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    Lots of talk this weekend about lack of available referees so thank you to the Goonhavern boys for accepting our offer to provide a ref in the shape of Dave Bullard, our club football secretary. I think we all agree he looked resplendent in his vintage refs kit (Circa 1992) kept on top of the wardrobe for just such an eventuality. He didn't do a bad job either to be fair and the game was played in great spirit. Thanks again fellas, and thanks for the hospitality after - top nosh. My own view on the referee issue is that both teams should cooperate and get the game on if there is no allocated ref available. Do half each or agree on one official for the whole match, it doesn't matter - let's play football.
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    Guys - games involving 10 Cornish Prem teams and 11 West teams and yet out of 32 posts only 5 match reports featuring Camels, Sticker/Saltash, St Blazey/ Dobwalls, St Dennis/Bude and a bit about Bodmin game!!! We all have teams we like but personally I would like to hear how all the team did - not just having a pop at each other?
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    Thanks Dave. I can now get in following your posting. There is one thing it does not do and that is show recent results. You have to press ALL results and this will show every result including the recent ones. Unfortunately as you may know I cover all the women's football but when going into the respective league web sites it is not showing any results/scorers etc. Why they just can't leave it alone baffles me it was doing fine until they changed it.
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    It's all about money, or the lack of it. The FA have loads of money - however, they seem loath to part with it. This places a massive burden on clubs, especially the ''smaller'' ones. Cannot agree with this statement. The FA Stadia Improvement Fund will financially support ground improvements to help clubs achieve required ground grading requirements with both CCFA and SWPL representatives on hand to help and support the application process. What's more clubs can apply for further funding every 5 years. Acknowledge a percentage of match funding is required, however other outlets are available to help secure this rather than it specifically having to be funded by a respective club
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    The occasion you are talking about is back in September when Madron were unable to raise a side against Wendron United Fourths. Madron conceded the game (points awarded to Wendron) and they were fined, correct. Unfortunately, the game this weekend at Perranwell Reserves was postponed due to no referee being appointed by Cornwall FA. Both teams are well within their rights to decline the offer of a volunteer to step in and take the whistle as the League rules permit this outside of the ordered period.
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    As stated Saltash were worthy winners, but on the day even if they were playing with eleven 3rd team players, they were flattered by the 3-0 scoreline. Sticker have a way to go, but we feel that they will improve. Maybe it should be remembered that Sticker are a tiny Mid Cornwall village with a population around the 1200 mark, and have excelled in achieving their status in the S.W.P.L. having started their present journey in the now defunct St Austell and District league and the Duchy League 50 years ago according to their history write up on their website. We are proud to support the club who year on year raise thousands of pounds for charity and probably will not / cannot, afford to line the pockets of the mercenaries who play for the money and not for the love of the game.
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    Agreed, although I do not hold out much hope. I put money on City before the season started, and I’ve seen nothing to change my mind.
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    Maybe the administrators should sin bin the people who use the forum to constantly snipe at another club. What's with the so-called supporters of one or two of our self-proclaimed top teams? Every week is the same!!!
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    FA Cup

    suporters group 4 wurzzels dont make a group in my eyes
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    BIG AL, If you're afeared to go and see the big, bad, scary Chairman of Falmouth Town, I would be more than happy to come along and hold your hand! I look forward to a lovely day out (all expenses paid, of course!).
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    Yeah pleasure for you Dave just give me a shout mate 👍 On the pen subject I think if a player has made an honest attempt to block the shot and its hit his hand and the ref deems it a penalty then a pen and a yellow if you have to is punishment enough I think and common sense refereeing. If a defender dives full stretch across his goal line and tips a goal bound shot over the bar then that to me is a red card and a pen. Think the refs shouldn’t have the pressure of the laws rammed down their throat so much. I think the best refs I’ve come across over the last 40 odd seasons in football are ones that you can talk to and use common sense. Just an opinion really. Still shocked ABBA caused all that trouble yesterday though! Benny was a right nutter apparently!!! 😂
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    Thanks for the encouragement The one. Both us and Holman are in the same position at present.players come and go but we as clubs have to pick up the pieces and rebuild and it’s not easy when your down the bottom and you struggle to put the same eleven out each week but we march on because the club has to survive and as much as we cannot stand losing the spirit is there and we are getting better and the tide will turn. 😎
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    This is getting boring now chaps, surely this thread is about yesterdays games and not personal attacks, just my opinion of course.
