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    Tottenham Hotspur

    It's the only language that Somersetspur understands!!
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    Tottenham Hotspur

    I have decided to lower myself and have some fun. The amount of utter rubbish that is emitted from the Spurs supporters on this forum reaches new highs every week. And in entering any debate, you are met with nothing but insults, jibes or the use of the "zzzzzzzz" reply. The only language they seem to know is childish jibberish, so I am reaching out at this time now that they have BOTTLED IT BIG TIME. Recent posts along the lines of "Chelsea rent boys....." have been well and truly quashed by this afternoons result. They were soundly beaten today by a club way ahead of them. And at their "new home" too. Wonderful to see.
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    Tottenham Hotspur

    AH !!! Wembley - not my favourite place BUT ....who's going to beat our record ...losing 7 semi finals ...something to shout about there. AND - there's always tomorrow ...c'mon you city.