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    Mark Jones

    SWPL - Wednesday Nov 8th 2017

    Agree with Older, Derick is doing a great job on the pitch at Falmouth.
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    Martin McHugh


    Fair point well made Ivory, always like going to watch Saltash, good ground/food/atmosphere etc and as a neutral I like what they do on the pitch but reading the comments above it does seem a bit bizarre at the moment!! MQx
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    SWPL - Wednesday Nov 8th 2017

    Thanks for your comment cornish legend I'm sure all involved with the club appreciate it .after years in the doldrums the club is on the up . Also the biggest putter down of the club was once again conspicuous by his absence ..
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    I may even treat you to cheesey chips Gingerninja
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    Richard Rundle

    FA Cup

    No, 50% to each club in the first and second rounds. Non-league clubs playing in the competition proper also get a share of a 5% deduction from the gate of all replays in the 3rd/4th/5th rounds (used to include the 6th round as well but replays in the QFs have been abolished). As there are 40 non-league qualifiers, it means each club get 2.5% of that pool. (From FA Cup Rule 22)
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    Falmouth are doing well for a team people put down at the start of the season for recruiting players from Penryn that weren't meant to be good enough for this league. Its good to see Falmouth playing well again. Great club always enjoy trips to Falmouth.
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    Ivory Toast


    Look no further than the clown on the sideline...theres your problem. Saltash were dreadful last night. No spirit and no leadership. Things need to change
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    Postman Pat

    Mabe FC Fold

    There lies the problem for clubs Tempo. And that is why Mabe have folded because it was set up by a group of mates who then just left a few loyal people to struggle on because they needed to win.People need to realise that only one team can win a league but without the other teams there will be no league.
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    We Two

    Sticker F.C.

    Congratulations to Sticker football club who have hugely contributed to yet another successful charity weekend in July, where £9,000 was raised for three very grateful charities, as reported in the St Austell Voice this week. Well done to all at the club !!!
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    How sad that Parkway even need to do that on a match day. Unbelievable.
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    St Newlyn East 0 - 4 St Dominick A close affair believe it or not! St Dominick finished well and showed much more willingness to win the loose ball. Newlyn played lots of football BUT missed lots of chances, didn't track back, wasted a penalty and made defensive errors. They will be left looking in the mirror asking " am I up for a fight against an equally good team?" - or at least they should be!