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    Immense sadness this morning at our friend's passing. After the sudden exiting of Dave Wadd at Falmouth Town all the players were wondering who could fill the huge shoes left by the big man. Trevor was the chosen one and luckily he had big feet. I remember him strolling in oozing in confidence as if to say "I've got this!" From day one he took over the club and all the players loved it. The doubters said that the often brutal training sessions that went before him would drop off. No! I still remember throwing up with exhaustion regularly. They said his attention to detail wouldn't be as thorough. No! He and Jill drove across the country to scout our FA Vase opponents. Success followed and he was the man who led a band of lifelong friends who are all absolutely shattered by the news this morning. If any club chairman wanted a manager who could guarantee success then he was on a list of one, and if there was a Christmas almanac of successful Cornish football managers then he'd be on the cover. If you never had the honour of playing for him then you sadly missed out on a special privilege. God bless him and his family and close friends. RIP Trevor. Friend, Colleague, Coach, Mentor, Manager, Legend. The real "Special One".
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    Chiverton Park St Agnes AFC

    I have missed some posting on here re Chiverton Park but wanted to put up an update from the club in support of the fabulous teams, volunteers and sponsors who have worked so hard to help develop football and facilities in our area. Chiverton Park has been a second pitch home of St Agnes AFC for 14 years now. We have it on a rolling short term rental lease with temporary planning applied for every 3 years and annual rent. We are presently fielding 24 teams across youth, girls, men, ladies, veterans and disability. A huge responsibility to fund everything and provide playing facilities! Through grants and years of hard work we have been able to improve our facilities at Enys Parc demonstrating our wish to develop things. Not owning the ground at Chiverton Park, the short term lease and temporary planning makes it difficult to make any major changes there. It is not possible to apply for grant funding on a short term lease and difficult to justify large changes or expenditure. Following some positive communication with our landlords and solicitors we have just negotiated a longer lease which should help us access grant funding and give us time to fulfil the plans we have always dreamed of doing at Chiverton Park. Having unfortunately not read all the comments posted on this subject i cannot answer any specific queries. We have all witnessed so many teams and clubs fall by the wayside in recent seasons and particularly this year so perhaps with a little more understanding of our situation at Chiverton Park those forum posters will see things from a different angle. I am personally incredibly proud of all our club has achieved including making Chiverton work as best we can within the confines of lease/planning and finance. I am also really, really grateful to the amazing club volunteers who work so hard at Chiverton Park but have battled critisism for things they can't change. We have so far looked at an improved building, done some pitch works and with the extended lease hope to improve things further. The football community needs to work together and support each other more than ever right now and value each club, team, player, fixture and facility. If anyone wants to discuss or share opinions any further please get in touch. Thank you. Mandy Kimmins Chair St Agnes AFC 07974 370666
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    Trevor Mewton - RIP - truly a legend!

    Words can’t express the sadness and emptiness today.. I consider myself blessed to have been one of Trev's “players”. We all owe him so much, l first met him as the owner of Studs Sports when I was about 14 getting my boots on my mums Visa card and I was almost afraid to speak to him and was shocked when he said he knew who I was and had heard my name being mentioned! The Alex Ferguson of Cornish football what a confidence boost! I later realised that Trev knew every player in Cornish football from about 12 to 35 that was worth knowing, his knowledge of players and his scouting network was second to none! Years later I was lucky to have played for the boss at 3 different clubs as well as the SWL X1 which he managed for many years. I spent many of the best and funniest moments of my life in Trevs company, not just on the pitch where he won everything in Cornish football about ten times over but off it as well. As Tommy has already mentioned I had the privilege of being the boss first signing when he took the job at Falmouth and he built on an already fantastic team over his time there and I have never experienced a group of such tight knit players, all great mates with a team spirit second to none, a real band of brothers which Trev helped to build and everyone of us would run through a brick wall for him and each other. . He never seemed to sign a bad player! Anyone that came in were welcomed and seemed to fit into the side. We all had the utmost respect for Trev but you could crack the odd joke and get a laugh off him now and again as well, and our end of season tours to Holland were legendary where he would let his hair down but he still expected us to win the games! A great man manager who had the perfect blend of being your friend but you still knew very much so that he was the boss and what was expected of you on and off the pitch. I can not speak highly enough of the gaffer and could probably go on forever about the way you could talk football on the phone for an hour but it seemed like ten minutes and whenever you got a bad injury he would come around your house with Jill the next day with some flowers for your mum or mrs and a box of chocolates to keep your spirits up. A few of us even worked in the shop for Trev and Jill in the summer for a few extra quid. He had the exterior of being a hard man to please on the outside but he had a heart of gold on the inside and would do almost anything to help one of his boys. Even though you could see he was not very well around May time he still managed to do an interview at his house for the French tv company that were doing a documentary following me around for a few days about the 2000th goal. Trev had a side to him that many of his opponents probably never saw but we all did and It’s been an absolute honour boss and no doubt you and Ray have already got the tactics board out up there going over a few set pieces!!! Love to Jill and and family and RIP to the biggest legend who ever sat in a dug out in Cornish football. God bless boss, it was a pleasure and privilege to be your friend, thanks for everything. 👌⚽️❤️
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    SWPL - Tuesday 28th November 2017

