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    Sorry to burst your bubble Hayle lights are up and running on both pitches , look for the link on facebook , so instead of sarky comments come and have a look at the first club in Cornwall that owns their own 3g pitch now complete with working flood!lights . Stick that in your pipe and smoke it
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    Mike Odgers

    Tavistock 0 Falmouth Town 1

    First league defeat at Langsford Park for Tavistock this season. County Youth player Jack Webber with his debut goal for Falmouth. A big turn around from losing 0-7 to The Lambs on the opening day of the season.
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    Home Waters


    If the match official yesterday couldn't spot the bloke he sent from the dugout, standing inside the rail in front of the stand, still issuing instructions to his players then swopping his black top for a blue one from his dugout and continuing - he is never going to spot a man with a clip board dressed in black kit with a county fa badge on.
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    Massive Congratulations to Mousehole. What a fantastic effort from the Div 1 West side. A brilliant match which had a bit of everything. In my opinion the better side won on the night with the superior levels of fitness getting them over the line. St Austell played their part and almost took it too penalties with a gulit edge chance on 120 mins which resulted in fast thinking from Mousehole keeper to play a quick long ball to the striker who ran in on goal to make it 3-1 with the last kick of the game. Overall a fantastic advert for cornish football. Well worth the £4 entry fee. Good of luck to Mousehole in the final.
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    Re: Cancelled Trelawney Cups

    Looking at fixtures, most will be finished end of April latest.....so why not make May “Cup Month” with two games a week and cup finals mid May!!
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    Just got back from a few days off and have read the thread.......no apologies for some of these remarks then ???? Both games played, both seemed to have concluded without mishap, pitch not too bad .....silence is golden s'pose.
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    Sorry pal , by all means if you can dry it out fork it & somehow mark it this morning I will let our groundsmen know you are on your way ! After all Holmans can’t wait to play 20 odd games at three per week like everyone else although we would like a fu—ing pitch to do it on 😡glad I don’t get wound up anymore 😂😂
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    Re: Cancelled Trelawney Cups

    There’s many different solutions, and that’s another great one. The Trelawny League praised several clubs, and rightly so, for being co-operative and finding refs themselves. I just wish the league would be cooperative and compromise regarding this.
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    Ah another well mannered, mature and completely unbiased view from an official. I dread to think what language you use with your close friends if you're willing to use that on a public forum with hundreds of viewers, I am in two minds if I should report you to the CCFA or further Mr Dave rowe!
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    Many many happy returns Gerald. The nicest man you could ever wish to meet. Proud to say I have known him all my life. 🎂🍺🥂.
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    Tavistock 0 Falmouth Town 1

    David don't you think it is about time you let this Penryn thing go, the club decided to pull out of Peninsula West and a few of their better players decided they wanted to play in as high a standard as they possibly could as well as be able to do so at another local club. All credit to these players for doing so. It would of been so easy for them to have dropped down and play with their mates, as far too many players do in Cornwall. I think Westy and these lads deserve immense credit for what they have achieved so far this season and long may it continue. So to all these FALMOUTH TOWN players and Westy - well done lads and keep up the good work playing in as high a standard as you can, enjoy it as your playing days are all too short.
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    Morrish Truscott RIP

    Thanks so much everyone, your condolences are very appreciated. Morrish was my grandfather and between him and my dad Paul they introduced me to the game and trained me. Some of you may know me from local football, but I'll be forvever in the shadow of my grandad Morrish who I consider to be a legend. His dedication to Cornish football was absolutely unwavering. I'm extremely proud to carry his name on in the Cornish game. Again, many thanks! RIP grandad.
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    Morrish Truscott RIP

    Think Tom just said it all, first met Morrish in my first season for the County Youth team back in about 83/84 when he was manager. Really top bloke and his happiness and enthusiasm rubbed off on everyone. Called everyone “Woscombe” when he first met you! You knew you’d made it when he remembered your name and you weren’t a woscombe anymore!! ! Lovely guy who will be missed by many especially at Truro City where he was part of the furniture for many years. RIP Morrish ⚽️
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    Tommy Matthews

    Morrish Truscott RIP

    More extremely sad news. Morrish was well know in football circles as a fantastic player as well as a manager and always had an amazing smile for everyone. A respected figure and another loss to Cornish football. Condolences to all his family and friends. RIP Morrish a proper Cornish football legend.
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    Still in with a shout???? Win every game in hand and be 15 points behind the league leaders. I want some of what Bunney's been smoking.
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    Soccer Follower

