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    Please let it be known that no members Royal Family endorse any posts made on the Cornish Soccer Forum by the pseudonym "Leedsunited". Her Royal Majesty would like to express the opinion that he is nothing more than "a trouble-making twerp".
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    SWPL - Wednesday, 25th October 2017

    Looks like Green and Blacks has had his weetabix for breakfast. The good news is that were turning the corner. Results are improving. Crowds are improving. Match report, pics and videos including the opening goal all a click away. http://www.stblazeyafc.co.uk/fixture/st-blazey-v-penzance/
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    We are aware of a number of postings by a Forum participant under the name of LeedsUnited. We would like to state that the views and postings from Leeds United are not representative and not shared by Bodmin Town Football Club and have no official link to the club in any way. Any comments representing the Club will be shared through their Social Media channels of Twitter and Facebook or through other media channels. The Committe - Bodmin Town Football Club
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    Before the FA added the words " in exceptional circumstances" to the rule, the Combo League used to award points to a non-offending, losing team. I would say that there would need to be something "out of the ordinary" to be classed as an "exceptional circumstance", so, for example, if the unregistered or ineligible player had scored the goal or goals that resulted in victory, he would have had a direct - rather than indirect - influence upon the result. Similarly, if he was a keeper and saved 3 penalties! In my book, something which happens infrequently doesn't make it exceptional. I sit on both Management Committees and am fine about each having different interpretations, both of which are correct, as long as they apply them consistently.
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    Cheers. Didn’t know if Paul was the man to contact so thanks 👍🏻
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    Cornwall Senior Cup

    Nothing. My point is that the CCFA listened regarding making the draws more open (either on Radio or on FB) and nor people are still finding fault.
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    Falmouth v Saltash

    You could've said exactly the same thing about Rocky Neal until he was given the opportunity to prove himself?
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    SWPL - Wednesday, 25th October 2017

    Great footage Paul. Good to get Joe Stone's goal on video, nice work.
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    Broadly speaking they do and the outcome has been the same in every case. Despite what you may think they are rare and when you look at player registration issues last season they were pretty typical i.e. 4 dual registration players played and 4 unregistered players played. There were a further 4 player eligibility type offences. In all cases where the offending club had won the match it was awarded to the opposition. When this is put against a backdrop of @2500 registrations and over 950 league and cup matches these cases are clearly the exception. Not at all. Although I'm now only a VP I have been invited to attend meetings whilst I'm still around and nothing has changed. The Rules and any interpretation of them, as in this case, are and have always been consistently applied. We don't do secrets! Not wrong, just different application in different leagues; CTB makes an excellent point above for example. As long as each of those leagues acts consistently for any given set of circumstances then everyone in that league knows where they stand. Anyway, enough from me on this, this is a results thread after all. Lets see what tomorrow's games bring.
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    Illogan vs Threemilestone is at the RBL and the New Inn vs Constantine is at Illogan Park
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    My toys my pram!!! Just cheesed off with knockers who can’t acknowledge any positives and seem to have it in for certain clubs. Anyway I am sure if Leeds drinks down at Blazey he must be a sponsor or a helper around the ground!!!! Either get involved raise funds etc or sit and moan!! Only two types really o Onwards and upwards
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    I never thought that that the Committee of Bodmin Town would disavow Leeds before Falmouth did it to Big Al. They even had to take the time and effort to set up a new account and new thread to do it. I know that he can be a little irksome at times, but is it really necessary for the team he clearly loves and supports to humiliate him like this? However I'm sure that he'll bounce back, you can't keep a good man down..............or Leedsunited for that matter!
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    Bodmin Town and Leeds United

    It's official: he's an embarrassment to his own club.
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    Cornwall Senior Cup

    Lets be honest all games are away for your players