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  1. Well regardless of how Truro got to the top you can't really knock them. Nice of the "biggest club in Cornwall" to churn out a good result today, the side looks mid west division at best
  2. Are you off your head? Trying to claim that Falmouth are the kings of Cornwall, despite being several leagues below Truro and have got no where near an FA Vase final, let alone win it. So deluded its embarrassing
  3. is this some kind of joke?
  4. wow Bob, i couldnt agree more. Should we actually be paying for pre season friendlies? sounds ridiculous
  5. very good point made on Argyle reserves... im sure no one had taken all of that into consideration but you can almost guarantee if they're looking like they're heading for relegation, they'll throw in a few pro's and carry them through
  6. bit embarrassing if you have to big them up against a mid table side from the league below surprised you havent tipped Parkway for relegation
  7. Major Shock

    Penryn only lost 3-2 to St Austell last night.... have i missed something here?
  8. Typical Leedsunited trying to put other teams down to try and make his own look better. Shame really.... I thought porthleven held their own against a strong Bodmin side, missed an open and couldve scored on a couple of occasions. Will think they will be up there along with Illogan being dark horses
  9. Football is a funny old game! The result given Roche's league position isnt a surprise, should and could've been more if Bowyer could finish slightly better. Maybe as he knew he'd have plenty of chances he wasnt so clinical so i expect if hes got a chance against higher opposition, he'll have less time to think about it so will probably score. I like the lad Duff in the West division however, for me, hes a bit small and doesnt really impact the game as much as players like Ben, Sam, Mcavoy, Butler and Kenny especially with his physique and pace. I always find that when players play against a team so many leagues below, its difficult to shake off the rust as you never really have to get out of second gear to convincingly win the game. Really am looking forward to seeing them next year, will hopefully get the respect they deserve from the other sides
  10. I really like the lad Bowyer, so much pace that defenders cant handle him! Granted he misses a few chances but he also sticks them away at crucial times. Sticker will do well to keep him if he continues to score in the prem. Not sure on the lad Duff but with Ben, Sam and Butler in the midfield, you'll be more than okay in the top division. Will definitely surprise a few
  11. Between Tavi and Parkway for me. West - Elburton, Wendron, St Blazey, Porthleven
  12. I also went along to watch the game, anything to get away from that Love Island crap on the telly!!! Think bodmin looked strong, not overly convinced by their strikers mind despite the goals scored. Evans' strike the highlight of the game. Leedsunited doing Porthleven a disservice by saying "out of respect bodmin kept it to 5-0"... try telling that to the boy Hopcroft up front. Typical Leedsunited trying to make Bodmin out to be better than they are. Will be up there but will finish behind Parkway and Tavi. Porthleven looked fitter imo, unsure on quality though
  13. Apparently they've signed K Marks again
  14. Ed Timmons the best LB (or even RB) ive seen... really showed his quality over the last couple of seasons and so no surprise hes got the big move
  15. Major Shock

    such a shame that football has turned into a money making scheme as oppose to just enjoyment and a few beers in the bar. nowadays players look forward to the packet after the game instead of the actual game of football... imo, i havent seen any player that i think 'wow hes worth paying' down here, but it stems right from the top with the wage packets.