    I actually bring nothing to the coaching at all, however I do bring four bags of Haribo to every game (two pre-match and two at half time). It worked for Baby (Frances Houseman) in Dirty Dancing albeit she carried a watermelon.
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    Town have been steadily improving year-on year as can be seen from their final league positions. Some of the better teams may have taken a step back this year but Town have definitely taken a step forward. Testament to Westy as he has trusted in youth, as he has a limited budget, and he has made sure the players he has are very fit and well-organised. Credit also to assistant coach Charlie Davis who seems to offer some excellent coaching from the side-lines and presumably in training too. It is a pleasure to watch Town at the moment as they play some excellent football always trying to play on the deck and through the midfield and maintaining a fierce tempo most times. Finally all done without a single Plymouth-based player as far as I can see which is a departure from our previous successful spells. A local West Cornwall team with consequently a great team spirit. Senior Cup Final appearance please as a minimum this year as Town could beat any Cornwall team (Except Truro!) on their day in my opinion.
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    Trelawny League - Saturday Nov 25th 2017

    I have, but it’s a rivalry game so both clubs think that it would be more appropriate to have a neutral official as it complicates things. Managing the side while officiating in such a vital fixture doesn’t sit well with me. i have also offered to officiate another game if ours is, indeed, called off. So don’t worry about me - I’ll be involved in Football one way or another on a Saturday
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    ECPL St Blazey v Plymouth Parkway

    The return fixture is scheduled for Saturday 18th November - The Parkway lads have had a whip round and had a pennant made especially for the lad that got injured last week.
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    Thank you for your kind words there Sticker. It's always worth remembering that it is not the groundsman or referee that cancels games - it is the weather. The season now is ten months long, plenty of time to fit games in these days, I would always suggest to get as many games in early to allow cancellations during the winter. It takes more than a couple of hours to repair a pitch that has been badly damaged by playing when you shouldn't. And if you liquefy it you won't play on it for at least a month !!!!! The change in the weather patterns over the last 30 years is causing a lot of problems now, we don't get a bit of steady rain anymore, it's now a deluge over a couple of hours and no ground can deal with it.....unless of course you have a £1,000,000 premier league sand and rubber pitch of course. Best of luck to all the ground staff for this weekend....it will be a tough one.
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    Is it any wonder that teams aren't putting results on this site much of late? Everyone just slags everyone off! Can't admin just move all of the crap to a different thread each time, so RESULTS can be in the results section every week. Same goes for all the league's really. Thanks Burt
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    Phil Ryder RIP

    Myself and all the boys at Wadebridge are sad to see another of our great friends from Newquay pass away, we had some fantastic games against that Newquay team and Phil was always a threat, strong and lethal in front of goal and such good fun afterwards. We would just like to say how sad & sorry we are and send our condolences to Phil's family & friends.
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    No it is not, why should clubs with lights incur the additional costs of lighting up the ground when others don't. The option to request a later kick off is there if you don't mind spending an additional £60 odd , along with all the other costs of staging a football match.
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    By the looks of it Matt Thackeray is taking the crown from Jason Peters this season, looks like 3 clubs from the 15th Sept, embarrassing for the player having to move around so much, is he Peters in disguise
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    Postman Pat

