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Uwdi Krugg

Bere Alston 3 Bodmin Town 2

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Counted 23 heads dotted around the wooden fence surrounding the pitch, mostly Bodmin die-hards.

Very nice pitch, rest of the ground was basically one set back building housing changing rooms and toilets (my apology if it had more, I didn't enter the inner sanctum) 

I knew there had been summertime changes within the Bodmin squad but I was still surprised to only recognise 3 of todays players from last seasons campaign, one of those was none other than Darren Gilbert.... as a stand in goalkeeper?

According to a couple of Bodmin supporters I enquired with, this was pretty much a first team squad minus Jake Ash & Steve Simmons (plus the keeper no doubt).

Bere Alston were 3 nil up at one stage and pretty much coasting. Darren was giving it a few expletives from his 6 yard area.

Bodmin appeared disjointed and lacked cohesion, the proceedings could be described as decidedly frenetic. They struggled to calm the throttle and put some quality on the ball, everything was crash, bang, wallop which suited the home side mighty fine (no disrespect intended). In fact Bere Alston looked the better side for the first 70 minutes of the game.

Last quarter Bodmin got their act together and really applied the pressure. Bere Alston tired and were struggling to hold onto the victory. Finally Bodmin were starting to create and execute a string of attacking moves rather than just hit and hope.

The home side deservedly  held on to gain a major scalp (if there is such a term in consideration of a friendly match). It should have been 4-2 really as the referee blew up for full time as an airborne shot whistled past Mr Gilbert into the Bodmin net. No goal was given, the final result remained Bere Alston 3 Bodmin Town 2.

Quirky, surprising and enjoyable, well worth the ride out. 


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Thanks for the report UWDI i can inform you no nothing more there we are a small village side punching well above are weight but we do pride ourselves on our pitch your report is pretty much spot on Bodmin had 5 missing i was told and no keeper we also had 5 missing (james follett james elliott jason clancy mike curtis ryan smale) very grateful for Bodmin accepting the fixture and must add very graceful in defeat a lot is said on here about Mr Gilbert but he was very good back the club full of praise for our small village side onto next week when we welcome the champions Tavistock hope you visit again UWDI 

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