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Top three in the Combo - Banging them in

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Since I started keeping records for the website in 2008-09 the top three league and cup goal scorers can now be revealed.
Gerens James 301
Luke Wort 292
Dominic Pullen 290

There numbers will increase once we can go back before 2008 and also there are players that will probably overtake them as I have got most goals from 1959-94 and 2008-17.
Waiting for more info from Dave Deacon re 1994-97


Check if I have your details correct. Find yourselves or your mates from this page. 


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10 hours ago, Fish said:

Think these records are wrong Cornish....looked at my goal scoring stats and miles out.....where did you get information from?


Brian, at the moment we have 1959-94 and 2008-17. For the earlier goals we have gone through the newspapers and not all games are reported on so we are missing roughly 12-15% of scorers.

You scored  from 1988 onwards so up to the end of the 1993-94 season we have found 14 of your goals, you may have scored more. We know you played longer than that so when we have those details of these seasons, those goals will be added to everyone's, including your totals. For example for 97/98 we have you scoring 7, 98/99 another 7, etc.

When we eventually have the data base completed with all the info we can find then it will be up to players to look at their own records and email/message me with more info. I do not want info coming in from all directions at the moment. Let us do our bit first then you all do your bit to top up the info we already have. :thumbsup: 

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7 minutes ago, Fish said:

ok. a good piece of work. as long as get tally's right for 95/96 and 96/97 where I scored 12 and 15 goals respectively :D

Fish, Just think how many more you could have scored from midfield if you had actually been able to play every game in a season :SM_carton_y: ha ha.....it was always good going head to head with you mate :)

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