    Illogan RBL

    Sijames are you just stirring or do you have a short memory. When Illogan were winning the Combination League people slated them for not taking promotion, now they have tried Penisula football for 4 seasons you say they bit off more than they can chew. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t comes to mind. At least they tried well done for that
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    I won both with Falmouth.
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    We are poor at times however 6-1 and 10-0 in last 2 rounds ''tis a results business. 👌
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    I wonder how many doom and gloom merchants who were saying that Town were dead certs for relegation have got egg on their faces. Well done Westy.
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    Mike Odgers

    SWPL - Tuesday 28th November 2017

    The 0-7 thrashing by Tavistock on the opening day of the season is now a distant memory-on that day 6 debutants were playing SWPL Premier Division.for the first time. The first Pre Season get together was against Truro City 0-6 which one long standing City supporter told me it was the worst Falmouth side he had ever seen. A great turn around by Manager Andy Westgarth.
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    Brian, sorry to see you boys lost I was hoping to meet you in the cup mate. Chris I hope you are well mate are you still involved at PROBUS ? Ben is a class act GSM have a very good side and the ground is much improved hopefully see you at a ground soon. Finally Rappo sorry mate you are wrong I did not save both. I hope all is good with you Mark ad the net time you are at Lostwithiel pop over for a chat and hopefully a soft drink after the game. I am now limping off to my boys under 9 game against Bodmin, is gonna be a long day for my battered aching body.
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    Phil Ryder RIP

    Sad day for football Phil was a true legend at Newquay football club and my mother in laws all time favourite player I was lucky enough to watch phil play and know him as a friend loved watching Godolphin when he wasn’t working and giving banter to the opposition I can remember when someone posted on forum need to sort the village idiot which we both laughed at when I showed him total legend friend who will be missed not just with me but anyone involved in football❤️⚽️💙
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    Tommy Matthews

    Phil Ryder RIP

    I am shocked to the core. Not only did I have numerous battles with Phil over the years but did lots of business with him in his capacity as head chef at Newquay’s Kilbirnie Hotel. You knew you were in for an almighty battle with Phil. Sometimes you won but mostly you lost. The one thing you knew was there was nothing sly about him and a handshake and a beer after the game was a given. Fantastic goal scorer, brave as a lion and great to be around. Massive shock. RIP Phil, condolences to your family and friends. People use the word “legend” all too frequently these days. Not this time. Legend.
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    Change in your cars, and wash the mud off in the puddles after the game is what we had ....didn't do us any harm.
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    Simply to make sure we have a ref and a match. Both clubs keen, cleared with league and ref in place.
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    I think every team in the league rulings have to have a qualified ref in there ranks and that they MUST be used in the case of game that has no allocated ref whether one team does the 90 or split in half each .. this is done in various other sports and works really well
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    Postman Pat

    Called off

    Yes but sometimes common sense must prevail
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    FACYC Latest.

    No player should ever turn down the chance to play for their County.
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    Sad news. This is how Trevor should be remembered. An asset to Cornish football, a legend amongst his peers and a legacy that every manager should strive to achieve.
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    Worth listening to Older. The bloke produced the best playing surface the county has seen over the last 25 years or so. What is the point of 23 blokes stanking around with studs on a pitch that is already ripped up from the previous week or two and has had loads more water on it since!? You just wreck it for the next month! Look after it a bit. You’ve got until the end of May to squeeze it in somewhere! I’m sure the long suffering wives and girlfriends would appreciate their blokes around the week or so before Xmas. 🎅🏼 Could well be some brownie points in the bag for yourself as well for all the footie later on in the season!! 👍
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    Personally think a lot of games will be off this weekend
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    Same here ...I'm Donald Duck and everyone should just get on with it ...unbelievable it's football, shit happens - just watch the games. It's not just on here, it's all over football, gob, gob, gob, everybody is at it in this world today.
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    And all those rude remarks about Witheridge. Well done Withy !
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    Gwinear Churchtown New Manager

