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    We Two

    Sticker F.C.

    Congratulations to Sticker football club who have hugely contributed to yet another successful charity weekend in July, where £9,000 was raised for three very grateful charities, as reported in the St Austell Voice this week. Well done to all at the club !!!
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    Good lads. If you want to bring some to drink before the match you're more then welcome
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    FA Cup

    The TISA Boys were a bit better organised than that. We left Truro at 06.15 up the 303 with a stop off at Popham Airfield for a full English (highly recommended) then on to the Rose of Denmark by 12.30 an old fashion boozer 5 minutes walk from the ground where we met up with the Exiles and mingled with the very friendly Charlton supporters. The landlord was very grateful of our custom and let us leave our minibus in his carpark free of charge. After a few pints of London Pride and watching the Spurs Palace game, (didn't see SS anywhere) we decended onto the ground 15 minutes before the ko. I was suprised to see so many supporters several of them wearing London Cornish shirts. The atmosphere was fantastastic and although Truro did not deserve to win but on another day could easily have come away with a replay. After celebrating with the players behind the goal after the game even though we lost then it was back to the minibus down the 303 again to the Groom and Jockey at Hevitree Exeter for some food Curry/Chinese and a couple more pint, arriving back in Truro approx 12.30. A memorable day which will long last in the memory.
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    Sticker 2 Helston 2

    Went along to Burngullow Park last night and was treated to a great game full of talking points. Chances, soft penalty scored, definite penalty not given, two sides playing at a real athletic pace, sprinkled with some quality, two fabulous goals, one from each side, a good crowd, and a few iffy referring decisions.. The whole together made for a good evenings football. Before the kick off having seen both sides a number of times this season I felt Helston would win this game. However the narrow Sticker 1-0 defeat to Bodmin suggested they are gradually growing into the Peninsular Premiership and should not be taken lightly. Inside the first ten or so minutes Sticker could have been 4-0 up but for some good keeping and wayward finishing. Time and again their frontline pace ripped the Helston defence open and their strikers one on one against Barry Wyatt.. Helston found their shape though and started creating chances of their own. It was quite an end to end encounter and Matty Buchan had a superb first half for Helston, his srength and pace to win balls that were often 70/30 against him, tremendous to watch. The first Helston goal on 33 minutes was a deflected Buchan shot cutting in from wide left inside the area and it moved the games momentum in Helstons favour. Three minutes later and Helston, pressing their advantage scored a second goal which was was special. Kirk Davis attacking at pace down the right moved the ball inside to Dan Stilwell who from around the edge of the area planted a cracking bending shot past keeper Blatchford. No blame on Blatchford as few keepers would have got near to that effort. 2-0 half time but with better finishing it could easily have been Sticker well out in the lead at the break. Seven minutes into the second half and what looked to me to be a very soft penalty, given I believe by the linesman, gave Sticker their way back and Jack Bowyer sent Barry Wyatt the wrong way. At 2-1 it was Stickers turn to press and make the most of their moment and five minutes later they were level with a rocket from Frank McAvoy. Similar distance to Stidwells earlier effort, but no bend on this one, just raw pace and into the top corner. Fantastic strike. As the game progressed both teams had chances, but Sticker had a massive shout for a second penalty. To me this one was nailed on and Helston had got away with one. However as said I thought the first Penalty was soft so perhaps it had evened itself out. Both sides had more chances as the game continued end to end at a fair old pace with a few hefty challenges and a few yellow cards to match them. The last ten-fifteen minutes Helston had the greater possession and chances but even with a string of consecutive corners they could not regain the lead against a determined Sticker. A £5.00 note well spent. A draw I feel the right result. As an observation, with so much pace and desire to get forward from Helston, I felt they missed the game craft and technical know how of suspended Charlie Young in the middle tonight. His ability to play balls around corners, in between fullbacks and behind defences I feel has been a big part of Helstons improvement since he arrived from Porthleven. Clever player.
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    Haha look forward to it. Safe journey down. See you in couple of weeks ⚽🍺
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    St Blazey seem to be going places both on and off the pitch, if there was a prize for best website in the league you would have to be right up there for it Paul.
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    St Blazey 2v0 Porthleven. Match report, pictures and a couple videos including the penalty. http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/fixture/st-blazey-v-porthleven-2/
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    FA Cup

    Thats what I call a proper football,day out.
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    Mabe FC Fold

    It's hard enough to get players to write their name's and house number correctly - I'd have no hope requesting email addresses aha! Thanks for the kind words Steve - I learnt how to use the block button
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    Fair play to the Supporters Club sorting that out, a club going in the right direction! Finding it difficult to predict a score for the game, I dont think it'll be as one sided as people think, however, i expect now i've said that Parkway will pump in 8 and make me look ridiculous!
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    Mabe FC Fold

    Bring back the Falmouth/helston league bring back the West penwith league bring back the mining league end this nonsense travelling is the main reason!! they can stay in bed till 1pm then and still play!!!!
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    green & white

    Mabe FC Fold

    Too many Xbox footballers, think they can do as the computer game and when they get on the pitch and realise they are not Messi or Ronaldo, they climb back into their hovels!
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    Ron Manager

    Another club folding!?

    Ironic that you mention St Agnes Daz, as that seems to be where the majority of Chacewaters good 1st team players of last year are now playing!! Not enough young men in aggie by the look of it. Disappointing to see a club with so much history and hard working committee folding, but as everyone has said, a sign of the times.
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    Ban the International break

    What a silly idea. You need only look at cricket at rugby where internationals decimate sides regularly. You'll end up with the 6-7th best team winning the league as they have a regular squad every week. The other side to this is that clubs already pull players out of international friendlies to rest them as they own the players. You'll end up with a heavily decimated international squad as the 3rd choice option for each position is the best available. You could just support a club that only stays in business because it has genuine fans who support and pay for tickets even when they're losing; Fans who don't rant on social media that they've had to travel as far as upstairs to bed when their team lose on TV in their front rooms not from the back end of nowhere in the U.K.