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    Just because you have a few bob - doesn't mean you have any sense.
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    FA Cup

    Fantastic draw for City!!! Apart from Portsmouth, Blackburn or Bradford and possibly Argyle it couldn’t be better in my opinion. The Valley is a top class stadium with a capacity of 27’000 odd!! They always get 5 figure crowds for home games of which City will get an even share! That will be a decent amount of cash to be fair👍👌⚽️ Hope the players are still on a nice little bonus 😁 Reckon BT Sport could well go for a live game here as well with it being a bit of a fairy story, Cornish football which nobody up the line thinks we can play down here, a club in administration only 5 years ago, could have no ground next season blah blah! 😳 Think the home team comes out of a tv live match a bit better but could be a great money spinner for the club. Could well have been away to Oxford City, Shaw Lane or Heybridge so let’s relish it and get behind the lads. Would love to see a big contingent go up and support City on the day and do Cornish football proud.
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    FA Cup

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    FA Cup

    If anyone is going to place £5k on Truro progressing.....then they should seek professional help.
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    Nobody classed as a Borough Legend would entertain coming on here and talking like this. Sounds more like somebody with an axe to grind. If it's that bad and your free, offer your services and help out!
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    Sticker Forever

    FA Cup

    Give it to a needy charity if you got 5 grand to chuck away ya nut job 🙄
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    FA Cup

    no i will not calm down , this will be better than flambards , and thats usually the best day of the week
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    After game sat and sun pitch very soft looking ok but the forecast for tues rain coming in . Groundsman was thinking about the rest off season so called the game off . Not like what happed at Falmouth when groundsman wanted game off ref turn up and plays ground unfit for next game
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    No doubt, Polperro will be the place to be on Saturday when they take on Torpoint in the League Cup(Round2) A MUST SEE !
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    Rep Sides for SWPL, West & East

    think it would be interesting to see a West Div rep and an East Div rep formed and play against each other along with the likes of the Royal Navy & Cornwall U18s
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    Keith B

    Just a rumour....

    Don't spread rumours guys - they can land you in a lot of trouble. Could also be lies !
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    It goes to prove, some of my postings get read, thanks for that I am ashamed Off I go.
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    I'd love to know where you've heard this fall out with first and third team utterly rubbish!!!! I'm the third team manager and have had nothing but a good relationship with Steve and his decision to leave and his reasons are for him to tell people not for anyone else to guess or make up things, but for lot's of people committing to management is becoming harder and harder! Illogan seconds compared to last season have had a much better start and with some of the players in that squad plus great facilities they'll continue to do well...
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    lizard argyle 5.2 wendron utd 4ths. pitch held up nicely weather was crap. football was brilliant. no trouble or hassle just 2 teams wanting to play the game. thanks to lizard for the food after and both teams for an enjoyable game.