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  1. Budget v success ???

    The top 6 clubs in swpl are all of western league standard. In other parts of the country they would be playing at a higher level. Any team finishing in the top 3 is more than good enough to take promotion. Argyle didn't win their league, but no one questions them playing in league one. In professional football all that matters is promotion. The championship is just icing on the cake. Same should apply at this level.
  2. Parkway Tavi Bodmin Saltash
  3. Budget v success ???

    The Plymouth area needs a non-league team playing at a higher level. Parkway have an excellent supporter base, a good brand and genuine potential. Hopefully they can get top 3 this year.
  4. He doesn't have much to say on Parkway; apart from suggesting they lack ambition. 😳