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  1. Thanks karaoke. Not that it matters, but would you happen to know which clubs charge for ground entry? I'm not fussed about paying as visiting each of the grounds is something I'd like to do.
  2. As I am a little unfamiliar with this league, do you have to pay to enter grounds and watch games? This will help me plan my football ground tour.
  3. Great video Mark. Look forward to the next one already!
  4. Penryn Athletic

    Not looking bad Older. It looks like I'll be visiting Penryn for the game against Goonhavern on Saturday 26th August.
  5. Penryn Athletic

    Thanks skinner. It looks like I'll be visiting Penryn much sooner than planned.
  6. I feel Helston will be ones to watch this season. Look forward to visiting them a couple of times this season.
  7. Penryn Athletic

    As Penryn have withdrawn their first team from the South West Peninsula League Division 1 West, will they now take the place of their reserves in the Cornwall Combination League? I am just wondering as I'm planning on starting a tour of football grounds and it will affect when I visit Kernick Road.
  8. Sin bin confussion.

    I can't understand why officials aren't allowed to give this a trial run in pre season friendlies?! Surely this is the perfect opportunity for the referees to get used to how it works, how easy it is to keep time of the temporary dismissals etc. Fair play to those who have given it a go I say.

    Truro certainly didn't look like losing this one from the early stages when Cody Cooke scored. However I felt sorry for Falmouth as they worked extremely hard. On that alone they didn't deserve to lose 6-0. With more games I'm sure they'll keep improving.
  10. Bodmin 2-2 Truro City

    I do feel Bodmin were being a bit greedy charging people £8 to get in to this game. However, you can't blame them as you've got to look at every opportunity of making money and make the most of it. Especially teams at their level. On to the game, it wasn't a great one to be honest. Neither team really deserved to win, Truro certainly didn't. Only managed to get a late goal through Marcello Jones who looked a decent young player. A number of players impressed on trial also for Truro.
  11. St. Blazey Nickname

    I've just searched it up and can't find anything to suggest it's anything different to what Willow Tree has said above.
  12. Any games on today

    Cheers for the heads up. I'll be heading down to watch it so it's always nice to know who's playing before you turn up.
  13. Always love some sort of prediction league. So I'd give this one a go along with the one Dave organises. All for a bit of fun and banter at the end of the day.
  14. Chacewater FC Pre-season

    @Soccer Follower Nigel, for my own records can you remember the score from Monday night? I got told it was some sort of opposition from the station at Culdrose. I believe the score was either 6-2 or 7-2 but not 100% sure.
  15. Any games on today

    I do believe Chacewater Reserves have got a friendly at home against a side from the Duchy League. Unsure who though!