the West penwith league bring back the mining league end this nonsense travelling is the main reason!! they can stay in bed till 1pm then and still play!!!!
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    Quadruple the pasty order, a huge crowd I would expect at Bolitho Park (although not quite 900+ Cornish fans). That should intimidate Bodmin, they’re not used to playing in front of crowds in double figures!
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    Let's just clarify something before it gets a little bit stupid... I've spoken to Chris on the phone and I even told him that the rules clearly state that a player must be registered using a "competition registration form". By not signing a blank piece of paper, St Ives Mariners have done nothing wrong. It is very unfortunate but there's no point everyone getting on the St Ives Management teams back when all they have done is abide by League rules? Chris stated he'd messed up by not taking any forms but unfortunately this is just one of those things. It is unfortunate that the player couldn't play but I tell you something... St Agnes will not make this mistake again. I'm pretty sure that Chris has already put registration forms in his cars glove compartment to prevent this from happening again. Footballing God x
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    Another club folding!?

    Quite alot of young males in st agnes. But lets just say most of them are into a different kind of white line
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    That’s fine, you’re a reporter so you report what you see...or don’t see! I think “no wonder Bodmin looked devoid of any spirit and cohesion throughout the game” and “the players hardly spoke a word to each other in the clubhouse” and also “dreadful body language from the players at times and humiliating way the manager treats his players” is evidence enough that you’re having a little dig at Bodmin who have been the most successful club in the county over the last 15 years at least and along with St.Austell are still the biggest club in the county at the moment. To say Darren Gilbert humiliates his players is a disgrace, he’s one of the most decorated footballers in Cornish football and has taken that into management probably winning even more! To say the players don’t speak to each other, devoid of any spirit, and dreadful body language is an insult to the likes of Bodmin captain Jake Ash who won the FA Vase at Wembley with Truro City and never gives less than 100% in any game I’ve ever seen him play. And to ask Rappo if he was actually “at the game” was a bit condescending. The bloke has won that league about half a dozen times, been top goalscorer in it several times and scored over 2000 career goals! You’ve managed to offend three of Cornwall’s best footballers over the last 25 years and one of its top clubs!! Might be worth doing your homework before you talk crap next time or report on teams up Dorset where you might know something about them? Bit of lazy journalism I think! By the way have you ever played football at all?
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    Richard Rundle

    Another club folding!?

    It's not just a Cornwall issue. I collate league tables across the whole of the country, and more than 20% of teams have disappeared over the last 8 years I haven't finished sorting out data for 2017-18 yet, but in 2008-09 (the first year I did this) there were 11451 teams in my spreadsheet and in 2016-17 just 9137. That covers all levels of open-age Saturday football in England (& Cornwall!) from the Premier League to the most basic of "grassroots" levels.
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    S Abbo

    Another club folding!?

    Big money ive heard.. robbo dont manage for nothing!.. 🤣
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    Postman Pat

    Another club folding!?

    Dave the criteria only helps clubs with their own grounds.First questions asked 1. Do you own your own ground. 2 how long a lease do you have. Look around at council facilities and they are steadily getting worse through lack of council budgets.not a dig at the councils if it’s hospitals or schools or old people then they must get priority. Look at the clubs where funding has been given and these clubs with all due respect are not grassroots. Don’t get me wrong as I’ve said before you have to get off your backside and work for it yourself but you have to have willing volunteers and that is where the problem lies, most of these volunteers are getting older and not being replaced and it just gets harder and harder.
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    Another club folding!?

    Ummmm, stop allowing new teams to join the Trelawny League for a few seasons (3 or 4 say). It will not necessarily stop other clubs folding, but it certainly will not make the situation worse. What did we have this year, 8 new teams voted into Division 4 (with 1 not being allowed), and so far, 3 teams folding....
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    Lots of talk this weekend about lack of available referees so thank you to the Goonhavern boys for accepting our offer to provide a ref in the shape of Dave Bullard, our club football secretary. I think we all agree he looked resplendent in his vintage refs kit (Circa 1992) kept on top of the wardrobe for just such an eventuality. He didn't do a bad job either to be fair and the game was played in great spirit. Thanks again fellas, and thanks for the hospitality after - top nosh. My own view on the referee issue is that both teams should cooperate and get the game on if there is no allocated ref available. Do half each or agree on one official for the whole match, it doesn't matter - let's play football.
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    Guys - games involving 10 Cornish Prem teams and 11 West teams and yet out of 32 posts only 5 match reports featuring Camels, Sticker/Saltash, St Blazey/ Dobwalls, St Dennis/Bude and a bit about Bodmin game!!! We all have teams we like but personally I would like to hear how all the team did - not just having a pop at each other?
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    He's got what she wanted - you're talking about her.
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    St Darren

    NLS - Saturday 28th October 2017

    That’s not a go at them either as I don’t expect them or anyone else to care either hence why I hate this ‘doing it for Cornwall ‘ shite
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    Thanks for the encouragement The one. Both us and Holman are in the same position at present.players come and go but we as clubs have to pick up the pieces and rebuild and it’s not easy when your down the bottom and you struggle to put the same eleven out each week but we march on because the club has to survive and as much as we cannot stand losing the spirit is there and we are getting better and the tide will turn. 😎
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    Dave, Can you say the same about the post, on the same thread, from "Personal Aide to the Queen" sic?
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    But they turned up to play , could have conceded the game by saying can't raise a side , well done to Chacewater for giving it a go hopefully you can regroup and have more players available .
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    Wouldn’t have put ABBA down as troublemakers to be honest, although great to see them watching local football!!! Especially the blonde one! Must admit that Bjorn did look a shifty fucker sometimes though! 😂
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    It's crazy in the bottom division of the league that a team would not be ok with a player/representative of a club reffing a game. If it was a top of the table showdown then definitely understandable but don't think it's the case today.
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    Perranwell didn't want to play as scared of playing Madron with Madron's new signing ha ha ha
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    SWPL - Friday 27th October 2017

    Think the question says any scores not scorers!!!
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    Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    It's official: he's an embarrassment to his own club.