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Falmouth town lwc drinks combination team manager danny everard has indicated to the club that it is his intention to step down from the post of team manager at the end of the current season.

all of us at the club  would like to express our thanks for his efforts time and enthusiasm shown throughout the season. we wish danny every success for the future.

applications for the post for next season  2017/18 can be posted to the club or emailed to club secretary  email address   

all replies will be dealt with in strict confidance.  


w pascoe

Falmouth town secretary

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12 hours ago, S Abbo said:

You would think this would be a good opportunity for the players and managers of mabe.

Is just a matter of when they announce this not if, a shame really, they could of already been there taking the club forward instead of whipping teams in the lower leagues!!!!

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Maybe the people who run Mabe have a lot more dedicatation to making their club progress through the leagues?? 

The managers at Mabe have been there since the beginning and have done really well to get where they are in such a short space of time. A small club run by a handful of people. If those people leave, the club will more than likely fold, then there would be the usual comments of how another club has folded due to lack of commitment...


Falmouth Town is a big enough club to attract a manager with proven combo experience, not go scraping around the middle of the Trelawny leagues

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