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Trelawny League Competition Awards

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Important Notice - Competition Trophies

Despite sending out a reminder to all club secretary's last week, only one club have returned their trophies, very few have even acknowledged the email.

March 1st is the cut-off period for all clubs to send their trophies back to us at the Trelawny League from the 2015/2016 season. We need these trophies back as soon as possible so that we can get them ready (and repaired, if neccessary) for the presentations that are to arise in the following months. In accordance with League Rule 18, those that have not returned their trophies by 1st March 2017 will be fined in accordance with the Fines Tariff. 

Please get in contact with a committee member to arrange the return of your trophies as soon as you can.

The following clubs are the trophy winners from last season:

Lizard Argyle - Wheatly Cobb Shield (Prem winners)
Chacewater - Helston Charity Cup (Prem Runner up)
Penryn 3rds - Colyer Shield (Div 1 Winners)
Pendeen Rovers - Mining League Cup (Div 1 Runner up) & League Cup
Marazion Blues - Terry Jennings Cup (Div 2 Winners)
Helston 3rds - Mining League Shield (Div 2 runner up) & Lockhart Cup
Penwith Exiles -Wheatley Cobb  Cup (Div 3 winners), Percy Stephens Cup, Whear Cup (Danny Earl - Top Goalscorer)
Mabe - Arthur Burnley Cup (Div 3 runner up), Russell Hall Cup, Evans Smith Charity Cup (Highest goal tally)
Probus - Durning Lawrence Cup (Div 4 winners), Jubilee Cup
Newlyn Lions - Jollys Shield (Div 4 runner up)
New Inn Titans - Hodge Cup (Div 5 winners), Barker Bowl, Roadsters Cup (Best defence)
Four Lanes - Moon Shield (Div 5 runner up)
Wendron United - Arthur Pearce Cup, Falmouth/Helston Sporting Shield
West Cornwall - Dunn Cup, Mining 3 Sporting Shield
Mousehole Reserves - Terry Cooke Shield
Trispen - Mining Div 1 Sporting Shield
Lanner - Mining Div 2 Sporting Shield
Frogpool Reserves - Trelawny League Div 4 Shield
Neil Harvey - Stuart Lawry Shield (Top marked referee)

If you know anyone that plays for any of the above teams, please tag them in the comments section and/or share this post on their timeline.

Please get these to us as soon as possible so that we can get them in a good condition for the next clubs to win them. We would much rather not fine clubs.

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That would be superb, thank you. I'm trying to get everyone's attention as we do not want to fine the clubs for failing to return them by the specified date; we'd much rather have them all in on time :) 

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