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    The club is falling apart and Wenger just doesn't seem to care. I read that after the game on Sunday Wenger refused to criticise the players in the dressing room, and it was left to Cech to read the riot act to the players. How can you manage a club if you aren't willing to grill players for poor performance? Wenger has been long past it for the last 7 years or so, and Arsenal will only fall by the wayside with him in charge. If I was an Arsenal fan, I'd be fuming with the club. Firstly they blamed paying the stadium off for years as to why they never bought players, something I always found funny as they're one of the richest clubs in the country and could easily pay the ground off much quicker than they claimed. Secondly, the move to the ground was meant to help the club financially compete with the top fees and wages being offered by other top clubs. Instead Wenger seems content in one player being bought for a decent fee, with no one else to back him up as well as selling players to make that money back. Thirdly, Wenger has too much power at that club, and it isn't healthy. For the club to progress he must leave, and leave soon. The fact that he's under achieved for so many years, yet he gets a contract extension with a pay rise is just ridiculous! On another note, I do love the implosion of Arsenal!
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    Moved from Somerset.Dont live there anymore. Over the moon with our transfer buisness. [ Unlike others ]. Just the two out, Walker and Wimmer. Replaced with Aurier,a good if not better than Walker,at half the price.Then two promising youngsters ,Sanchez and Foyth to replace Wimmer. Add to that a back up keeper,and Llorente,who is a great experienced striker,who has been there and done it.Great back up for Kane. Now may be the moaners can stop going on about strikers. We now have three. Add the Champions League draw to the transfer window,and its happy day's. COYS.
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    7.30 PM Plymouth Parkway 1-2 Torpoint Athletic up the point!