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    FA Cup

    Truro City have drawn CHARLTON ATHLETIC away in the 1st Round.
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    FA Cup

    no i will not calm down , this will be better than flambards , and thats usually the best day of the week
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    St Darren

    FA Cup

    No way. Theyโ€™ll get more money away from home
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    FA Cup

    If they hurry up and build the stadium for Cornwall in the next few weeks and Truro draw with charlton we could hold the replay there!!!๐Ÿค
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    SWPL & Cup - Saturday Oct 14th 2017

    Well to be honest I though my lads did very well on Saturday ! we could have used a shut up shop formation and sat deep but i decided to let them play with freedom and have a go. Don't accept is was naivety, we had come back from 2 down and felt we could go on to crab it with only 7 or so minutes on the clock, but we got turned over by two pieces of magic from Slates . Good luck to Bodmin in the next round and in your vase game on Saturday.
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    FA Cup

    Truro City have'nt got a home.
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    Any players not associated with any current clubs wishing to attend a training session for Holmans we train from 8 pm to 9 pm every Thursday at pool school . Trainers & mouldies no studs.
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    Manager Required

    Bottom of the league and not much of a side, not a very appealing job but to be fair it's a chance for somebody to come in and start afresh at a once big local side, hopefully whoever takes over can get the club back to something like it
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    They were all good in different ways Dave. Whichever way you represent your county itโ€™s a proud moment!
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    The Sin-Bin so far?

    Nearli every Time i have seen this stupid rule used against us and against an opposition side! It is for appealing not an aggressive or foul word used just appealing for a foul!!! That to me is not dissent does the fa want both teams to be totally silent alll game!! It also shows alot wen itll never be used at senior level!!! Load of rubbish if u ask me!! Saw a player get hacked out asked the ref isnt that a foul got sinn binned for dissent ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜† an gt the free kick
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    Great result! Looking forward to the draw on Monday now. The former Premier League champions, Blackburn, at Treyew Road would be a brilliant reward or any of the west country league teams would draw a good crowd. Fingers crossed for a favourable draw!