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    Frogpool 4-2 Ludgvan Reserves Cornwall Junior Cup On a perfect autumnal day for football - overcast, mild and with no wind - Frogpool welcomed Trelawney division 3 side Ludgvan Reserves to the Richard Jory for the second round of the Cornwall Junior Cup. And despite an intensive Frogpool warm up by Scott Jones, it was the away side that made the perfect start. After a sloppy first five minutes, midfield anchorman Kai Delaney gave away a free kick just on the right side of the area, which their forward, despite goalkeeper Lee Booker's call of "safe," expertly dispatched in off the bottom right post. However, rather than press the alarm bell and rollover in difficult conditions, Frogpool dug in. They soon created a couple of half chances - centre forward, Kevin Smith, might have done better after getting the right side of the defender and forcing the keeper into a save. Yet on the half hour, Frogpool's persistence paid off. A mis-hit Jack Mark Main corner alluded everyone apart from the ever-alert Martyn Jay on the back post who cooly poked the ball into an empty net. 1-1. Game on. While never a nasty match, some tasty tackles followed, leading to yellow cards for Frogpool's Darren Meagor and Ludgvan's popular no 6. Clearly referee Jamie Mooney was in no mood for playing nice. Into the second half and a scrappy period ultimately resulted in Frogpool grabbing the game by the scruff of the neck. Timothy Hurrell, who marshalled the left side of the Frog's defence superbly, floated a beautiful free kick into the box, which alluded everyone, everyone except Mike Rollason, who on his weaker right foot rifled home from an acute angle. 2-1 to the Frogs. With the wind in their sails, Frogpool continued to push, and soon were 3-1 up. Smith was put through by a pinpoint Meagor pass. And while his touch was not the best, the Ludgvan defenders, suspecting offside, stopped, leaving Smith to round the keeper and roll the ball into the empty net. With all eyes on Mooney, who had given the goal, the referee spoke to his linesman who had flagged for offside. There was only one decision: Frogpool were into a 3-1 lead. Suspecting that their Junior Cup hopes were slipping away, Ludgvan pushed on. Booker made a superb save to keep them out. But unfortunately so did centre half Rowan Hartgroves, who despite a heroic effort to stop the ball from crossing the line, did so using his hand, albeit inadvertently, and was rightfully yellow-carded. Ludgvan's no 8 cooly put away the penalty. 3-2. At this point Frogpool's tenacity shone through. With Neil J Carter introducing some extra energy into central midfield after replacing the solid Shaun Smith, a flowing move down the right saw Main find Jay, who found the back of the net. 4-2. With the game petering out there was still time for substitute Nick Lasseter to have an impact. A 50-50 challenge in the centre of the park became contentious, leading Mooney to reach for the red card. Just 70 seconds after joining the game, Lasseter was off. Suspecting a shift in momentum, Ludgvan again pushed for the two goals they needed. But ultimately they were denied with Jason Holt, Hartgroves, and Turrell towering at the back. The final whistle was met with scenes of delight, both on the pitch and on the sidelines. Frogpool advance to the next round. Special thanks (as always) goes to Nick Mallabar, who's hard work from early in the morning ensured that the game went ahead. We were all delighted to get the result his effort deserved, and look forward to the draw for the next round. MOTM: Tim Hurrell. A calming presence in the Frogpool defence since his pre-season transfer from Mabe. He was rock solid once again. match report by Kevin Smith
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    But they turned up to play , could have conceded the game by saying can't raise a side , well done to Chacewater for giving it a go hopefully you can regroup and have more players available .