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    Let's just clarify something before it gets a little bit stupid... I've spoken to Chris on the phone and I even told him that the rules clearly state that a player must be registered using a "competition registration form". By not signing a blank piece of paper, St Ives Mariners have done nothing wrong. It is very unfortunate but there's no point everyone getting on the St Ives Management teams back when all they have done is abide by League rules? Chris stated he'd messed up by not taking any forms but unfortunately this is just one of those things. It is unfortunate that the player couldn't play but I tell you something... St Agnes will not make this mistake again. I'm pretty sure that Chris has already put registration forms in his cars glove compartment to prevent this from happening again. Footballing God x
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    To be fair, we tried to make up for the top pitch disappointment with getting the nicer changing rooms! Fair report! We had a couple of one on one chances saved and in fairness to our keeper, he was taken out moments before the lob. Look forward to the return leg. Good luck until then!
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    SWPL & Cups - Saturday 4th November 2017

    Cannot disagree with you Leeds we simply did not turn up !, but I would say it was nice to see St Blazey pitch and surrounds getting back to what one expects from a club of that stature Well done to everyone involved there is life after the gold diggers !,,
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    Leeds, I believe that Bodmin Town Football Club have made clear that they would rather that you didn’t use the nominative plural ”we” when referring to their team! Now where have I suggested that they are “bad”? Just indisciplined, and it wasn’t as if I was referring specifically to Bodmin Town, I think that, if you read it, you’ll find that my post relates to the Premier league as a whole (although, admittedly, not exclusively)!
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    People can say what they want on this matter and people posting comments who wernt even there whats the point.if i was a player travelling down i would hope and expect my manager to have sorted the forms etc before hand and not find out 15 mins before kick off there is no forms.also why post bitchy comments on fourums? If you dont like something thats happened sort it out face to face on the day.
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    Have you lost your marbles (again)? Fitness, yes, organisation, agree, I would also add talent and financial muscle (from whatever source) but discipline? Never, most of the players and many managers (particularly one at your home team) lack even the most basic self discipline let alone collective discipline within the team. Does anybody maintain an average card count between the teams/leagues? Certainly if “foul and abusive language” and “dissent” were dealt with appropriately by our over-generous referees, some teams in the premier league would struggle to keep enough players on the field or a full technical area!
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    Paul, would endorse your congratulations to your 'home club' Polperro and also to add a mention to Carharrack who inflicted a seven goal drubbing on visiting Dobwalls. So two of the three step 7 invites have earned a place in the Quarter Finals. Commiserations go to St.Agnes going down at home to Wendron United.
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    Cornwall Charity Cup Congratulations to my old side Polperro for pulling off another superb result against Peninsula Lge opposition in the Charity Cup. Durning Lawrence Charity Cup 1st rd - Polperro 5 - 2 St Dennis ; Carharrick 7 - 1 Dobwalls; Illogan Rbl 1 - 5 Penzance; Bude 2 - 4 Liskeard ; Millbrook 2 - 2 Wadebridge (away win pens); St Blazey 2 - 0 Porthleven; St Agnes 1 - 2 Wendron;
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    Totally outplayed today .. 2nd best to everything No mention on the hand of God then lol
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    Also they may have none of their 3rd team signed on for their Combo side, so they'd only be able to sign on 2 on the day. Still mental mind!
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    Another club folding!?

    Quite alot of young males in st agnes. But lets just say most of them are into a different kind of white line
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    Wayne would be a terrific appointment if he was interested in returning to the game. Charming man, although occasionally wears a to strong an aftershave which can make your eyes water... Knows a few players as well, which might put off the current playing staff if their places were up for grabs..?
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    To much organised youth football for me, by the time they are 16 they have been playing organised football for ten years. They then want something different, not just what their dad wants.....and everything was given to them for ten years - no work effort any more. The kids of today have had it all given to them, they don't have to build anything anymore. And a lot of todays football supporters think football is all about watching it on the TV.
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    He's got what she wanted - you're talking about her.
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    Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    It's official: he's an embarrassment to his own club.