    Club Announcement..... After a very dark month for the club in November, December has started very well indeed for the club. Gwinear are proud to announce that after successful negotiations and a bit of ear twisting the capture of a new manager. Danny Richards who was Joint first team manager at Hayle has this week agreed to take over the reigns at the club for the remainder of this season and moving forwards. Those that know Danny will know he will bring a great atmosphere back into the club and the structure the club has been missing over the last few years, Danny will be assisted by current manager Damon Walters and both are looking forward to bringing the glory days back to the club. Danny has already attracted a number of players back to the club and over the next few months the club will be adding to its squad with players who previously left the club to play a higher standard and also welcome some players to the club who have never had the pleasure of experiencing our facilities With the season still very early on Gwinear will be looking to climb the league and see what we can do to gain promotion. Danny will be taking control of the team this Saturday, when we have the pleasure of welcoming Mullion to Gwinear, as long as the weather stays good obviously. Here come the good times.........
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    The referee for St Day v Falmouth Res has changed to Andrew McKnight The Referee for St Day III v Falmouth III is Jamie Mooney. I must add Jamie referee St Day Pilgrims v Falmouth U14s very recently in a County fixture and was an excellent example of refereeing. Who cares who' the referee is, we would all soon be bloody complaining when the referees refuse to ref certain clubs and teams or didnt turn up at all. Let's play football and give the referee an easy game to officiate in. It' going to be a Christmas cracker I'm sure!!
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    Keith B


    Agree with your second paragraph. It's the desire and pride in playing for your local club that has largely disappeared, sadly. I guess priorities are different now than in our/my day. You were proud to be selected to play for your local club then.
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    Hayle FC

    Club house revamped already , with bar moved wall taken down , new windows, flooring , changing rooms new flooring , showers painted throughout , toilets ect floodlights on the 3G and main pitch where installed last week just awaiting connection . What has been done so far is looking great still some jobs to be completed but credit to everyone involved , perhaps it may help attract some players back to the club , if players want top class facilities look no further than Hayle . Hopefully walking football as well for us oldies , the chairman was looking into , spoke to him Saturday .
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    Keith B

    SWPL - Tuesday 28th November 2017

    Well done Falmouth Town. What a great season thus far. Keep it going lads - great club, great ground and nice people.
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    Some good points raised in the thread regarding participation levels. I personally don't think it's directly correlated to facilities at all though. That is a much smaller issue in the grand scheme of things and can even be used as a convenient justification for the "I'd rather do something else with my Saturdays" crowd. I think it's probably a symptom of much broader issues in society. People are arguably more overworked now and have less energy, time or financial means to engage in sport as a past time. It takes a lot more energy to be an active participant in your own life than it does to passively observe other people's. This doesn't go just for Football but it just so happens that it is quite a good example. Things like rising food prices, a huge fall in living standards (the biggest in 60 years in the UK), wages falling massively behind inflation, poor quality food etc. These are the culprits, not the dugouts or the length of the grass.
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    Phil Ryder RIP

    Really gutted to hear this news Dave. When I first went to Newquay at 16 Phil and Graham Nicholls were the front two for the 1st team and the county, different players and blokes but both brilliant at what they did. Lovely for a young novice like me to learn off those two masters. Phil was as strong as an ox and he would actually bully the centre half!! He would back into defenders and was almost impossible to get the ball off but was a great finisher with it and hell of a strike on him. Always great to see him at football over the years for a reminisce. Saw him at Godolphin end of last season in good spirits as usual but comparing our knackered knees!! Im sure the older gents will have some great stories about Phil, great character!! RIP to a proper Cornish football legend. ⚽👌
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    Postman Pat

    Senior football facility's

    All clubs have to attempt to improve because if you stand still you get stagnant and soon your club will be lucky to survive. But you need volunteers behind the scene's and this is where you start to get problems because players tend to move from club to club.we are lucky where we have wife's and mothers willing to help and it does help tremendously.
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    Senior football facility's

