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    If you can’t make time on a Saturday to do the course, how are you going to find time to do any refereeing? Particularly the mandatory games you need under your belt before you can qualify and register!
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    SWPL - Wednesday Nov 8th 2017

    Thank you Danny, finally some common sense. Lovely to have you back & watch you play again at the Priory. With 3/4 additions bit more experience you will be just fine. Good luck in getting your 3 points tomorrow
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    Danny O

    SWPL - Wednesday Nov 8th 2017

    Carts did not mean to kick Zak in the head!! Simple as that!! I was there on the pitch! Carts is a great bloke and a great player!! And Zak is going to be one great keeper!! And we def deserved something from the game but we will look to get 3 points tomorrow!! Great to see everyone at my old club! 😊👍⚽️
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    A bit of advice

    I would advise giving the league secretary a call rather than getting hearsay on here.
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    We Two

    SWPL - Tuesday 7th November 2017

    According to a Phil Hiscox report on the SWPL forum, during the halftime break Steve Massey approached him and said, this will be the first time you will have seen one of my teams win a match !!!! Unfortunately for Mr Massey, Phil is still waiting. Might explain some of the whinging and foul language coming from the Helston dugout area though.
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    SWPL - Wednesday Nov 8th 2017

    Interesting....if he jumped over the keeper there would not have been contact and the keeper would not have to be helped off the pitch. He may of tried to jump over the keeper and failed which would still constitute dangerous play, does not have to be intentional to be dangerous as the Mane situation proved (never said he was a dirty player).
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    Upsetting your best centre half who was one of your most loyal players at the club by taking the captaincy off him didn't help, he then left to join Bodmin!
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    Postman Pat

    Mabe FC Fold

    I remember when I first played for Holmans back in the early 1980s we were regularly being beaten by double figures but we stuck with it and improved and ended up making the area final of the junior cup and winning promotion to the combo. That to me gave me far more satifaction than moving to a club that was winning every week and yes I did have offers to move to better clubs. But then that's loyalty and there are very few loyal players around today
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    Mabe FC Fold

    One of the things I hate about these new leagues is that you don’t know anyone anymore.Years ago you would know pretty much everyone on the other team by their first name now it’s 90 mins of football and Home.The distances between games now at junior has affected the social side of it I have no doubt
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    Mabe FC Fold

    Although I read this site every day I've managed to not contribute for over a year . However I can't help but respond to this subject which is one of the most interesting and important subjects on here for ages . I'm particularly interested because I'm involved with a league in Norfolk and our league has plummeted from 3 divisions down to just one in a very few years . A similar situation has occurred in other parts of our county with some leagues disappearing altogether . There are now huge areas of Norfolk without a village football team and sadly these teams will never return . I'll keep my posting short so as not to bore you but I totally agree with earlier posts asking why nobody asks those who longer play why they finished . The FA have recently implemented a survey regarding grass roots football but yet again fail to ask why people no longer play . ( I must I found the question about a prayer room rather strange , I'm not sure providing a prayer room would increase player numbers ) I strongly believe that organised football for 6 year olds up to 13 year olds must shoulder the blame for some of the decline . I know I'll receive a barrage of comments about this , but let's face facts , the majority of football teams in this age group are run by parents for the benefit of their child .As soon as that child reaches 16 the team folds . During that time the child has learned no useful football skills and has probably suffered some miserable games . They are unable to integrate into adult football and so are lost to the game . From my experience some of the better ones are so arrogant that they don't progress up the football ladder because they can't be told anything .
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    That is not always the case, sometimes refs become available who previously made themselves unavailable. Clubs can’t be that bothered about getting no referees on game day... I put a status on the Trelawny Facebook page over a week ago with the details about the upcoming Referees Course at Wendron (I’ve even added a brand new Nike match ball as a prize for people that shared it)... it got shared 25 times... 25 from over 2,700 individual views. We can only do so much to get you guys Referees, just like we can only do so much to get players playing for you... we need a little help along the way. It is crap, it is unfortunate but we do have a shortage of referees :/ Anyone who is interested in taking the course, please click here http://po.st/3qnEWr