    Pirate FM Cornwall Women

    St.Agnes 13 Porthleven 0 h/t 5-0 Well,the pitch cut up with the rain before and during this league match.Sorry Martyn. Both teams tried to play football but the teamwork of the home team was too much for a hard working Port team.The match was played in good spirits with not a bad foul throughout. Despite the wet and cold conditions it was a pleasure to referee the match.
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    Soccer Follower


    Club Secretaries.
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    Tavvy 3 -2 Parkway Great end to end game, not for the faint hearted. Disallowed goals for both teams, wood work bashed by both teams. On the night a fair result. Lewis Dawe was exceptional last night and had an outstanding game, MOM for sure Best of luck to The Lambs in the next round
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    Rob Hosking

    Many thanks to Rob Hosking ........

    A pleasure to be involved, Dave. Hoping that everybody on the forum, throughout the local game and further afield, really support this; help it take off. Great work, Dave, as usual 👍
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    Yep. Volunteers have cleared all the snow off the pitch. Pitch is looking pretty good considering.
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    Trelawny League - Saturday March 3 2018

    Frogpool Reserves vs St Buryan Reserves in Division 3 is definitely ON. It is being played at Penryn 3G due to the first team being fixtured at home at the same time. St Buryan have brilliantly agreed to let me referee the match, if one doesn’t become available.
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    Extreme weather routine?

    In all fairness, the Trelawny League are normally very proactive in this. I think by tomorrow we could see a fair few games on. Obvisouly some may be waterlogged with rain and melting snow; but at this time of year and wit previous backlogs there must be cooperation to get these games on.
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    Extreme weather routine?

    Cant help but feel that all Sijames does on here is moan.
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    Trelawny League - Saturday February24 2018

    Mawnan 4-1 stithians mawnan trailing 1-0 until the introduction of Daniel knowles who assisted the first three goals before firing in the fourth from 48 yards after controlling the ball on the back of his neck and flicking it on to his weaker left foot and unleashing a venomous strike which left the keeper rooted to the spot
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    Or Hayle played very well and deserved there 3 points
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    Must visit SW grounds

    Certainly can’t Matt!!! 👍👌⚽️🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 clubhouse end goal at Bickland is my favourite place in the world mate!!! ✋
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    Pseudonyms upset me ‘ Guess who ‘. Far too many jelly fish on this site. Only say things because nobody knows who they are. If you or anyone else has a comment or something to say, be man enough to put your real name.
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    Semi finals do have neutral officials. Probably why they are midweek to free up some referees and doesn’t take them away from weekend duties. Quarter finals have never had neutral officials. Silly comment whoever posted that earlier. Can’t beat a semi or a final under lights. Adds to the atmosphere. And probably get more support.
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    Don' really get the issue with St Day Res v mawnan not being played. We've played you away, we were not short of players, I, yes I posted on Twitter this morning the pitch was soft but a qualified referee deemed it to soft and unsafe for players....if players seriously hurt themselves or it was called of at 2:30pm you would be on here bloody moaning again. If we did not want to play we would not of spent £350 on that pitch alone this week. Sorry it just was not happening. Weve lost enough money already from our clubhouse (which pays our pitch renovations) through no games so sorry for us wanting to keep our club afloat. Anyway what' the issue we do not have any cup games to fit in so we got loads of bloody time to play.😂😂😂😂 Any concerns or if the above does not answet anyones concerns call me my number is on our website. I'm there again 9am tomorrow can give you a tour around if anyone does not believe us. Cheers Mark Leah 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛
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    Another good win for the Penfal boys......well done from me.
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    CTB reporting from a neutral POV not a St Day POV
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    Falmouth Town v Helston Athletic -ON

    He's a very good player ! 👍
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    Credit to all the groundsmen who were able to get the games on today! Credit to their clubs.
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    Would endorse Tom's comments, highly entertaining game. Thanks should go to Jason Prynn and anyone else who worked hard to get the pitch at the Rec in really good order for the game.
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    We can see you sneaking out !
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    Game on at Bickland Park. Falmouth Town v Helston Athletic with 3:00pm kick off. Get your football fix here.
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    Martin Day RIP

    News like this really hits home on how short life is and how football becomes secondary and not important. Such tragic news made worse with the knowledge that his two young kids will only hear about how good he was as a footballer but will also hear what a nice and genuine person he was with it.
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    Martin Day RIP

