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    What no fag ash and chips ?? Older you won't get on Bake off if you don't practice .
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    Uwdi Krugg

    Cally v Parkway

    Enjoyed my jaunt to the Marsh last night. Busy clubhouse with a good contingent making the trip from Plymouth Bit damp early on but the pitch stood up pretty well. Hobbs was up to his old tricks slamming in a glorious opener as early as the second minute. The expected first half onslaught never happened, Cally battled hard and despite a few wobbles went in 0-1 at the break. A good effort. Just like buses you wait over 40 minutes then 6 goals all come at once. Parkway slid up a couple of gears second half and left Cally at the traffic lights. Finished 1-7 and to be brutally honest it could have been plenty more during that second half (no disrespect to the home side). Are this Plymouth Parkway side as good as the flashy reports and predictions in the media, well in a nutshell, yes they are. When they switch that turbo on they leave you for dead. I know there are a lot of politics being digested about throwing cash around and all the rest but its bloody good entertainment, at least it is for the neutral and those in yellow and blue bobble hats.
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    Cally v Parkway

    Great stats Mike, So we need two goals from next three games to reclaim that stat!? Parkway going a long like an express train, again no qualms from our camp, not like a lot of the moaners from.different clubs ... they are the bench mark we are all chasing now...
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    St Austell 2 Polperro 3 Cordner, Thomas for Polperro, Dingle (2) for St Austell before an 85th minute winner on the volley from Robbie Spencer
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    Thought that unless it was a council/services pitch the referee had the final say not the groundsman.
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    Manager Required

    Big bad Barry you seem to know a lot maybe you should apply. No return for myself Martin not at this stage anyway👍Finally Franco won't be asked to step up he's just arrived and doing very well playing some great football with our reserves which we are all delighted with. We already have a team running the firsts as in gk coach assistant manager & plenty of help. We want a manager who can step in with a few players now or later down the line. We have had interest & will see how it goes hopefully if the right man doesn't come for now we can continue as we are. Enough on this subject now.
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    That's the death knell for that paper then.
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    Rep Sides for SWPL, West & East

    think it would be interesting to see a West Div rep and an East Div rep formed and play against each other along with the likes of the Royal Navy & Cornwall U18s
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    2-1 at half time, we came out and scored a stunner to equalise! Very pleased with our efforts against what is obviously a very good, physically strong side. We had our No.10 in goal and were 2 other regulars missing, however fairplay to the lads that filled in with heart and energy and a great team spirit. Thanks for the game and hospitality afterwards, good luck in the next round. Our goal scorers: Tom Giles and Kit Johns.
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    Looks like there is a good spread of players at Torpoint who could play through the teams but to keep a team together as a unit is a good tactic as they bond and know eachother etc. I have seen Walts play and he can be fantastic at times, there are also several decent players in the ECPL team that could step up, why pay the SWPL team 20 to 50 a game when there is so much talent in the other teams
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    Walter C Parson Cup 3rd Rd draw tonight

    Bodmin be in for a tough match!
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    He played today and got the winner in the League Cup he is now coming a more regular member of the 1st team, now scored four goals in two games!