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    I like Emmerdale We are in the Europa league ( pub cup ) just for my fellow Gooner Mangle
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    Dont forget Emmerdale this week.We are off to the Bernabeau.
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    If Carling done perfect weekends. This one would be it. Goons lose at the mighty Watford. Rent Boys lose at Palace,LOL. Manc's and scoucers in a bore draw. But the YIDS march on.
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    1 Manchester City2287102925 2 Manchester United2086202119 3 Tottenham Hotspur1785211510 4 Watford158431130 5 Chelsea138413135 6 Arsenal138413122
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    Welcome to the life of an old Spurs fan........you lot in the pub cup laughing at yourselves - get used to it.