    Terrible news, hard to find the words really. Devastated to hear the sad news last night. Glad I got to play with Dayer one last time in that Vets match against Leeds just before Christmas. Always the same, great laugh, real competitor and top bloke and player. Heart goes out to Steve and Jamie, all the brothers absolutely lovely lads. Thoughts are with all the family. RIP Dayer x
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    Nearest football academy's

    ha ha you guys cant seriously believe that 'David' is 'new to the area' etc? good effort though!
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    Combo Cup Final

    Must agree, I never mind chucking a few quid into the local game. Entrance, programme, always up for a pasty or mars bar with a cup tea. 😀. Think Combo is worth a few quid, especially a final and SWL a fiver to be honest. Even Truro at £13! Always spend £20 after a visit to Treyew Road! I do get a bit aggrieved to watch Argyle or Exeter for the best part of £25 a time for a ticket alone and especially Premier league at £50+. I watched a championship game just before Christmas and it cost me £40!! I’ve watched La Liga, Bundesliga, League 1 in France, and Ajax several times and it’s cheaper than Argyle and Exeter most of the time!! I even watched a Cypriot Premier league game last year and that was only £15, Celtic v Rangers was only £30!!! Going on a bit but my point is I’d rather give my money to local teams than get ripped off by the pro clubs to be honest 👍⚽️
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    Cheers Dave, pleasure as always and really looking forward to seeing the podcast develop in to a fundamental slice of our Cornish Soccer cake that you beautifully bake for us each week 👍
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    Division 3 Frogpool Reserves 5-1 St Buryan Reserves A good game played at Penryn 3G in light of the weather, well officiated by Justin Moses. The opening goal came from Sam Bromley, who was man of the match for the second week running, his shot from the edge of the box managed to creep through the St Buryan goalkeeper. But St Buryan reacted quickly, carving our back four apart before the winger , The Saints’ best player on the day, calmly tucked home. Sam Bromley doubled his tally with a delightful run, beating two or three men before cooly slotting home with his left foot. We missed a hatful of decent chances, but Sam Macwilliam’s perseverance paid off, he got his goal early in the second half, a delightful pirouette allowed him to deftly chip the oncoming goalkeeper. Zach Maunder then came off the bench, in front of his old manager, to cooly slot home twice, with assists coming from Bromley and debutant Mark Fuller. Thanks to St Buryan for making the trip, we’ve now won 13 out of 13, 15 out of 15 in all competitions, but can’t shake off the teams below who also continue to win. Here’s hoping we can continue our fine form, as the congestion starts to hit.
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    Very true Fenman , there are still people who care about our game at grassroots , but not so many as there used to be .😟
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    When I was a kid in Malabar we played 30 a side for about 3 hours an evening on a school pitch or a pitch slightly smaller than that where the dads made our own posts and nets and the grass was up to your ankles and we played in any weather going!! The matches were usually about 5 hours long in the summer with players coming and going at different times! That’s where we all met up, boys and girls. The games usually included the dads coming out for an hour in the evenings as well. That’s all we had really! No computers, x boxes, PlayStations, half a dozen live matches on that night! No Sky, BT Sport, Facebook, mobiles, or lap tops and iPads! Just a round bit of leather, whether it was a football, rugby ball, or cricket ball!! Had at least half a dozen good south Western League players, about the same Combo league and some top junior players all come out of those kick arounds in Malabar!!! You hardly ever see a kid kicking a ball around in the street or in a field anymore these days. Great for the kids these days that we’ve got FA coaches, 3G floodlit pitches instead of a street light on concrete! Agree with all the above, the standard is bound to drop. Kids can’t play men’s football until they are 16 now, there were loads of us who were about 11 or 12 getting kicked by the dads in those games, never did us any harm I don’t think!?! Times have probably changed for the better no doubt but I wouldn’t swap those days and memories, great times ⚽️
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    with the ref shortage and your vast knowledge get the black shirt and whistl ready and take to the field. so grant made an error how many times do players f**k up on the pitch? yet 1 error by the ref and your naming and "shaming" him. i have done a game recently and I will not be heading to ref them again any time soon due to the attitude of the club. you forget the ref has a split second to remember everything and we are not premier league refs and very often the assist refs on the line are awful had he had a qualified assist ref on the line he would have corrected it.
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    Must visit SW grounds

    Special place and special times with some very special people
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    Tommy Matthews

    Must visit SW grounds

    Special place for many of us!
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    Defeat for bodmin will end their season and we will hear no more from leedsunited.
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    I think it's a character in finding nemo