Trelawny Fixtures Saturday 18th February 2017

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7 minutes ago, joejellico said:

people these days pay £30 a month to use a gym. £12 a month isnt a lot to ask to play the sport you love. football is cheap compared to other hobbies


Joe before I came to Hayle my folded club Long Rock charged £2.50 subs and that was 15 years ago , so no £12 is not a big amount to play football  and have a shower , and grounds and facilities are much improved , no more washing in cow troughs ( done that)  or no washing or running water at all ,  but some players don't  appreciate what they have  today compared to say twenty years ago .

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4 hours ago, Asterix said:

Sorry graham. On the plus side the wife doesn't have to cook now. :)

Cheers pal. More like rugby then football with the stop/start 


4 hours ago, Slipperygloves1 said:

Constantine 4 lanner 1 

Result flattered us in the end as there wasnt much in it. But we kept going and with lanner chasing a few gaps opened up. Not hugely enjoyable with indirect freekicks both ways every few minutes for swearing. Rules are rules i guess and he did tell us and stuck to it. But no flow to the game at all. Had to eat two trays of food as lanner didnt stay long! Which at 6'7 and 21 stone is not required..... 

All the best for the rest of the season 

Caution each time I suppose.

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4 hours ago, andy howes said:

It was a good game to watch today I think a fair result with Chacewater just edging it and I've got to mention the referee today absolutely superb and only a level 7 Well-done. 

Andy you were a great ref yourself so to impress you he must be doing something right , good to hear officials getting praise .:thumbsup:

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We've been struggling big time recently at threemilestone, going into games with 5/6 out each week working or injured etc. We rock up to games with 10 or 11 each week just to keep fulfill the fixtures.. yes we'll be relegated it's not a problem, we'll recover hopefully in div 1, and yes I apologise to pendeen for unfortunately not being able to play the game but it's the only game this season from a team that's not having a great time and struggling big time. You've got the three points anyway so wanting a plus 10 goal difference is being greedy 🙄

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RH Cup:

Four Lanes 2-1 West Cornwall Reserves

Four Lanes go into the semi/final to play Probus, after two goals from David Welfare, both created by Joel Snape. 

Four Lanes took the lead late into the first half, but West Cornwall hit back with ten minutes to go with a headed own goal from Mikey Welfare from 25 yards to make it 1-1.

With the game looking like it was heading to extra time David Welfare was passed the ball just outside the box before hitting it into the top corner leaving the keeper no chance.

If West Cornwall had took their chances it could of easily been them into the next round.

Thanks for coming back to the pub and see you in the league later on in the season.

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18 hours ago, B_D said:

A few of the teams that have folded in recent years (some of these are also the whole club), and their grounds since 12/13:

Falmouth Albion - Dracena
Perranwell Reserves - King George V Playing Field
Gulval (firsts and reserves) - St Clare
Sennen - Sennen Junior School
Trevenson United (First and Reserves) - Pool School, Camborne School and Camborne Rugby Club
Praze and Beeble (First and Reserves) - Nancegollan and Praze
Titans - Park Road and Camborne Rugby Club
St Ives Town Reserves - The Saltings, Lelant
Falmouth Athletic DC - Dracena 
Cury - Jubilee Playing Fields 
Porthleven Rangers - Helston School
Mousehole 3rds - Newlyn Coombe
Redruth Athletic - Clijah Croft
Newquay Reserves, 3rds and 4ths - St Columb Minor
Lizard Argyle Reserves - Beacon Terrace
Constantine Reserves - Trebarvah
Madron Reserves - St George's Playing Fields
Mullion Thirds - Clifden Parc
Marazion Blues Reserves - Gwallen Lane
Gwinear Churchtown Reserves - The Royal Standard
Camborne Park - Park Road
Ludgvan Reserves - Fair Field
Newlyn Dolphins - Newlyn Coombe
Trelander - Boscawen Park / Truro School
Troon 3rds - Grouter Park
Camborne Athletic - Roskear Park
Railway Locomotiv - Clijah Croft

Camborne Town - Roskear

Newlyn Dolphins

That's a massive amount of clubs :( The majority played at local authority pitches, but some also played at clubs that own their own facilities. There are also some clubs here that have folded, come back and then Folded again, Camborne Park for example.

One of the main problems for the clubs (and this is completely of my own opinion and not the leagues nor anyone else) is that local authorities charge a massive amount of money for their pitches. Clijah Croft, I believe is anywhere between £800-£1000 a season (correct me if I'm wrong), Camborne Rugby Club ( Boundervean Lane) was over £1500 a season.

We need facilities to be affordable for our clubs, unfortunately there is very little money in grassroots football down here and a very small amount of investment into lad. Clijah Croft and Boscawen Park (Malpas) being two of the only multi-pitch council owned facilities.


This is just from a quick look through the tables on Full Time so I may have missed a few.

Newlyn dolphins haven't they've just changed their name to Newlyn lions. 

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2 hours ago, andy howes said:

Newlyn dolphins haven't they've just changed their name to Newlyn lions. 

They may well have; these are the names I pulled off the Full Time tables. I'm not too sure

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On 18/02/2017 at 20:13, Mawnan 2nds said:

Div 2

Falmouth town 2 Mawnan 3

Big game for us today with us being 5th and town being 4th. We started of well and thought we dominated much of the first half and went in with a well deserved 2-0 lead. Fair play to town tho they made a few tactical changes at half time and got back in to it with a penalty and then grabbing a equaliser and at that time either team could of gone on to win it! But luckily for us Dan "Aguero" Buckingham rose higher than anyone else from a cross to send a bullet header in the back of the net in the dying minutes of the game to give us all 3 points! Good luck to Falmouth for the rest of the season great bunch of lads! 

Mawnan goal scorers 

Brodie Kemp x1

Keir Dent x1

Dan Buckingham x1

Agree with all this apart from the last goal it wasn't a bullet header but a stinking own goal from Ben big boy Richardson! 🤔

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On 19/02/2017 at 14:27, andy howes said:

Newlyn dolphins haven't they've just changed their name to Newlyn lions. 

@B_D You must of played for at least 10 of these? :ph34r:

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44 minutes ago, Sijames said:

@B_D You must of played for at least 10 of these? :ph34r:

Close... just the four :c:

Trevenson as a youngster (my first club at 17) then again five seasons back when they were on the brink of folding - I took over as manager of the reserve side for the remainder of the season as no one else would do it (I'm a bit of a hero you see).

Same with Camborne Park (Although I only played once for their Saturday side). Their Sunday side however, that was another team that I took over as manager in order to stop them folding. They didn't, we went on to win a cup in that season then a Sunday treble the next.

I also played for Troon for two seasons where I enjoyed helping them move towards the Premier divisionwith some very good players. Also helped them to extend their first team pitch and install the barrier/fencing around the pitch.

Lastly, I played for Gwinear Reserves where I was basically the groundsman. With club legend Roland Thomas the only one that would ever do anything to the ground, I made it my mission to help him out. He's still, in my eyes one of the biggest club men in Cornwall. 


Since turning 19-20, I've never really just been at a club to play football. I've always mucked in (often more than most) to ensure that the clubs/teams run as smoothly as they could. I've always wanted to help wherever I've been. I'm not sure so many can say the same ;)


There's a great deal about me that you don't know Mr James. I do a lot more for junior football than you think; I'll be doing particularly more next season when I return from my deployment. We should grab a coffee sometime and talk about it. I recon you and I could become best buddies ❤❤❤

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