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    Back to football Well done to guy and the lads at Redruth United res. On your first win of the season
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    Well done to all the Combo teams today that played!!! Loads of games off all over the South-west and the Combo managed 8 out of the 9 scheduled for today with Helston being off earlier in the week. I must admit I had to do the reports in the car on the way home from Norwich. I popped into Bristol Manor Farm v Cinderford as I thought I would only have to do a couple of games that were left on. Was shocked when the wife picked me up at 5pm after her trip to Ikea kitchen hunting and I saw there were 8 games!! Was on the car phone and iPad all the way home! Saved me a drive in that shit weather so well done from me! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸΌβš½οΈ
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    I want to echo those congratulations to all the Combo teams who got games played. I was at Penryn v Illogan and, despite the weather, it was an absorbing cup tie. My blog from the Combo Cup tie between Penryn Athletic and Illogan is now online at thecupfootballblogger.wordpress
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    Results 22nd October

    League cup ST.AGNES (0) 2 Kettle 78, 88 HALSETOWN (2) 2 32, 41 *won 4-3 on pens Game of two halves at Enys Parc, Halsetown turned up with a strong young for a Vets team side and largely dominated the first half and went in a couple of goals up at the break which was probably about right on the play. Not sure who got the first and how as I was back in the dressing room gathering an extra top as it was a bit fresh in the dug out, the second goal was a sublime chip over home keeper Mark Norgate by Steve Hosking I think it was? . After a bit of half time tinkering and bit of a telling off as much as you can do at Vets level from Kimmo and Steve the hosts produced a much better second half performance. I came on with 35 minutes to go and Tony Penrose played a lovely reverse pass into my path on the edge of area and with my first touch I volleyed against the post. 😀. Minutes later with my second touch a cross fell to me ten yards out and the keeper pulled off what I can only describe as a worldly Gordon Banks esq save tipping a shot three feet off the ground over the bar with his forearm. πŸ‘πŸΌ 😳 Kimmo would have been chuffed with that in his prime!!! My calf popped ten minutes later which felt like someone stabbing me with a hot poker to end my 20 minute run out and bad day at the office πŸ™„. but the lads kept on knocking at the door and we got a deserved goal back with Colin Kettle getting in over the top and finishing well. The visitors defended well and always looked capable of scoring on the break with Hosking, Kevin Toms and Leigh Murray a very quick frontline but just when it looked all over after we had one headed and then kicked off the line Colin came up with a replica of his first goal shooting under the keeper. On to penalties as the heavens opened and it was the visitors who scored four out of their five taken with Norgate saving well off Roscoe but unfortunately for us defenders Matt Baxter and Rob Watt who both had good games got underneath their pens and in the car park they went and we were out. Probably a fair result on the day as we took too long to get going and the visitors played that bit better over the 90 minutes I think? Well refereed as well by the way, can’t hardly think of either team shouting a comment towards the ref Mr Francis Hood all game which is good to see. That’s about it, I’m off to whack another bag of ice on my calf and watch Spurs beat Liverpool hopefully? No game for three weeks now, might be a good thing for all our aching body parts πŸ‘βš½οΈ
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    Not far off. The minimum is 60 mins as per Rule10b(v): 'All matches outside of the NLS shall have duration of 90 minutes unless a shorter time (not less than sixty (60) minutes) is mutually arranged by the two Clubs in consultation with the referee prior to the commencement of the match, and in any event shall be of equal halves.' 10f as quoted by Bighairydave above covers abandonments. And of course all of this has been done to death in previous seasons if anybody wishes to dig out the old posts or, even more radically, read the League Rules (https://resources.thefa.com/images/ftimages/data/league3983534/40593.pdf) before posting.
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    Must be a wealthy club !! Not many clubs can afford to give away much needed revenue πŸ˜‰
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    Thank you mate. The game was 2 completely different games of football. First half was awful with the wind against you And 2nd the roles were reversed and penryn had far more possession. Hopefully a date can be arranged Tom
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    Enjoy your break Paul.
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    whole game system says just a playing or refereeing ban
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    Its a public field in the Duchy league there are no barriers surrounding the pitch only the marked pitch. The banned player did not play was not on the bench! It comes across as sour grapes from a player who was no longer needed after serious criminal allegations were made regarding said player.,if there are any issues I suggest the league clarify the rules to make sure that we haven't broken as the club feels we have been honest in our approach to obeying these rules!
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    Of course it does. If it's a ban as a player then that won't affect managing as the suspension is only playing.
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    Just wanted to say well done to all the lads today!! Down to 10 men after 15 mins and down to 9 men 2 mins into the second half......the ref had a shocker but the lads never gave up and put there bodies on the line right till the end....we deserved the result......πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘βš½οΈ
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    Unfortunately jai I wasnt involved due to suspension. As a medic first aider I did offer to help the st Dennis lad who was injured.i was at the field walking my dog!hopefully that's OK in a parish field we waved the 7 days on the transfer request for you shame it didn't work out for you,but the rumours regarding you stealing money from other clubs made it impossible to select you as the lads didn't feel comfortable with you there.
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    At least you made up for it in the second half when you flagged a perran player offside when he was at least 2 yards on! Horrible conditions for 2 good footballing sides.
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    FA Cup

    Not when you are taking your 5 year old grandson,to watch Spurs for the first time. Would'nt ruin his special day,for Truro City. Suppose Im a bit like the TCFC chairman.Got other priorities.
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    2017-18 Launceston Cup

    St Ann's Chapel v Boscastle Bridgerule 'A' v Lamerton Gunnislake v Kilkhampton North Hill v Lifton Pensilva v Southgate Seniors St Cleer v North Petherwin Probably to be played on a Sunday
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    Not in duchy league they didnt.