    Stevie, you are correct on the bad language, the Parish Council complained to the club and we raise this with Refs before every match. As you know the children's playground is right next to the pitch and you would think there would be more respect, but some teams apparently have no issue with using foul language next to young children, it's disgraceful. On the subject of the pitch, the comments are unfair, like most pitches in the recent weather, ours has suffered, but the pitch had been rolled and the grass is not taken to the lowest cut to try and help protect it from cutting up; it won't be the longest grass that Pendeen have to play on in the league, that's for certain! The club has tried to improve the dugouts, the ground is not Council owned, but is a King George V Playing field and it has a certain protected status because of it. The playing field committee has been approached about permanent dugouts, but for whatever reason will not give the club consent to build them, so we are stuck with the temporary dugouts until something changes. We look forward to playing at "Premiership"standard facilities when we go to Pendeen later in the season! ; - )
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    Firstly, how is that a contradiction? We have played in fixtures with no appointed referee previously, and upmost respect to Probus for offering to do it - not every club would be able to. However, the decision was made not to play, which every club is entitled to do - the fourth team aren’t the first ones to refuse and they won’t be the last. As we are part of the problem, shall we go and cancel the referring course which is being held at the club? Are you attending, if not, then are you part of the problem? We have players within the club that are trained referees that often give up their weeks of playing football to officiate on Saturdays, Sunday Leagues and youth matches. So I really do not think that we ‘are part of the problem and a joke.’ But if your eyes say so then you’re entitled to your opinion. Are we part of the problem with grassroots football? Week on week giving football to 4 Men’s sides of various levels, providing a Sunday League team, a Vets team and a whole host of youth football? Lots of players within the locality would have played for Wendron at some point - whether youth or men’s. So rather than being the problem with grassroots football, I would consider us being quite a big advocate and promoter of it...in my eyes. I don’t think the idea would catch on, forcing a team to play with an untrained, and possibly not neutral, ref could open a huge can of worms - even if the ‘referee’ has the best of games. Agreed that there is something to be done and it’s great that the FA are putting on more courses at various venues. I don’t know what puts people off, the cost? The fact they don’t think they’ll enjoy it? The fact that they know what people are like as players?
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    Perhaps the lack of Queens English eminating from the home dugout area, is reflected in the lack of support from fans who find it offensive. That explanation was offered to us by an EX Bodmin fan, who did not want to be associated with such language, and now reluctantly watches his football elsewhere !
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    ECPL St Blazey v Plymouth Parkway

    You always hear so much negative stuff about the game these days but this is what football, especially local is all about!! Great effort and well done to all the lads involved 👏🏼⚽️👏🏼👌
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    When you are due to play troon next month. We will happily reverse fixture if you're grass ain't cut find a ref pay the ref anything to avoid a evening fixture down madron........
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    Keith B

    A bit of advice

    In our day it was a great tackle to use as a player and good to watch when a spectator. A greasy pitch was a thing to be relished, or feared. Some players were very good at the slide tackle, others not so - ouch !
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    Zak is only a year older in our goal!! 😊👍⚽️
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    Called off

    Not surprised the weather this week in the Wendron/ Helston area has been really wet and if you know your not going to play I think it's better to let people know early than keep them waiting
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    I am very sad to hear this news. I spoke to Trevor often in my time with the Sunday Independent and Evening Herald patrolling the SWL beat and always enjoyed our conversations. Always got a straight answer from him and most of the time he saw the same game I did!! Very few managers in Cornish football history had the success he did and he always had the respect of his players - and of other managers as well. RIP Trevor
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    I'm still playing at Probus mate. Maybe one year, if we manage to stay in the Jumior Cup long enough, our paths may cross on the field again?! Hopefully see you soon mate.
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    Trelawny League - Saturday Nov 18th 2017

    They could do with a 3g pitch 😁😁😁
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    Mabe FC Fold

    Nothing wrong with having more than 3 teams as long as you can facilitate them. As the previous poster said, a lot of players that play youth at the club come in and play for the 4th/3rd teams, and players on their way down play for them. This doesn't take players away from other sides. The Illogan issue to me sounded like they wouldn't make the step to the seconds, not necessarily an issue with stepping up a level. Hope they sort themselves out - great club. I don't think there is a sole reason for a decline in players, there are many contributing factors and pointing the finger at travel is wrong, the decline is a national issue - not just Cornish. Personally, I think it's just how the world is now. People have other commitments with Saturday work, families and changing technology. People can access games world wide on a Saturday afternoon with out leaving the toilet. It's a decline in spectators as well as players. I remember the smallest of villages getting big crowds out on Saturday afternoons. Now you're lucky if a man and his dog walk past. Grassroots football is an issue nationally at all levels and at all positions of a club. Chairman, managers, players, spectators, groundsmen, kit washers...